Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday Madness and Blog v FB

Why Monday Madness?
Because it is Tuesday and I'm a day late posting!
Why am I late??
Because yesterday (and today) we had sun!!!  Yes, real life, warm, glorious sun!

So that meant a mad rush to sort out the garden: take out old crops, put in new, sort out seed trays, buy compost to fill the raised beds which are not raised at the moment..realising we don't have enough money to fill raised beds, so filled containers instead and re-planned the whole planting strategy for this year.

Seriously, you spend all winter with nothing to do and then spring comes and it is a mad rush to plant, plant and plant some more!

I love it!  My back is killing me but my mind and heart  are as happy as a child in a sandbox.  Lovely.

Not a lot to show  regarding the garden because I doubt you would get as excited as I am with bare soil but I do have a couple of things which actually, are quite worrying really, but I digress. Let's not worry about climate change and just enjoy the beauty instead!

My beautiful Camellia which was a gift from a friend. How beautiful!

If you look at the back you can see my chives coming into flower!

 And yes, even my strawberries are coming into flower!

So, apart from planting and digging and doing disgusting things with chicken pooh (aka fertilizer) did I manage any crafts?  Well, yes I did!  Yay!!

First up, the magnificent Maggee sent me some fabric to raise funds for cancer research.  I knew this material was destined for great things...so I made a cupcake mug rug to match the cupcake theme! How cute is that?  And you 'overbind' the icing fabric so that meant I had to come out of my comfort 'anti-sewing' zone and use a second stitch style on my sewing machine.  Good grief..not one but two stitches???  There will be no stopping me now!  I am going to make some more of these and they will find their way into my prize draw pile.

It just seemed the most appropriate use of cupcake fabric!

As I was delving through my fabric, I found some squares and scraps of vintage style fabric so I had a play.

I decided to make a Holmsey hare pin cushion.  Not the easiest thing as there are no hare templates so I free-hand drew one which looks a little like a bunny but you say tomAto and I say tom-ar-to.  

Doesn't he look sweet?

Sweet but lonely, so I made him a wife.

And they got along very well!

In fact they got along very well indeed!

A little bit too well!

 Sigh..I think I am going to have seperate them!  Not too sure what I am going to do with all these little pincushions..but they were fun to make!

On the stitching front I have got a little further along with my Spring ABC.  I need to do the back stitch and I'm hoping to finish it this week...not today though because it is still sunny!!!  Yay!!!

The fabric is actually a lovely warm cream colour and this is turning into a really fun stitch!

On a final note, I would like to thank Tarja for my lovely spring exchange gifts!  We exchange through a yahoo group called x-stitch monthly, though it is now open to all fabric crafts.  The exchanges are great fun!

I love the little pillow..it is really cute!

Now the very last thing I want to write about today is blogging over fb. I have noticed a lot of bloggers moving over there and it is a real shame.  I have a fb page as well but I love my blog.  You can find things, you know people are seeing your posts whereas with fb, they change the goalposts so often it is shifting from (in my opinion) a social networking site to a social-if you are lucky you will see my posts-site.

Also, I had a lovely email and a comment on a blog from a lovely lady thanking me and another blogger for our advice and inspiration which led to her experimenting with her lovely cross stitch finishes. And they turned out beautifully.

I had to laugh really.  I'm sure those of you who have been reading my blog for the 4-5 years I've been around will remember my own fears and intrepidation into the world of sewing.  I'm far from expert but I have learned to relax and have fun which is what it is all about really, and that in turn is thanks to other bloggers too numerous to name but you all know who you are inspiring and advising and helping in many ways.

You simply cannot get that kind of support or friendship on fb just because of how it runs.  So please, by all means get a fb page and post away, but don't abandon your blogs completely.  They were so important to me when I was ill: I read the and dreamed about what I could stitch or make when I got my numb fingers back to normal and they all gave me hope when the tunnel became so dark I couldn't see the light at the end. And I gained inspiration just as this lovely lady has gained inspiration which allowed us both to come out of our comfort zones and develop our crafty talents further.

Ok, lecture over...SUN!!!  Off to plant salad.  Have a lovely week everyone and thank you so much for your friendship and for sharing your lives with me xxx


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mug Rug Exchange

Hi everyone!

How is your weekend going?  Mine is pretty good.  For the first time we haven't got family over so guess what?  I am getting lots done!

Now, the mug rug exchange.  Some details.  A mug rug is a small, quilted fabric mat.  You can make them as complicated or as simple as you like. A mug rug is a little larger than a coaster because it has to fit a cup and a snack.

We will be sending to our partners

1.  One mug rug
2. A snack or chocolate which is traditional in your country
3. A postcard or photograph with some details of where you live

Fun hey?  I am asking that all exchanges be completed by May the 30th so you have plenty of time.

I'm even giving  you links to mug rug designs.  I won't be sending the ones you see above: they are for the fundraiser when it happens

So if you are interested, please comment and when I have everyone I will email you all (so please make sure you care contactable) for your details and assign partners.

Sounds ok?

Then comment away!

40 free mug rugs tutorials

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Feeling and exchange anyone?

Hi everyone. Thank you for your lovely comments on Holmsey's Easter.  I do love him so: he is such a very cute character!

 So here we are on a Friday again! Yay!  I'm loving this Friday because it is the last day of school and youngest son had two weeks off! I love the holidays!

We went to his first ever parents evening this week and it went very well. Apparently DS is in the worst behaved class in the school and he is the only child to not have had a detention or gum cleaning punishment!  Well done DS!

 Peer pressure is horrific when you are 13 but he sees to be doing very well and is apparently well behaved and polite.  I'm not too concerned about the bad behaviour of his class: his school is very strict and I suspect their idea of bad behaviour would be considered normal in the places I taught in the Uk.

DS went to an anti-bullying meeting when he first started school and he and his group were asked what they would do if they were being bullied.  All the kids answered as expected: they would tell teachers, family members, their priest etc.  The teacher got to Xander and he answered ' I would tell an assassin'.  God bless his home educated roots! 

He is doing very well considering it is his first time in a school. His grades are good and apparently he is more aware of what is going on in the world than his peers seem to be.  I think it is because he was home educated. We investigate and explored what DS was interested in and weren't restricted by a curriculum.  I am one super proud mum that's for sure.

So have I been super busy this week.  Well yes, but not so productive.  Hospital visits and parent's evenings seem to have put me out of kilter. Still, a wee bit was achieved.

Today I did the baking to get rid of 6 goose eggs (= 18 hen eggs)

First off..chocolate icecream! Yum..super creamy and gorgeous.

 Then a baking marathon.

Two pinapple upside down cakes..mmm..sure they were whole when I left the kitchen to find the camera!

Four lemon drizzle cakes (one caught a little on the top but that will be hidden by icing..here are the three good ones!)

Very dodgy light going on lol..these are actually a lovely golden brown. Apricot and honey cobblestones.  A cool USA recipe using condensed milk which makes these a little like super healthy flapjacks.  That's what I'm telling myself cus I've just eaten three!

Holmsey Hare has been finished as a pretty little cushion and will be sent to his new home next week.

And I have a new start.
Fancy a sneaky peek?

I'm really enjoying this one..who knows, I may even finish it by Monday!

I have put the free Easter chart on the blog page, free charts so help yourself.

Remember these?

These are mug rugs for the fund raiser..I was so pleased with how they came out.  It got me thinking...would anyone fancy a mug-rug exchange?  If there are a few of us we can all do a themed exchange.  I am fairly new to sewing but these were quite easy. You can make it how you like and then you just send it to a designated partner?  Perhaps we can send a mug rug, a traditional sweet/chocolate for your area and a postcard to show where you live.  Just leave a comment if you are interested and email me with your address and details and I will sort it out.

Right..thats me all done.  I am going to try and have a super productive but relaxing weekend. I hope you all get a perfect weekend too!

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