Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Argh.. I forgot the 15th sharing post..probably because I haven't had a chance to stitch on anything fun at all...just work, which is fun but of a different nature.

I've had a wee set back regarding my health but nothing that isn't fixable.  Just waiting for some biopsy results and we see what course of action is needed then.  I'm not worried at all..just another hurdle to get over and my instincts tell me I'm fine.

So, yes we have some finishes.  The first is Haley Comet, the third witch in The Coven of the Year series.  She will be released later this week, and you can see her interview here:

I also have a brand new set of Christmas ornaments coming out, one a month. The first is Little Donkey, featuring Holmsey Hare and a brand new friend, Douglas Donkey.

Stitched on Vintage Moch Belfast Linen in DMC

I'm really excited about these as Holmsey has some brand new friends to play with, and of course, Fergus will have a chance to show off as well.

I hope you like them.

Other than that, not a lot to share with you!  Sorry.  I will try to do better for my next post.  Thank you for popping by xxxxx

Saturday, November 14, 2015


 Firstly, can I say my heart breaks for the poor people attacked in France.  This horrific act is beyond belief: the people responsible are not religious, are not fighting for their faith. This is about power and status in a warped interpretation of how they feel society should be.

My prayers and thoughts are with those who are having to deal with the aftermath of these terrible events.

I haven't posted because I had visitors..my wonderful daughter, her partner and our amazingly beautiful, fantasic, gorgeous grandaughter surprised us with a visit...they gave us 7 days notice!

So, the quilt I was hoping to get finished, wasn't.
The stitching I was hoping to get stitched wasn't.
The crochet blanket I was hoping to get finished, wasn't.

But I have had hours and hours of play with the smiliest baby in the world,  My daughter has requested that I don't put pictures of the baby up on the blog because unlike fb, I can't determine who looks at the post which is a bit sad, but in this day and age, I guess is sensible.

She is the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world, though I may be a little bit biased.

In between feeds and baths and play, I did design a wee chart which is now available on my website and through the distributers. I used to read this every Christmas eve to my children. I won't have anyone to read it to this Christmas but you never know, maybe next year it will be a new tradition with my grandaughter.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Happy Post!!!

Hi everyone.

Ok: where am I with my crafting?

Cross stitch = none
Designing = lots but nothing I can show yet.
Crochet = two squares for a new baby blanket
Quiltng (yes you read right, quilting)...I finally quilted a top that I put together er....2 years ago. Yup: it is all quilted and I just have to put the binding on.  I will share a picture when it is all finished...it is an incentive to make sure I don't leave it another two years.

So what is new...well, my wonderful friend Jacquie has has  a really hard time lately.  She has a few health issues but despite these, she is the most amazingly creative and productive person I think I have ever known.

Out of nowhere, she sent me this amazing gift and  a letter which made me cry....in a good way.  I can't share the letter but it's timing was perfect.  Jacquie, my life is so much more  worthwhile thanks to friends like you xxx

It  is the most perfect heart with the most perfect finish.  I had to actually message her to ask how she did it!

It is on the thinest card, with a perfect backing.

And can you see? She has actually blanket stitched all around it to hold it together!  Not a single drop of glue and the stitches are soooo neat.  Please don't expect anything this neat from me ladies rofl.. I am happy to bow down to superior finishing and give credit where it is due!

And even more special, Jacquie even made the button herself!

I am forever touched at the generosity from fellow crafters.  We are a unique bunch aren't we?

And Jacquie then sent me photos of my four prim heart designs which she stitched and finished!

There is no limit to her talents..and, it was because of Jacquie that I got out my quilting. I thought if she can do it, and do it so well, then there is no excuse for me to keep my top shoved in the fabric cupboard is there?  I love how we are inspired by the crafters around us!  Thank you Jacquie xxxxxx A million times xxx

One last piece of news.

A wonderful Irish craft shop, the Crafter's Basket in Cliffoney, Sligo called me up. They want to stock my designs and are taking some of my designs to the Stitching and Knitting show in the RDS in Dublin next week!!! argh!!!! How exciting!!

And after a meeting with them today, I am going to be producing some very special cross stitch kits, just for them to sell. They are a wonderful company: so friendly and so about the crafts!!  I could quite happily sit in there all day and drool  craft!

The kits will be able to be bought from them online and of course if you go in.  They will be ready in the new year!!

I have to say Holmsey and Fergus are very excited about being in the RDS!  I hope they behave!

You will find them at Stand B29!!  If you are going, please stop by and say hi!

It will be wonderful to help support such charming ladies and their passion for Irish crafting!

I better show you who they are!

I'm very excited about these new challenges with the kits.  It is wonderful that the Crafter's Basket have that much faith in me.  Thank you ladies!

Well, that is me done. I will just leave you with a photo of the mountain near the shop.  The Crafter's Shop is next to the beath and the mountains...I see me a stitching retreat here maybe next year!!!!! It's gorgeous.

Have a great weekend everyone and I hope to be back soon, with a quilt!

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