Thursday, November 13, 2014


Yes, I had to yell ..... it seems to have been a long looooooooooooong time but I do indeed have something to show you.

I really should have ironed and framed it but Elaine did such an amazing job, I'm just too excited to wait!!


The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

I'm soooo pleased with this one.  I can't wait to get them framed so you can see them all together

Ok: on with the job of the day.  I've decided there will be no draws weekends..I need a break and I would rather be catching up on my blog reading than swearing at the random number generator.

Yesterday's winners were Monoa, who chose this as her prize.

This was donated by Julie.  Thank you Julie, I am sure Mona will have a great time stitching this!

The second winner was our very own Nancy (Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe).  Nancy chose (reluctantly because she didn't want to put me to any trouble bless her lovely heart)...the Hope Needleroll!

I'm so glad it is going to such a good home.  Nancy is an amazing lady and I am proud to be able to say she is also an amazing friend.  

So on with today's winner. 


Random Number: 36

Sorry: I am having a pig of a time cutting and attempting to paste the random number thingy.  Someone did tell me how to do it properly ages ago but darned if I can remember what it was I had to do.

Never mind

No. 36, please pm me and chose your prize!!

Back for another draw tomorrow.  Have a great evening everyone xx


  1. Congrats to Nancy & Monoa!
    Beautiful Hope needleroll you made.
    love Annette

  2. Great to see your new design all stitched up. It is looking great. And congrats to the last winners of all these wonderful prizes.
    I hope you are feeling better by now and the pain isn't bothering you as much as during the last week.

  3. Your new design is wonderful--really looking forward to seeing the whole set framed up!


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