Saturday, November 14, 2015


 Firstly, can I say my heart breaks for the poor people attacked in France.  This horrific act is beyond belief: the people responsible are not religious, are not fighting for their faith. This is about power and status in a warped interpretation of how they feel society should be.

My prayers and thoughts are with those who are having to deal with the aftermath of these terrible events.

I haven't posted because I had wonderful daughter, her partner and our amazingly beautiful, fantasic, gorgeous grandaughter surprised us with a visit...they gave us 7 days notice!

So, the quilt I was hoping to get finished, wasn't.
The stitching I was hoping to get stitched wasn't.
The crochet blanket I was hoping to get finished, wasn't.

But I have had hours and hours of play with the smiliest baby in the world,  My daughter has requested that I don't put pictures of the baby up on the blog because unlike fb, I can't determine who looks at the post which is a bit sad, but in this day and age, I guess is sensible.

She is the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world, though I may be a little bit biased.

In between feeds and baths and play, I did design a wee chart which is now available on my website and through the distributers. I used to read this every Christmas eve to my children. I won't have anyone to read it to this Christmas but you never know, maybe next year it will be a new tradition with my grandaughter.

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  1. So pleased you've been having little person cuddles, Lovely to read some nice news amongst the sorrowful recent stuff.


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