Saturday, June 17, 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness Giveaway

I'm late..but at least I'm here. I've missed a few gifted gorgeousnesses so hopefully today I can make up for it.

Crafting wise, I've been trying to frame and finish as many of my completed stitching items as possible. And boy, do I hate framing.

First up is The Coven of the Year.  I was given the frame by someone having a clear out and my wonderful husband sprayed it black.  It looks perfect.

It was stitched on Pomona evenweave from Chromatic Alchemy.

I finished a cardigan for my granddaughter which only just fits her!  She will be visiting this week so I will be taking measurements. I'd asked my daughter again and again to let me know her arm length etc but never mind. It will last a few weeks and then be put away ready for the next grandchild.  My mum was kind enough to send me pretty purple sparkly buttons.  I'm not sure if you can see them clearly here.

Now for the giveaway.  I finished a new chart for M'Lady. 

Sorry, haven't had a chance to frame it.
M'Lady fancies a little sea bathing, much to her maid's horror.

In M'Lady's day, one did not show even the slightest amount of ankle so swimming costumes protected one's modesty.

Unfortunately poor Daisy has to help M'Lady dress: apparently her costume is easier to get on (dry) than it is to take off (wet).

It's stitched on DMC Linen ( I can't get to the exact fabric as my son has locked his bedroom because we have a little visitor tomorrow and we put my craft things in his room) but any fabric with a creamy yellow colour that DMC blanc will show up on would be suitable.
Available from retailers soon!

But, if you would like a pdf version of this chart, just comment and I will put all comments in a random number generator and will chose a winner next week!

Happy stitching!!

Friday, June 9, 2017

A Little Crafting Goes a Long Way

I'm sorry I'm late with this post.  I got an infection (like you do )..all is well though.

I have been crocheting and stitching but I really want to show you when there is more to show, if you get my meaning.

I've still be busy in other ways.  My fundraiser for the Mayo Roscommon Hospsice service has now officially started (officialy even though I already have three large bin bags full of baby clothes and blankets, ready to take in lol).

Sunflower Day is the day when the Hospice charities have their official fundraising day so today is when people in Ireland hear about it.

I gave an interview for Mid West Radio which was also filmed.  You can see it here. I explain why the Mayo Roscommon Hospice service is so important and why it isn't about dying but living.  It's disgusting that it is 50% paid for by charity and this is the ONLY palliative care help you will get in Mayo and Roscommon. There is no official state or HSA run support for people living with a terminal disease.

The filmed interview, released on the 9th of June for #SunflowerDays can be found by clicking HERE

We're hoping that some of the many numerous crafters in Ireland will now want to get involved. There are lots of crafting groups and if each member just donated one hand made baby item to the hospice shop, then we are a step closer to our Mother and Baby Event.

If you are interested, we are accepting anything brand new, hand made and baby safe.  If you could attach a little note and say where you are from, then that would be wonderful.  Whoever buys it can see that it has been made from the heart, for a very good cause.

It would be nice if crafters in Mayo and Roscommon could be as generous as the people outside Ireland who have sent me so many amazing baby things.

Aren't they all amazing?

You can send them or drop them off to me, or take them into the Hospice shop yourselves.  If every person in a Roscommon/Mayo crafting group made just one thing, well, it would be amazing wouldn't it?

The third part of M'Lady's Sweet Greenhouse has been released by Lakeside Needlecraft, and this time we have a rose.  Not just any rose, but a variegated rose and yes, it comes accompanied by the next part of M'Lady's story

Right, well that's me done for this week.  Happy crafting!

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