Monday, February 23, 2015

New Design, Good Cause, and a Finish!

Yay, how are you all?
I'm shivering here in windy, stormy, windy, cold, windy, freezing Ireland.  I've been working in my office with a coat on and a hot water bottle under my jumper. Honestly! Well, if nothing else it made me work faster so I could get downstairs and sit by the fire!

I have a new design which will be for sale soon but for now it will be part of a charity fundraise for the WWF through the facebook page Cross Stitch For Charity.

Lots of designers have donated charts and members of the fb group pay donations towards the charity which we all vote for and can stitch all or some of the charts on offer.  During Christmas we raised money for Childline and Toys for Tots and a Canadian children's charity: this time we are raising money for the World Wildlife Fund.

This is my contribution.  The Animal's Prayer

The words say:
Grant me food, fresh and green
Grant me water, cool and clean
Grant me land that I may roam
Grant me safety in my home
All my prayers I hope you hear,
Grant me life free from fear

There are lots of other designers donating charts for this cause and what is nice is people can just donate a little bit or a lot, and still have access to the charts.  Why not pop over and say I sent you.  There are some quite well known names donating charts!

Oh, and I finally have a finish! A cot size blanket for my daughter's baby.

I'm so pleased with it that I'm going to try and do more crochet!

Holmsey Hare's YOTH March will soon be you want to see a sneaky peek?

Excust the state of the's grey and miserable here so camera skills are not the best!

Right..I need to make baby things.

Have a great week!


  1. Love the blanket!! What a wonderful fundraiser, and kudos to you for participating. The chart is lovely. I hope it warms up for you, I've been miserable in this frigid weather too. :-/

  2. Oh my!! You are one very talented lady, your fundraiser design for The World Wildlife fund is really lovely. I read the words a few times and tought, yes! Perfect! I hope it helps to raise a lot of money for them :)
    Oooh oooh oooh!! Beautiful blanket, again what can I say, very talented! I so so so wish I could make beautiful things like that... I hope it's cherished for years.
    Wonderful post today... Good luck with everything you do, or are doing!
    Smiles :)

  3. that's lovely, you did a wonderful job. Love the blanket as well.

  4. The blanket turned out gorgeous.
    Holmsey looks lovely as always.

  5. The blanket looks fabulous!! This is going to be one lucky baby :D

  6. Love the blanket--it turned out great! You are always busy... Good for you!


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