Friday, February 27, 2015

Sweet Little Finish

Happy days my lovelies.

Despite serious shaking in my right hand, I managed to finish my new design all by myself.  I was hoping to see my specialist to find out if it is neuropathy from the chemo or a side effect from the Tamoxifen but they have put my Feb appointment off until I will have to wait.  I'm happy to wait.  Means I can forget there is anything wrong with me!

So, here is special little finish.  Holmsey was feeling a little bit guilty because of all the hours I work to make his Year of the Hare  exactly how he likes it ...on top of looking after family, home, house, animals and garden and the boring admin stuff which takes up so much time. So he wanted to do something to say thank you, not just to me, but to all the hardworking moms out there.

So Holmsey would just like to say

Have a Happy Mothers Day

(UK and Ireland)


  1. Thank you Holmesy and your "mum" too! Such a cute design. Hope your hand doesn't interfere too much with your stitching.

  2. Happy Mother's Day!
    What a sweet design.
    I am sorry for the hand trembles.

  3. What a beautiful new design! I especially love the border. Happy Mothers Day to you :)

  4. Very cute! Hope your Mother's Day is wonderful!

  5. That's a really cute design and I will even say one of my favourite that you have designed!!

  6. Oh my.... Sorry your medication is messing you about :(. When they were still experimenting with me, looking for the right pain medication... One drug I took give me the shakes, every time I moved I shook, i am still doing it a little now and then. I am hoping it will eventually go as I am no longer taking that drug. I guess I am trying to say... I understand, and it's really hard to cope with, you have done amazing carring on stitching :) I hope it gets sorted :)
    Oooh yes I love your Mothers Day stitch, it's so very very cute...adorable in fact!
    I have said it before... And will say it again... Your one amazing person :)
    Smiles :)

  7. Hand issues...hope it all works out real soon.

  8. That is so cute, just adorable.

  9. Holmsey is such a cutie, he's adorable in this one.

    {Hugs} x


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