Saturday, December 12, 2015

2016 Christmas Card Exchange

I'm so sorry. There has been a lot of 'real life' going on and I'm behind in everything, in every way. Christmas will be here around February at this rate.

My initial biopsy's have come back clear but I may have to have more invasive biopsy's under surgery.  It won't be this side of xmas and I'm not worried about anything.  My gut says I'm ok and the medical guys are just being very protective because of my 'history'.  I get angry when I hear this; I am more  than one diagnosis, and I hate how cancer has become 'me'.  But never mind, better to be safe than sorry I guess and I for one, am not going to let it get me down.

I've not been doing very much craft at all because of other issues going on. I'm ok: it's just me that is having to help sort out a lot of things with the 'real life' stuff.  I'm the one cleaning up other people's messes and it's very time consuming.

This weekend however, hubby and son are going away for the night so I can catch up on work...I might even treat myself to a glass of wine by the fire! What do you think?

Despite my busy week, I do have some lovely christmassy crafty stuff to share.

I've received some lovely Christmas cards.  I'm terrible at being organised and sending cards so will do my usual; buy a gift from Oxfam for you all.  Last year it was legal aid for Indian women who were at risk of having their land taken from them by their families because their husbands had died.  I'm not sure what this year's will be.

I have sent a few cards out though.  It seems that there is a trend to send a christmas card out with a little hand made ornament.  And I love this idea.  I'm very behind but promise to be better next year.  Do you want to see some that I have received?

Firstly, I received this beautiful Christmas tree ornament from Michelle.

And this beautiful felted ornament came from Jacquie. And guess what, it smells!!!! It smells of Christmas.  Jacquie had the great idea of putting a mulled wine tea bag inside so it just smells perfect.  I've been sniffing it all week..I wonder if it is possible to get a mulled wine addiction?

In return, I pushed myself and I've sent cards out to a few people with these inside.

Some have gold DMC metalic threads added for a trim.  The middle one has gold wool.  I used different wools which is why they look different but overall I'm very pleased with it.

The whole new thing of putting little ornaments in Christmas Cards makes me think it might be the one thing that will make me organised enough to send cards out.

I used to be so much more proactive on blogs.  I hosted year long SALs, ornament exchanges,  wipocolypses, bap sals, craft diarys etc. I was the very first person to stitch from stash that I'm aware of: did that challenge a fair few years ago.  All sorts of things, and I joined in with lots of things as well. Challenges, exchanges, loads and loads of different things.  And I miss the interaction.  Work always seems to come first and that has to change.

So I would like to get my derriere into gear and suggest a 2016 Christmas Card Exchange?

Everyone will send a christmas card complete with a little hand made ornament to the other members in the group.  I will put all details on my side bar with the rules etc once I know how many want to participate, with names etc.

And that is it! One card, one ornament to each person.  You can use any craft at all to make your ornament. Stitching, crochet, knitting, paper craft...anything at all!

Would you be interested?  Just comment here, and please email me with your details and email address.

I guess the weather I woke up to is helping with my Christmas spirit! to do!  Happy crafting!!


  1. Lovely things that have arrived in the post for you.
    {{hugs}} to you to help you along. Life certainly has a way of interrupting the crafting times for lots of people recently.
    lots of love xxx

  2. I think the card exchange is a great idea, as long as it stays a manageable size. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Hi Gale sounds lovely,a christmas card exchange. As I understand it wel....every joining member makes 1 card/ornament for another member?? So not 39 cards&ornaments by joining 40stitchers this exchange??

    1. Don't worry, you won't have a million ornies to make lol xxxx Promise

  4. I'd like to play! Count me in for the 2016 Christmas Card Exchange! And I know how it is to be too busy!! Seems lots of us have that 'dis-ease'!

  5. I would like to join in. Merry Christmas

  6. I'd love to join in please

  7. I haven't been reading a lot of blogs lately and missed your post, sending hugs for your health hurdles!

  8. Lovely ornaments both sent and recieved!
    Love the idea of the exchange. Would like to join in.


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