Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy Days and FREE SAL Update

Lots and lots going on!

Firstly, a new Fergus design.  Fergus wanted to come out and play so I thought he had better be amused or he tends to get into all sorts of trouble.  The story that goes with it can be found on Holmsey's facebook page.

Secondly....Holmsey needleminders!  Honestly!  I will have these in stock in a couple of weeks...I love them.  Holmsey is very proud of them too!

And finally...we're having a free SAL over on Holmsey's page!  I don't think you have to be on fb to access it but if you do, let me know and I will start it over here in blogland as well. OK; thank you ladies who let me know fb is not being nice.  If you're on fb you do have to apply to join Holmsey's page and I then let you in.  If your not on fb and you would like to stitch one of these, we will have a bloggy SAL!  Just comment Pink or Green and email me at and I will send you the chart!

There is the choice of two free charts!  Simple but cute, I hope you think.


These charts are only available to members of the SAL, as I may put them for sale later on. They are free but still covered by my copyright and distribution rights. Please help me to keep Holmsey safe from any potential poachers out there.

By all means share your stitching on your blogs or even point people over to join in the fun. I don't mind who stitches it but they must access the charts as members of this SAL.

And please, only download him if your going to stitch him He hates being shoved into cupboards or drawers. He isn't a bunny. He dislikes dark, enclosed spaces! He likes the open where he can feel the sunshine and enjoy his freedom and fresh dandelion leaves.

I love to see your stitching so please send me updates!

 Right, must dash. I've spent the last three days sorting threads and orders and I've promised myself a little time for stitching!

Have a wonderful day and watch out for those April Fools!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Busy week: lots to share

Hi everyone.

Thank you so much for your comments on the baby cardigan.  We have a due date for the baby and yes, I am a nervous wreck.  It is not good that I'm in a completely different country as my daughter but her partner is very good and she is being well looked after.

So I'm keeping busy. Last week was soo hectic.  I think I'm getting on top of it all now though.

The weather here has been beautiful so I had two small outings.

Firstl, I went to visit a friend near Dublin.  I fell in love with her furbabies.  I don't know if you remember but when I stopped the chemo, I loaned a horse, a gorgeous cob, but sadly, my head just wasn't in the right place for it.  Jaimie was lovely but I was still in shock I think, and didn't want to risk my life on a horse, near a horse or have anything to do, yes, with a horse.  Jamie's owner was very understanding and so home he went.

Which is bizaar because I've always been a huge horse lover.   As you can see from the photos, my head is in a much healthier place now and I have gone back to being horse mad.

Meet Socks!

And Sock's companions who didn't want to be left out!

 And of course, I can't miss out the feather friends!

I had a lovely day crocheting with Mona and can't wait to visit again!

My next trip was a few hours out with hubby to Lough Key, in Boyle (Moone Boy town).

I was two feet away from this swan and it just wasn't bothered at all.

And of course we had to visit the Marian Shrine, which is made completely from wood.  Beautiful isn't it?
On the home front, our pond had lots of frogspawn which have actually started to hatch. I had to include a piccie of hubby and Titan...they say humans chose dogs who are like them..I guess this proves it!

Work wise I have lots going on, but I can't share very much of it until the newsletter comes on March 31st.  Let's just say Holmsey is very, very happy and even Fergus, who has been feeling a little left out, is smiling.

There is a new release for Holmsey, as well as the YOTH April, which will be revealed in the newsletter.  I can share the new Holmsey ornie though!

To get the newsletter, you need to sign up at the website.  We have an RAK everymonth as well which is revealed in the newsletter so feel free to join in!

I'm hoping to have a new crochet finish to show you soon...I am loving it.  So much easier than knitting and far more forgiving!

Well, that's enough for now.  Thank you for popping by.  It is always much appreciated!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Catch up

Hi everyone.
I know, still a bad blogger, but it is a busy time here for me.  I'm now being stocked in two USA Stores, my etsy store and of course my website.

I've three new designs being model stitched as we speak and of course it is spring, so for those of us who grow our own food, it is even busier, preparing the beds, playing with donkey pooh and being terrified of worms (mad, dangerous worms!!!)

I do have some photos to show you thankfully.

First up, as most of you may know, we have just celebrated St Patrick's Day. For us, this means taking our classic cars out and joining in with the parades.

Here's a few piccies...when you're in a parade, it's hard to see what else is in the parade, but I did get a piccie of St Patrick for you.

Me and Daisy, driving in the parade with Wiley Coyote sat in the back

St. Patrick, who needs to tell his minion that that donkey needs to see a farrier!

Here is a sneaky peek at one of the new releases...lots to do on it yet, but I've been busy.........

Preparing for my first grandchild's arrival, which, fingers crossed, will be on April the 8th.  I won't be able to go over until a couple of weeks after that, but I'm hoping it will make tired and sore daughter even more pleased to see me and even more pleased to let me babysit!

I've got a lovely finish to show you, completed by a lovely lady who used my Holmsey Hare design to make a perfect Mother's Day card. Isn't it cute!

I decided to push myself and I did it! I managed to work out how to use a crochet pattern and after much perserverence, I completed my very first crochet baby cardigan!

 I used to tell my students that we learn from making which case I am now a crochet genius!

I do enjoy crochet and I find it much easier than knitting at the moment so hopefully there will be more hooking projects to share with you in the future.

Have a lovely week and thank you for popping by!

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