Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bad, Bad Bloggers!


Well I have lots to share but I haven't had a chance to take photos so please bear with me.  It's been a sad week.  We lost a wonderful designer, Neil from Ecclectic Bloke's Designs, to cancer and my husband's uncle passed away from liver cancer.  A devout muslim, a very high ranking medical specialist, loved for his compassion for both his patients and his peers and staff, it has hit us hard.  He has never drank a drop of alcohol in his life, and he got liver cancer.  Just not fair.

Now, why I am posting today.  I had an email from someone about to start a blog which I suspect has a business purpose. However, they also offer to share charts that they find.

Please, please do not share charts.  You can sell them, you can give them away, you can lend them, but you cannot copy or offer duplicates of a chart without the designer's permission.  Shoving a chart up on an internet public forum is a form of copying and it infringes on all copyright laws. 

And, if a chart is offered freely on a site, e.g. I offer a chart on my fb page, then again, you cannot share the actual chart, only the link so people can find it. That is because all designer's own the distribution rights to their charts.

So please, if this new blog ends up being naughty (even though I have emailed them), please complain and make a fuss.  There are so many designers going out of business at the moment, it is unreal. And all because of illegal distribution of charts.

For me it is more personal.  My charts are my babies, my legacy to my family, proof I was here and cancer didn't beat me completely.  I would be incredibly hurt if someone copied my charts.  Nothing to do with money: just plain hurt.

Thank you.  Hopefully I will have lots of nicer news and photos in my next post x


  1. cancer is such a common disease nowadays that it hits all of us in one way or another.....we need to find a cure for all the different types of cancer.

  2. I had the same email I think...didn't spot the bit about sharing charts before I deleted it. How naughty! It sounded a bit too commercial and contrived for my taste. I follow quite a few designers and enjoy their blogs but didn't fancy that one.
    Sorry to hear of your family's loss, and also the sad news about Neil xx

  3. Very sad news for you I am sorry to hear this.
    I completely agree with your thoughts on copyright issues and hope this new site has read your comments.
    Take care

  4. Love and {{{hugs}}} to you and the family as you carry this loss.xxxxx

  5. Sorry for the loss you have experienced recently. I agree about sharing patterns....we all have to keep up the fight against copyright abuse.

  6. Yeah,I got that email too--delete, delete, delete! It did make me wonder how they found me! Jerks! It read like translated english, so probably some sweat shop in a bad country! I heard about Neil--he was just getting started in his design business. Sad. And sad for your husband's Uncle. Hugs to you!


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