Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Start and New Releases

Hi everyone.

Well, what a week.

My domain name for the old website ran out and I rather naively thought I could just buy it through the new website host.  Oh No! That would be far too simple.  My original host has refused to let me transfer it or release it so I can re-purchase it for the new website. .  I could use it through them by somehow attaching the domain name from them to the new host site, but it would take 6 weeks and cost lots.  Having two brothers working in I. T I know this is horlicks.

So what I've had to do is buy the domain name and use the website to point people to my new website.  40 dollars for a domain name AND I have had to buy a new domain name for the new site.

I won't tell you what words are going through my head BUT is up and running!

It is a wonderful company to work with and it's going to be so much easier to be organised. It even has a little blog area so I can show sneaky previews and offer discount codes etc.  And a newsletter!  Yay!  I can do a newsletter!

Oh, before I forget! I've added the RAK section to the 'ABOUT US' bit I can keep everyone's details safe and in one place. And because this website is oh so dreamy, you can even let me know what kind of thing you would like as an RAK!  How brill is that!

There may be a few glitches because I've built it myself, ie a chart not showing pdf and paper options, but on the whole it is good to go.

I'll be adding fabrics and threads over the next week or so to get the shop nicely stocked, and then, well, watch me fly!  (possibly crash landing but that's ok: you have to crash now and then to enjoy the good  bits of life right?)

So the new releases this week are 'Bleak House'

....and The Year of the Hare- February.

Holmsey is very popular and because so many people seem to like him, he has a fb page all of his own. Feel free to pop over, the more the merrier!  And as far as I'm aware, you don't need a fb account to join in (I think....might have to check that one!).

Right..I have Holmsey March to stitch and a baby blanket to crochet...after I make five carrot all good fun.

Have a wonderful week and I hope to see you all soon xx

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A not-so-Bleak House

Hello everyone.

I know, I said I would read, comment and post more often but life has thrown a minor curveball....another one!

My website provider decided to downgrade services and at the same time upgrade prices, probably assuming I would feel I had to stay with them. 

Knickers to that one.  So I have spent the last two weeks moving to a new host, re-building my website which is much better than the other one but more hi-tech which means I have to be hi-tec too lol.  My poor aching brain ......I so need to sit and play with pretty colours and instead I've been working out postage costs for a postal system which goes of weights and SHAPE of parcel!  I kid you not.  Nightmare.  Anyway I think I have it sorted now, and if I over charge I will continue to refund the difference.  Sometimes though it is a bit like guesswork.

Crafty news?

I have a bit.

I started a new craft club in my town which began last week and which takes place on Wednesdays...I met some lovely, talented people and made lots of new friends..and renewed some slightly older friendships!

I have a finish as well, the first in a part of a collection in the Dickens' series.  Bleak House.

Excuse the piccie..I had to resort to the scanner. It is lovely in real, like a painting. The further away you are from it, the more three d it looks!

And of course Year of the Hare February is out very shortly  so I will be busy again for a week but I am being better with the work hours and have started a new baby cardi for my daughter, and I bought a very special chart from a relatively new designer called Neil, who runs Ecclectic Bloke Designs.  I bought this for an heirloom piece I want to do for my grandaughter (when she gets here).

I love all things childish.  My guilty pleasure is I still read Enid Blyton books and all my childhood books and let's face it.  I talk to a made up hare! I never got past the age of five inside my head!

So if I can encourage my grandaughter to imagine and dream, then it is something that will help her to get through life's difficult times. And that is why I chose this chart instead of the usual baby samplers.

It's a huge project, bigger than anything I have stitched before.  It will be over 1 on 25 count evenweave, but I think it will look wonderful.

Do you like it?

Right, must go and cook tea. Keep well and hopefully I will pop by your blogs at the weekend.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yay!!! A Very Special (to me) Ezine is now out


Thank you all so much for the lovely comments and email.  Things are going well but oh my, the workload..especially with  me building a new website..not really creative and no pretty colours ;-(

But never mind..will I get on with the boring stuff, I can share the news that the new Ezine is now out and available from my etsy shop.

This is a very special edition of the New Age Cross Stitch Ezine Issue 4 featuring my 'Wouldst Thou Be Mine' chart along with Colour Cascades, Tilton Crafts and Heaven and Earth Designs charts and more! As well as the charts there are special discount vouchers for all our websites! A bargan at E 4.32! (4.99 dollars)
Just click here to buy it!

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