Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Homsley and Gardening.

I've been so organised this's about time too I think!  I actually have had five new xmas ornies come back home from Elaine, my model stitcher!

September's Holmsey is looking good and forms the end of the third panel.  The next panel is all stitched up too but we don't do spoilers here!

I can share Holmsey though.

 He is quite enjoying being amongst the harebells!

I've been busy in the garden.  The fruit had done terribly this year, but we did managed to get some bramley apples off our trees.

I made four containers of apple and blackcurrant pie filling for the freezer, and with the apples that were too small, I made this!

 Apple and Sage jelly!

It goes wonderfully with chicken, pork and cheeses and I like it on toast!
Perfect for chrissie pressies too!

The polytunnel is still doing well.

Loads of beans!  All safely in the freezer now.

We had one afternoon without rain and hubby took me out to Lough Key in Boyle.  We were in the mood for just walking and not being near people so we wondered down the forest paths whch are usually hidden from everyone else.

We found the most amazing trees. I love trees...they bring you into the present, into the here and now and help put things into persepective.  Or at least for me they do!

Ooooo and look at what I found!

Here there be fairies!!  A fairy town, I'm sure!

Tomorrow I will be starting some crochet and another witch for the Halloween SAL...and I will probably have some happy news regarding Marley, our rescue dog soon!  TTFN

Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer Days!

Hi everyone, how are you all? Me? I'm good..very busy and very disappointed at the lack of a summer..rain, rain and more rain.

Last weekend we did go out on a classic car run to raise money for Suicide prevention.

It was an amazing day.  I love these car runs because the club we go with is just so organised. We get to go up roads we would never have discovered, and as a result, we see the most amazing scenary.  We went in Daisy, my Morris Minor Traveller.

My new holiday home..if I can work out how to get up to it!

The Sea!!

 We looped up and around the gorgeous Sligo mountains.  As we looked down we could see the cars behind us...way, way behind us!   I took the photos whilst hubby drove..and it amazes me that I can get half decent photos in a rickity Morris Minor at 50 mph plus, but can't get a single decent stitching photo!

I had a ball on the drive, not because I'm all that impressed by classic cars, but because I love getting to see more of Ireland. It really is a beautiful place, though it let's itself down with the weather sometimes!

I've had a really hard week work wise...not helped by having to drive all the way to Galway for a five minute mammogram.  Nearly two hours it took to get there..still, done now.  The radiographer couldn't give me formal results but she said the scans look the same as last years (squashed, in pain and pleading for release) so that is good.  I get full results at the beginning of September when I have my oncology appointment.  It will be nearly four years more year and I become a statistical success and may even get told I'm in's hoping!

Marley Update!  Marley is doing really well..meeting new dogs, being clipped and combed and everyone is making a fuss of him. We have raised 260 euros towards his medical bills so that is wonderful. Thank you everyone who contributed..I hope you enjoyed the free charts xx


Work is really exciting at the moment..busy, busy, busy but good.
It's all go for the Year Long Mystery SAL. I'm so excited!

Witchity Poo's community of witches have been chosen for a prestigious award. They are to be named the Coven of the Year 2015 - 2016!

It is a huge honour and to let us join in with their celebrations, Witchity Poo has given us permission to stitch her Witch's photographs.

Each month a new witch has their photo taken and as we stitch, we learn a little about them and their role within The Coven of the Year.

The 2015 Halloween Stitch Along will begin on the 29th of September and end on the 30th of September 2016, in time for Halloween 2016/
The first in series is Lady McFouliss. A Scottish witch with an impressive pedigree.

Stitched in DMC on Pomona evenweave from Chromatic Alchemy..a wonderful fabric dyer I have discovered!
The whole design with 12 witches is 274 x 254 stitches
The individual witch charts are 67 x 75 stitches.

They can be stitched as one whole chart or as individual ornaments. The frame for the whole chart can be found under 'free charts'.
The frame for the whole project can be found at under 'free charts'

IMPORTANT Please go off stitch count rather than size, as the frame has the size for 18 count fabric, and you may stitch on 14 count etc.

You can pre-order your chart now, and they will be sent out for the 29th of September.

As part of the SAL, Witchity has her own fb group. Details will be given with each chart purchased, and you are welcome to join us there. There will be competitions, special offers and of course tales from our wee witchy community.
For people collecting all 12 charts, the 12th chart will be free!

Buttons for The Coven of the Year can be purchased from Just Another Button Company here…/coven-of-the-year/ and are optional.

I own Stitchers Anon button cool is that!

Right, have to go..beans to pick and blanch for freezing.  It feels so strange doing this because we haven't really even had a summer yet..just weeks and weeks of rain!

Have a lovely weekend and I will pop by again soon xx

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Paws for Thoughts and Halloween SAL

Ok: I'm going to divide this post into two halves. Whilst the first half may seem like me talking about work, it actually isn't, honest.

Do you remember Marley?

Marley arrived safely on Monday at Galway SPCA.  To thank them for taking him in despite having no room, and limited funds,  I'm having a fundraiser for them.

I designed and stitched this chart for Marley.  Called Paws for Thought, this is stitched two over one on Jazlyn but it has been designed for full crosses on any count fabric.  I stayed up all night to get it eyes are burning now with the need for sleep.

 Excuse the's grey and miserable in Ireland at the moment so I had to resort to the scanner.

I wrote the poem based on my belief that it actually takes very little to make an animal, any animal, happy and far more effort to be cruel.

I'm asking for donations in return for the chart.  The donations go straight to Galway SPCA.  I have nothing to do with the money.

My donation page is here;

I know times are hard, so don't want to push people into it. If you do decide to donate, especially if you donate anon, please email me with your email address and which donation was yours so I can email you the pdf.chart.  
 If you wish to have a paper chart, please donate and then could you please pay me three euros to cover postage, packing and printing. Email me on  for the paypal details.

I've opened a group on fb for Marley so we can keep updated on his progress and see your stitching progress. There will also be some freebies and perks and support from other designers whose hearts have all been taken by Marley.

There..not quite work.  Though I was up all night to get it finished and at the time it felt like work!

Now, this is work!

 I can't wait any longer. I've discovered I have a real love for Halloween and so, I was thinking about running a year long Halloween SAL

Each month, starting in September, one chart will be released. Each chart can be stitched as a stand alone ornament, or part of a larger finish. But what to stitch?  Well, I had no idea at all what to do until I nipped round to Witchity Poo's.

I was chatting to Wee Witchity who was in big trouble again.

She keeps getting her 'd's mixed up with her 'b's and as a consequence, during her spelling lessons, the feather she should have been turning into a roast chicken, turned into a 20 foot anaconda.

Witchity Poo was not at all impressed. In fact Witchity was downright terrified!  Eventually, whilst standing on top of her table, she managed to find her wand which was in one of the many pockets inside her knickers, for 'safe keeping' and turn the hissing monster back into a feather.

Poor Wee Witchity. She does try her best.

As I tried to make her feel better about herself, telling her it was a genuine mistake which could happen to just about anyone, she gave a deep, sad groan.  The anaconda episode was just the cherry on the cakeof what had been a terrible day.

Goodness me, what a to do! It wasn't like the anaconda ate anyone..well, not completely anyway; we managed to pull the cat out before any real harm was done! So that doesn't count, right?

But no. It was worse than that. Witches don't have school photographs because they don't go to school. They learn within their covens, kind of home schooled, I guess you could say.

And Witchity's coven has been chosen as a Coven of Excellence and has been named by the Board of Witching Education as the 'Coven of the Year.'


So why was Wee Witchity so sad?

Witchity has to get ready for her Coven of the Year photograph, along with her familiar. In fact all the witches have to get ready and look their best. But poor Wee Witchity has hair that won't stay straight and her cat  hates having his photograph taken.

Oh dear.

We all have memories of school photos. Mums dragging hair into tight elastic bands and licking on their hankies to give our faces one final clean. And the photographers were always ready after lunch, and lunch would always be something colourful that would stain, like baked beans...and we all know how that turned out!
So imagine a poor wee witch who keeps getting her spells wrong trying to look her best for such a prestigious photo with wild hair and an even wilder cat! Poor thing.

On a bright side though, Witchity Poo, once she had calmed down and had some chamomile tea,  agreed that their group photo can be our Halloween SAL.
So we will have a whole year of witches (good witches, they don't do evil as such...unless you count Wee Witchity's spelling booboos)

I'm offering the frames and heading as a free chart on my website for those of you who would like to stitch the whole thing.

I will be using fabric from Chromatic Alchemy, and will have a special pack of buttons for the chart from Just Another Button Company which is very exciting!

Feel free to see the free chart and I will reveal the first little witch soon!

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