Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Stitchy Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends, and to my husband.  I hope you all have an amazing day tomorrow.

Thanksgiving is a special date for me and my wonderful husband.  I met him when he was showing an American friend around the UK.  Somehow I ended up offering to cook them Thanksgiving dinner.  Seriously, you have no idea how hard it was to find a turkey in Norfolk, home of the turkey, in November.  In the end I had to buy a frozen one, defrost it in the microwave and tell my children not to eat it in case I gave them food poisoning.  Fortunately no one got poisoned and one of my guests asked me out on a date. Luckily for me it was my husband and not his American friend. I didn't really like him at all!

 It took a bit more work than that for me to agree to a date, but in the end I gave in (it was before stalker laws came in you understand) and we have now been married for 15/16 years. 

I have had an interesting week...lots  of crafting which makes a nice change.

But first I had lovely post days.  The first amazing post came from Deena. 

Isn't it great? There was also a pack of wax crayons, but I'm in the process of using them for a special project I can't share just that is a lot of fun.

There are logs of sweets, a craft magazine and colouring book, Tinkerbell fabric, ribbons, owl notebok, and lots of sweets.  It was a lovely surprise Deena.  Thank you so much.

My Christmas exchange arrived from Angela as well. 

The finishing on the ornament was so neat.  Incredibly neat...and I love the little Christmas emery boards! Way too cute to use on nails, so I need to think of an imaginatative way to save them.

This light is terrible here to day but the ornament is gorgeous and I LOVE SNOWMEN!

So perfect.  Hubby drooled when he saw the Reese candy.  It's not something we really have over in the UK or Ireland, but hubby lived in the USA for a couple of years and his eyes lit up when he saw these...I had to share really didn't I?

It's ok though.  I ate all the jelly snakes Deena sent  me before he could see them ;-)  !

 Alls fair in Candy love and war!

Thank you Deena and Thank you Angela xxx

Now for three new designs which have all been blinged up and are ready for their forever homes.

Fergus tries to decorate the christmas Tree and gets into a bit of a tangle

Darn dull light, it is so hard to see what they look like in reality...let's try the un-blinged versions.

mmmm one thing you will never hear me say is 'wow, I love taking photos!'

These were stitched on Belfast Linen, 32 count, Capuccino.  It's been a while since Fergus and Holmsey came out to  play..I just wish you could see what they look like for real because they are very cute and the colours are so much better!

Righty oh...what does that leave me to say.  Oh yes, please check the last post and see if you have won a prize.  I can't really draw  more numbers unless the winners come forwards. 

Black Friday: hubby mentioned this and told me what it is all about so I am going to have a Black Friday sale over on my Etsy Store, a nice way to end the week I think. Feel free to pop over and take a look.  It will be Black Friday GMT time xx

Have a great long weekend to the guys in America, and have a great normal weekend the rest of the world xxxxx

Monday, November 24, 2014

More Winners

Ok, sorry am dropping many balls at the moment.

I keep writing down who has won what and then I lose it.  No  idea what is going on at the moment with my head...I do know it involves an even worse jelly brain than usual.

Everyone who has won to date: Your parcels are wrapped (badly, another story), and ready to send and I will post Wednesday.  I have contacted people who are donating gifts which have been chosen so that is all done.  I used to work in retail and I have the infamous distinction of being the only person removed from wrapping at christmas.  I hate it: I am rubbish at it.  Sorry.


Next numbers

Five again, I need this over before I go into hospital.


I will have some new releases to show you soon.  Winners please contact me with your first, second and third choice, and thank you so much for your support..and patience with my jelly brain.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

More Prizes and generosity!

How are you all?

Ok; two of the winners were anon. That's grand. They were organised and remembered their numbers (people are starting to get to know me really well rofl)/

The first winner found she had won three prizes.  She has asked for Miss Rosy Hope, the little bunny made for  by Julie xx

She then asked her second and third prize be given to people who had donated but not won.  Thankfully she worked out two and so she would like

Kaye                                                     348-369
Justine                                                    76-85

To each chose a prize.  And for those of you left who haven't won, please don't worry. I promise, everyone will receive something xx  I won't rig the random selector but will have a special something to offer you all at the end of it xx  

The second winner also chose Miss Rosy Hope, but sadly her forever home was found, and so she has chosen the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Threads, produced by the lovely Nancy and donated by Justine.

I also missed off a winner who won the x-stitch chart.  Sorry.  Pain and a lot going on = more jelly brain than even usual.

I will continue to put numbers up but please realise, I cannot chase people up for the prizes.  Please check. I have two numbers unclaimed!

I will put the next five lot of numbers up. Remember, you are not expected to pay anything towards postge but if you wish to donate my paypal email address is

Oops sorry, I have to go, a friend has called around.... Please excuse me for not cutting and pasting the boxes, it just takes too much time xx
Next five numbers are:
And finally, 
Please reply with first, second and third prize choices, first to email gets that prize!

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