Monday, August 3, 2015

A Tiskit, A Tasket, What's in my Little Basket?

It's been a strange week in a reflective way.  I gave myself some time off to read your blogs and comment where appropriate and I realised I've really missed blogging and catching up.  This whole journey all started with the blogs after all didn't it?

I've made some amazing friends through the blogging world and I've just worked out I've been blogging, both on this blog and my original blog before I became Stitchers Anon, for a grand total of six years!

Where has the time gone?

I must admit I went off blogging a bit when I found out people who didn't blog, read my posts.  I knew they could, but of course because they don't comment I guess I pushed it to the back of my mind.  Anyone can read a blog and that's fine. It's what they are meant for but we humans are wee territorial beasts and we forget that online means very, very public.  So no airing the dirty washing lol.  Blogging on the whole seems fairly clean of dirty washing, unlike facebook which people seem to treat as a diary. But that's a grumble  tale for another day, or not! And after all, how do others become inspired to start their own blogs? By reading ours of course, so it's all good.

Ooops, off topic a bit.  Anyway, I've been reading your blogs and I realised that all work and no play, make me stressed and non-creative.  So I made a conscious decision yesterday to have weekends and evenings off..and stick to it. I know..I've said it before but some days I'm sorting out orders till gone past 10 pm.  So no orders, no looking at the work emails on weekends, bank holidays and after 6 pm.  And I'm going to stick to it.

I can't promise no designing because if an idea comes I have to go with it before I forget, but the designing side is fun.

This means more time for blogging, for reading blogs, for chatting and for relaxing.  And it started yesterday afternoon.

I actually got my sewing machine out for the first time in months.  It had dust on it and I felt like a complete novice because it's been so long since I've used it!

 I sorted out some of my stitching and have made a start finishing them as in completely finishing them!

And I had a great time.

So what is in my basket???

Of course the photos are crap but I can't be good at everything lol.  I've also sorted out all my buttons, ribbons, trims, ric racks, fabric and threads..though sorting out threads if possibly the worst part of this. I sort by colour so it acts like an artists palette, and that means I've got to keep a record of what colour is where should I need a specific thread.

I just short by about 4 colours for the full DMC collection, so that will be an order for tomorrow.

They do look quite pretty like this don't they?

So...time off, more fun, and a happy bunny I shall be!

Work News
None!!!  It's a Bank Holiday and I am off! 

;-)   TTFN!

Friday, July 31, 2015

It's never too early for Halloween right?

I can't believe how busy I am or how many  new designs are out...with more to come. Can you believe I'm already getting the new Christmas Ornament series stitched?  No wonder I never know what day/week/ month and sometimes year it is!

Do you remember this? Possibly not. She was stitched a while ago.  My Maid of Virtue Chastity

Well she has now been joined by Temperance so she feels a little less lonely now. 

Both designs have been stitched on 28 count evenweave in DMC colours which have been chosen to represent the muted tones of the Victorian Era.  Temperance asks for balance in all things, and has put her goblet behind her so she won't be tempted.  I'm looking forwards to making these into little pillows over the weekend once I've caught up workwise.  I've been away visiting my daughter but I'll share more about that in the next post.

I've given up waiting for summer. We have had three-four weeks almost  none stop rain which is is seriously affecting my broad beans darn it. So, while it has been cold and wet, what is a girl to do. She does what any self respecting stitcher does and starts designing Halloween Charts.  And Christmas charts of course but I can't share them yet!

 Witchity's Cat is out and about, spying on people for her mistress, working out who needs to have a spell put on them!  (excuse writing over the mock up...don't ask..darn copyright naughty pepes)

Inspired by The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, This Raven, Nevermore can be stitched to match the other halloween charts or as a standalone for those of you who love the poem as much as I do!  I'm really pleased with all these charts.  Halloween, I've decided, is great fun. A pity the cows won't celebrate it with me...they do insist on cheating during the apple dunking and dribble in it to put us off dunking for apples ourselves!

Witchity Poo's sister has been allowed out to play as well.  She is a bit naughty and won't do her witching homework so she does tend to stress Witchity Poo out.  As we all know, to be a good witch, you must learn to spell correctly!

Stitched on Wiechelt linen, Hand dyed - Chai.
I'm realy pleased with this one, though not so pleased with my photograph skills! Ah well, I can't be good at everything I guess!

Holmsey Hare has had an amazing time just lately.  Jodyri Designs dyed some very special fabric and threads in his honour, which led to me putting up some free charts for people to use them with.  You will find them on Holmsey's facebook group in the links on the 'find me' tab.

He is also going on a hare hop!
He has his very own travelling pattern which will be going all around the world from tomorrow!

This is what we came up with

Over 40 people have asked to host Holmsey on his's soooo exciting.  I just with he would take me with him!

Happy stitching everyone and chat soon! xxx

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Christmas in July!

I know I'm a bit late off the mark but I've been away visiting my daughter..and well, it is still July.

Christmas in July is a newish idea, where people send their loved ones Christmas presents to make sure they get there in time for, well Christmas.

And in the retail world, it's where we start planning Christmas.  I  know, I know, I've been busy with Halloween but actually the first six of my Christmas charts were sent to my model stitcher 2 weeks ago!!!

No wonder I never know what day it is!

I can't share them with you yet, though I can do something just as nice.

A lovely lady contacted me a few weeks ago, the daughter of an artist called Patience Brewster, and she asked me what I would be doing for Christmas in July.

Patience has an amazing website here and the most gorgeous Christmas ornaments which I suspect will be coming my way soon...but guess what caught my eye?

Lookee here!  Aren't these cards beautiful..and wouldn't they make the most amazing cross stitch designs?

I have asked if they would perhaps let me work with them under license...we will have to wait and see.

Oh, now for my contribution.

Until the first of August, I'm offering 15% off my website store  just for my blogging friends.  Simply type in the code XMASINJULY when you come to check out xx

And happy Christmas in July!

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