Friday, May 22, 2015


I sell my charts now through ICG Crafts who supply LNS's.  I also have a wonderful new website which is just amazing. Very professional.  I love that leaves me with Etsy.  Etsy no longer offers instant pdfs (thanks to the new tax laws), and charges fees on top of the paypal fees.

So I have a dilemma.  I'm considering closing my Etsy shop but need to just collate traffic statistics. To help me with this I will be having a sale, 50 percent, this weekend only.  Just click the link, and I apologise for the photos on some of the charts.. I can design a zombie in less than 15 stitches, but have I yet worked out how to photograph my work to show it at it's best?  Nope, not a chance lol

Stitchers Anon Cross Stitch Designs Etsy Shop

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Rose by Any Name Edited

oops sorry: forgot to allow comments rofl

Yay, finishes.  A Rose by Any Other Name to match my Daffodils.  Can't wait to frame them and get some decent photos!

I won't be around for a few days because next week is the Irish Stitch Retreat which I'm really looking forwards too.  Great company, a wonderful hotel, and lots and lots of stitching!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happiness is still ....

Happiness is still being madly in love with my grandaughter, four weeks old here.

Discussing the UK election

Smiling as she has a kick about and granny reads to book but she didn't seem to mind!

Recovering from her third bath from can see some 'almost' stitching next to me.  There was lots of 'almost' stitching, and even more cuddles!
 Happiness is getting home safely (though now I am home I miss my daughter soooo much and of course baby Allysia) and finishing the 'almost' stitching. 

I asked people on Holmsey's facebook page what they would like to see and someone suggested a here is Holmsey's Biscornu!  All finished and looking perty!

Stitched in DMC on Jazlyn Antique white.

Happiness is being blessed to have such close relationships with all three of my children.  I'm so proud of them all.

Right..enough soppyness...time for some stitching!

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