Monday, March 2, 2015

The Year of the Hare - March

 Thank you all for your sweet comments regarding my 'shakes'.  I got to thinking that creative people should find creative solutions..and I have.  Patience.  Not something I have a lot of but I decided that I really wanted to knit something, anything for my grandaughter.  So despite not being able to concentrate enough to follow a pattern and having the shakes, I have knitted a bootee.  I'm on the second now and hopefully the two will match...loosely.

That is my motto for 2015 I think. Creative people find creative solutions!

The Year of the Hare March is out and about now. 
Please excuse my dreadful will get better she says..not yet though. Forget natural light..this is what we have at the moment.

Brrrrrrr...I'm sooo cold!

Anyway, back to Holmsey.

 Poor Holmsey, getting blown away by those March winds!  I told him he looks like one of the glamourous models in a shampoo advert and he seems happy enough with that! Phew....I thought he would never let me get his lovely ears ruffled!

So the first panel is complete.

I've finished April and May...boy they were taxing. Holmsey wanted me to put a spring in his step and a few leaps and bounds...and somehow I managed it.  My art skills are improving with each and every month, and whilst it is pushing me, I'm having a ball. See, creative people find creative solutions,

I can't show them yet though!

I've a very special project that I'm working on right now but I can't show you that either just yet!  It involves mess and fun...and that is all the clue I'm going to give you.

Workwise, we are moving into providing kits.  The Year of the Hare Jan/Feb/March panel will be first and I'm really looking forwards to putting them all together.  It's quite a lot of work but the biggest problem I hear about is from people living in Ireland, Australia and some European countries, not being able to get hold of supplies. So I have a cunning plan to help them out.  I'll share it soon with you.

The first news letter went out ok..more stretching the little gray cells, as there was more software to get the hang of..and I.T is not my favourite part of the job.  I am very much a 'switch it off and turn it on again' kindda girl, when there are I.T issues!

On the newsletter was a special discount code, offering ten percent off at our new website.

Technically you have to have had the newsletter, but let's be honest now...if it wasn't for my blogging friends and buddies, I would never have thought to design a cross stitch chart!

So just for you, here is the discount code.  Just type in   MARCHNEWS for ten percent off from the website.

Wherever you are, keep warm, keep safe and thank you for just being you ......  I don't know what I would do without you!


  1. I just love your bunnies! :0)

  2. I love what you have done so far, he is just so darn cute. I must get back into stitching...

  3. Oooh January, February and March looks wonderful...oh my, yes, you take care of yourself. I am sure what ever you knit it will look lovely.
    Just remember if you I know you may as you keep telling us all your memory is terrible! So just remember.... YOU ARE AWESOME!! Ok!!
    Smiles :)

  4. He is so sweet, this little guy, I just love him. I have the January one but still have to stitch him.

  5. Aww cute bunnies..I love them so much xx

  6. Oooh I really March with the cute daffodils :) Would these be available as chart per individual month?

  7. The stitching is beautiful and I am sure she will love the booties.

  8. My creative solution to tossing and turning in bed was to get up and catch up on blog reading...its 4am and I'm wide awake!! WHY??
    I find knitting much easier when my hands are not behaving themselves.
    Love and (big hug) x

  9. What a lovely and cute bunny stitching! Great work!

  10. The Hares are adorable! Really really cute! I hope you are doing better each day! Hugs!

  11. Lovely finish and together it's adorable. They sure have characters of their own, looking forward to your progress.


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