Friday, October 9, 2015

Catch up!

Hi, I'm so sorry I've been absent but it has been a mad mad week.

Ok:  the rotation fell down a bit this week.

This is where I was with Feathered Friends

Just a goose head but it's better than nothing right?

Why have I been busy?  Well I've lots of new releases and it's been a busy week with outings.

I attended the Mount Falcon fund raising ladie's lunch which raises money for Casting for Recovery. This is my chosen charity this year which I'm supporting through my business.  It takes women with breast cancer or who have had breast cancer and teaches them to fly fish which is wonderful when it comes to getting those arm and breast muscles active again after surgery.  There are lots of other activities which help us to as well as having a cancer care nurse, a counsellor and oh my, Mount Falcon is such an amazing place. We are treated like queens.  My retreat was my turning point in my recover, when I mentally healed enough to say I was done with cancer!

Of course, going out meant I had to brush my hair and put some lippy on!

I took mum in law with me and we had a ball!

There wasn't a vegetarian main course but they did offer me an alternative..I was quite happy with just the vegetables though which are all grown there organically.  It was an amazing meal.  We were then treated to a fashion show, with hotel staff starring as the models, followed by a raffle with some amazing prizes.

I was also very blessed though to meet up with ladies who took part in the retreat with me two years ago.

Then it was my crafting groups special outing.

We went to Sligo, to visit the Yeats museum and go for lunch, followed by a trip to the Crafters Basket.

The sun shone and it was just lovely.  I may have come back with some wool and some quilting materials for a quilt for my grandaughter's Christmas box. I just may, which would have been foolish because I have so much already.....oh what the heck. Yes I did.  I bought it and loved every moment of buying it!
 And I will use it all, I promise.

I've got lots of new releases, well some new angels in my classic style.  They are stitched on Belfast Linen Vintage Mocha with DMC and Mill Hill Seed Beads 00057.  I hope you like them.

These were stitched and finished by Elaine M.  my model stitcher.  The Irish postal service went on strike and that meant we couldn't get models back so she kindly stitched they all for me and made these amazing models.  Thank you Elaine!

I also have some new Halloween ornies out.  One, Pumpkin Party is going to be offered free on my Halloween FB group

Feel free to pop over and join in the fun!

A Festival of Spiders

Pumpkin Party


They are all the same size so they can be stitched together.

What else was there....hmmmmm I know there was something.

Oh yes, my rotation is going to get a bit more complicated.  A load of us designers have got together with some fabric dyers and silk producers to run a Winter SAL over on fb.  

And as part of it, I'm going to be working on some charts by some of the other designers and using some of the fabrics and threads by the other companies taking part.

So, I will be adding to the rotation with these.

 From Paine Free Crafts


 From Charting Creations

So very, very busy. I will leave you with a photo I took today from the river in my town. A gorgeous heron..I love them, so graceful!

Well, I guess with all my stitching needs, I'd better make a start!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

A stitch in time...with very little time!

Evening all...just a quickie with a rotation update.  And I would like to thank you all for the comments you left for Cathey's chart.  I hope some of you will stitch it and enjoy doing so.  It's nice to be able to give something back.

Right, rotation.
 So far it seems to be working. I lost a lot of stitching time last week stitching up this freebie (see my last post or website if you want it). And no, still havent managed to get a decent photo..this was stitched on cream evenweave..honest guv!

 This was my rotation piece for week one.

And this is what I did.

Not a lot but more than I've managed over the last two years!  It's stitched on sand evenweave which goes to show how bad I am at taking photos.

I'm working on this one this week.

I'm not sure how much I'll get done because it's a really busy week with anniversarys and birthdays and sunshine..yes, we have had two days with a couple of hours of warm sunshine in the afternoon and there's no way I'm going to waste it so I've been walking.  It doesnt' last long before this rolls in!

Holmsey October's been released and November and December have been printed ready for the November release. That's it as far as my part is concerned.  All done.  You would think I would be sick to death of Holmsey Hare and Hare positions.  I'll admit that at times I felt like I could publish a book, the Hare Karma Sutra, with all the different positions I was having to come up with..(only without the sex of course..Holmsey is a perfect gentleman at all times)....but now he is all done, I feel kind of sad.  Very sad in fact.

October finds him enjoying the last of the harebells which are beginning to fade and some lovely endive which is just coming into bloom.  Perfect for some autumnal colour and for Holmsey to have  a sneaky nibble.

Happy stitching everyone!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Free Chart For Pumpkin and the Stitching Sisterhood

It's that sad time of the year again.

The anniversary of the loss of our very good friend Pumpkin.  If you 'met' Pumpkin then you don't need me to explain what we do or why. Pumpkin was a huge part of our stitching, blogging community and we share this day online to remember her, to thank her for her friendship and to share our memories. It would also be nice to think that one day her son may google her and all our posts, our thoughts and our respect for his mum will be there for him to read. Something real and concrete.

Junior, we are posting for you.  So  see how loved your mother was, and indeed, still is.  I expect you're quite big already.  Probably at playschool or maybe even in proper school...but not quite big enough to go online by yourself just yet.  It's ok. All the blog posts will be here waiting for you in cyberspace.

Junior, I 'met' your mum when I was diagnosed with the same thing she had.  Your mum emailed and messaged me every time I had an appointment with the Drs or was waiting for test results.  As I got to know her, I realised your mum was one of the bravest, smartest, kindest and most loving people on the planet.  Even through her own illness, she thought of others first.

Many, many bloggers knew her much better than I: but time makes no difference.  She had the amazing ability to always say the right thing, do the right thing and she touched, genuinely touched people's lives.

We loved your mum not just for the support she gave us all, the money she raised for research or even for her stitching prowess.  We loved her because she let us share in your life too.  From your birth to writing and sharing about you giggling at farty noises made by a baby toy that she and your dad bought you.

Good lad.  Farts are funny...don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

Today is the day we show you how many of our lives were touched by you and your mum and dad.

Today is Pumpkin Day.

So keep well, little boy.  Be good for your daddy and we will pop by to say hi to you again next year xxxx

For the stitching community I have a little chart I would like to offer you. Cath, one of Cathey's friends suggested a chart to commemorate Pumpkin.  I don't normally design to request like this. I go blank if it is something I 'have' to do.  I said a little prayer for inspiration sometime ago and a few days ago, I came up with a chart.  Thank you 'devine inspiration'.  Perhaps next time I request your help you could maybe not cut it quite so fine.  It's one minute past midnight and I only just the nick of time!

Special Friends is stitched on bone or cream evenweave, in dmc with whole stitches only. If you can't print tehe chart from here, feel free to email me
And yes, I just realised my n is a space out...the chart itself is fine, this was a booboo by myself lol.  I will frog it later.

The chart is free, but if you could put a few pennies in a breast cancer charity box, it will of course be very much appreciated.

Excuse the photo..I've been stitching solid for two days now and had to resort to the's way too late to be messing around with cameras.

So I will with you all a goodnight (or good morning actually).  Pumpkin, I know you are in a better place looking in.  We still miss you.  We still think of you. 

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