Friday, February 27, 2015

Sweet Little Finish

Happy days my lovelies.

Despite serious shaking in my right hand, I managed to finish my new design all by myself.  I was hoping to see my specialist to find out if it is neuropathy from the chemo or a side effect from the Tamoxifen but they have put my Feb appointment off until I will have to wait.  I'm happy to wait.  Means I can forget there is anything wrong with me!

So, here is special little finish.  Holmsey was feeling a little bit guilty because of all the hours I work to make his Year of the Hare  exactly how he likes it ...on top of looking after family, home, house, animals and garden and the boring admin stuff which takes up so much time. So he wanted to do something to say thank you, not just to me, but to all the hardworking moms out there.

So Holmsey would just like to say

Have a Happy Mothers Day

(UK and Ireland)

Monday, February 23, 2015

New Design, Good Cause, and a Finish!

Yay, how are you all?
I'm shivering here in windy, stormy, windy, cold, windy, freezing Ireland.  I've been working in my office with a coat on and a hot water bottle under my jumper. Honestly! Well, if nothing else it made me work faster so I could get downstairs and sit by the fire!

I have a new design which will be for sale soon but for now it will be part of a charity fundraise for the WWF through the facebook page Cross Stitch For Charity.

Lots of designers have donated charts and members of the fb group pay donations towards the charity which we all vote for and can stitch all or some of the charts on offer.  During Christmas we raised money for Childline and Toys for Tots and a Canadian children's charity: this time we are raising money for the World Wildlife Fund.

This is my contribution.  The Animal's Prayer

The words say:
Grant me food, fresh and green
Grant me water, cool and clean
Grant me land that I may roam
Grant me safety in my home
All my prayers I hope you hear,
Grant me life free from fear

There are lots of other designers donating charts for this cause and what is nice is people can just donate a little bit or a lot, and still have access to the charts.  Why not pop over and say I sent you.  There are some quite well known names donating charts!

Oh, and I finally have a finish! A cot size blanket for my daughter's baby.

I'm so pleased with it that I'm going to try and do more crochet!

Holmsey Hare's YOTH March will soon be you want to see a sneaky peek?

Excust the state of the's grey and miserable here so camera skills are not the best!

Right..I need to make baby things.

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Busy Busy

Hi everyone. How are you all?

I'm good..still busy and that is fantastic but I'm also being very good and have started to have weekends time.  I will never look back at the end of my days and say 'Wow, I wish I had worked harder and hadn't spent so much time with my family' will I?
 Nope: not a chance.

Now, the winner of the free chart is ....Lynda
Lynda, please email me on with your choice of chart..Dickens Bleak House quote or the Valentines chart.

Workwise, there are several new releases, including the Halloween SAL chart which I forgot about but have corrected now. Thank you JustinesXStitch for stitching the model for me. It looks lovely. 

And I now stock more of Jodyri's beautiful threads which I have put into sets (because I get confuzzled easier and this works out cheaper and easier to organise!

And if someone buys a set of threads from me, they get a free pdf monochrome chart, a series which is growing rapidly.  I love the idea of negative space so that provides a lot of inspiration. I've also updated some of the older designs.  The lacy finish was inspired literally by a piece of lace which was sitting on my desk waiting to be put away.  One of these charts is available as a free pdf chart with any thread order xxxx

And I finally got my logo designed professionally, and the lady who did it included my little swallow.

I love swallows: when I would visit my family in Norfolk, we knew summer was there when the swallows arrived.  And well, an itsy bitsy bird..and a huge, huge journey..something I think we can all relate to at times.  What do you think? Do you like it?

Simple, clean and bright. Perfect I think!

Right, enough about work!
My daughter is doing very well: it's a bit scary because of her diabetes but she seems to be handling everything well.

We are putting together and parcel for her, me and my MIL (who will be a great granny when this baby arrives).  I think we are more excited about this baby than my DD is lol.

I wanted to crochet a baby blanket, a slightly bigger one for the cot but being new to crochet it was a bit of a dilemma.  Jo, my fb friend suggested a corner to corner pattern..and wow, I love it!  My daughter wanted neutral (aka not turning my baby into a marshmallow in her words) so I went for cream, a very light brown and sneaked some pink in as well.  I've run out of cream so am hoping the shop has more or I'm beggered.

 Keep your fingers crossed for me that the shop has some in which is the same!

What else..oh yes. Hubby took me out for a drive for Valentine's Day..he bought me some lovely lillies and we went off exploring.  I wanted to see the Shannon canal system in Ballymore which had been hyped by the Irish TV Channel...
I don't know which bit they put on tv but whichever one it was, we didn't find it!

We still enjoyed it though, and I'm always fascinated by all things Victorian, including locks!  Ingenious!  How did they think of them?

We then went out for a meal in Carrick which was diabolical: it was so bad it was hilarious, in an expensive kind of way.  I guess vegetarianism hasn't quite reached rural Ireland, along with customer service...but it made hubby and I laugh and well, we will never watch Faulty Towers in quite the same light!

I will leave you with some of the snowdrops which are just out.  Finally.  I am ready for spring, I really am!

Have a great week everyone xxxxx

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