Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Argh.. I forgot the 15th sharing post..probably because I haven't had a chance to stitch on anything fun at all...just work, which is fun but of a different nature.

I've had a wee set back regarding my health but nothing that isn't fixable.  Just waiting for some biopsy results and we see what course of action is needed then.  I'm not worried at all..just another hurdle to get over and my instincts tell me I'm fine.

So, yes we have some finishes.  The first is Haley Comet, the third witch in The Coven of the Year series.  She will be released later this week, and you can see her interview here:

I also have a brand new set of Christmas ornaments coming out, one a month. The first is Little Donkey, featuring Holmsey Hare and a brand new friend, Douglas Donkey.

Stitched on Vintage Moch Belfast Linen in DMC

I'm really excited about these as Holmsey has some brand new friends to play with, and of course, Fergus will have a chance to show off as well.

I hope you like them.

Other than that, not a lot to share with you!  Sorry.  I will try to do better for my next post.  Thank you for popping by xxxxx


  1. I look forward to seeing your new ornament series. I like the first one that you have shared. Sending good thoughts your way as you wait on the test results.

  2. Darling ornaments. Prayers you hear back good news from your tests.
    love Annette

  3. Douglas Donkey is so cute! Hope you have good news soon.

  4. What cute designs! Haley is so appropiately witchy.

    Positive vibes going out to you now...

  5. Love the designs
    Positive thoughts for you, good for your instinct

  6. What a lovely new friend Holmsey has made.
    {{hugs}} xxx

  7. Cute finishes and love the Douglas Donkey ornament!
    Sending good thoughts ((hugs))

  8. Congrats on your finishes, you finished the Douglas Donkey ornie beautifully.

  9. Oooh a new playmate! It is delightful to see your new creations! I look forward to seeing the Christmas ornaments! Hugs!

  10. Cute new character!! Reminds me of eyore :)

  11. Lovely stitching, I like them very much!

  12. Your ornaments are just amazing! I love the donkey! Congrats!


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