Friday, November 21, 2014

Prize Draw, and Huge News

I am so sorry.  I'm still in an awful lot of pain and a lot has been going on.

Firstly, because of naughty Google and naughty Amazon, the EU has changed it's rules on VAT on digital sales.  Basically, I have to charge VAT on all my pdfs according to the VAT rate of the country that is buying the product.  I should point out that whilst this is the fault of Google and Amazon, they were doing nothing illegal..however, they can afford solicitors to help them avoid paying as much as they can, whereas most of the cross stitch designers you use who are in the EU are classed as micro business because we are so much smaller and we can't afford to pay such legal fees.  Unfair hey?

If you want to look into this, just google MOSS: VAT.

So from the 31st of December, I will no longer sell PDF charts

I have spent a week working out what I can do because I am making sales now which is wonderful.  I have a plan A and a plan B, and a Plan C is being mulled over.

Plan A  I have negotiated with my printer for reduced printing prices and whilst it involves me changing all the formats of my charts, it does mean it is more cost effected and it will bring postal prices down for everyone.  I only charge for the envelope and the exact price of postage but its even better if I can drop that price for customers.  Never underestimate the power of the tear!

Plan B  I've been negotiating with a UK company and they are happy to make my charts into kits. Wow. How amazing would that be?  Real Charts. Again, the emphasis will be on quality and I will try to keep them as cheap as I can for you.

Plan C  You will have to wait and see!

And the timing couldn't be worse because the new edition of Cross Stitch Crazy is out and I am featured in it! Ah well..I'm creative...I will get around all this legislation somehow!

I finally persuaded the last two winners to chose their prizes.  They chose the Stitchers Anon Cross Stitch Gift voucher and the Huswif.

Because my health is quite dodgy at the moment, I am going to do five draws. The first one that emails, gets that prize, so please put a choice one and a choice two.  I would much appreciate it.  Please be aware I won't be able to post until next Wednesday and same old same old. Your not expected to pay postage but if you wished to, my paypal address is

Please contact me: It is not always practical that I have to chase you rofl.

So, let's get on with the winners.  Good luck!

Enter a lower limit:  1
Enter an upper limit:  502


Random Number:   216

Enter a lower limit:  1
Enter an upper limit:  502


Random Number:  429  

Enter a lower limit:   1
Enter an upper limit:   502


Random Number:   97

Enter a lower limit:  1
Enter an upper limit:   502


Random Number:  432  

Enter a lower limit:   1
Enter an upper limit:   502


Random Number:    341

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Sunday

I'm sorry about the intermittant posting.  I'm feeling a bit better.  Been off the painkillers for two days now but now and then you get a twinge and it reminds you and I admit it, I have been very aware that something is not right.  I wish more than anything I could just forget about health for a few days.  Ah well.  Distraction techniques it is then lol

Lets bring some happy to the show!

Our last winner, Christine has clamed  her prize.  She chose a gorgeous chart donated by Shannon of Lasting Allure fame.  Thank you so much Shannon for you wonderful donation, and of course to Christine for your lovely donation.

I'll add the new winners at the end of the post that is ok with you guys!

So what is new. Well if you look at my top right side bar you will see I'm joining in with a new block of the month. I want to make a quilt for my grandchild (when he or she gets here).  Before I can start though, I've cleared out my craft room and am decorating it as we speak..ready to get it look nice and efficient.  How exciting!

I'm running lots of special offers on charts, fabrics and offering lots of competitions because I need to make 'happy' and well tis nearly the season of goodwill!  These will all take place on my fb page . Feel free to pop over and join in xx

I bit the bullet and laced my Ghosts from the Christmas Carol.  What do you think?

I am so pleased with how these came out.  I got a real sense of achievement....makes you wonder how my head works though hey?

Right, let's move on with the draw.  The winner of today's draw is........233
Congratulations. Just check on the prize tab at the top of the blog and pm me your prize choice.  Whilst postage is not expected, a donation to my paypal account would be helpful xxx  Ah, lets have two: Number 4.  So number 4 and number 233 please let me know what you would like and thank you so much for contributing to such a good cause.

Enter a lower limit:  1
Enter an upper limit:  502


Random Number:     4

Enter a lower limit:   1
Enter an upper limit:   502


Random Number:     233

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Yes, I had to yell ..... it seems to have been a long looooooooooooong time but I do indeed have something to show you.

I really should have ironed and framed it but Elaine did such an amazing job, I'm just too excited to wait!!


The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

I'm soooo pleased with this one.  I can't wait to get them framed so you can see them all together

Ok: on with the job of the day.  I've decided there will be no draws weekends..I need a break and I would rather be catching up on my blog reading than swearing at the random number generator.

Yesterday's winners were Monoa, who chose this as her prize.

This was donated by Julie.  Thank you Julie, I am sure Mona will have a great time stitching this!

The second winner was our very own Nancy (Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe).  Nancy chose (reluctantly because she didn't want to put me to any trouble bless her lovely heart)...the Hope Needleroll!

I'm so glad it is going to such a good home.  Nancy is an amazing lady and I am proud to be able to say she is also an amazing friend.  

So on with today's winner. 


Random Number: 36

Sorry: I am having a pig of a time cutting and attempting to paste the random number thingy.  Someone did tell me how to do it properly ages ago but darned if I can remember what it was I had to do.

Never mind

No. 36, please pm me and chose your prize!!

Back for another draw tomorrow.  Have a great evening everyone xx

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