Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Crafting People are the Best

Hi, how are you all today?

I am good..taking painkillers and ignoring what I can't avoid.  Works for me lol.

I actually have craft on my blog...did you see?  I have started to put all my stitching finishes and finished designs on one page, and all my non cross stitch on another page.  I suspect I may have lost some but hey, it is a start.  I can't believe how much I have done and how many different crafts I  have tried.  It  has put me in the mood for painting again and who knows, I may even finish some of the quilts I started.

I've been a bit low but am on my way back up and that was helped by a lovely surprise gift which came in the post.  Jacquie sent me this surprise gift.  The timing was perfect. One can never have too many hugs!

Yesterday's winner (M.E) asked me if she could offer her prize to someone else as a gift, and to let them chose.  I naively said yes, just ask them to contact me.  She chose me.  Very publically, on facebook.  I said I didn't think it would be allowed but she insisted.  I hope you don't mind, as though I have donated many of the prizes I didn't think for one minute of including myself in the draw which is why I donate privately.

I have chosen the little crochet frog that I made.  I was very proud of him, being a novice at crochet and let's be honest.  What stitchers want the frog to visit?  How could I guarantee the little frog would get a good home?  (Oh come on, you all know by now how nuts my mind is, and how it works, when it bothers to work at all ;-)  ).  So froggy is staying home with me.

However, this is the only time I'm accepting a prize...I am putting it the unofficial rules haha.  I am thrilled though and want to say a huge Thank You to M.E (I can't remember if you were anon or not so don't want to put your name unless you says it is ok).  I am really touched that you thought of me and yes, I am really pleased I get to keep my frog!

So you can see why I think crafters are the nicest people in the world.  Thank you both for your kind thoughts.

So what is new my end. Well....I have as you  know become a DMC stockist.  And on my fb page from now to Christmas I will be offering lots of free charts, competitions and special offers on fabric, cus I am so sick of having to deal with medical issues and worrys and stresses. Sometimes you just gotta make your own happy and this is me making me (and hopefully you) happy!

And to be nice and to make up for the fact I missed a few days, lets draw two winners for today.  The first to ask for a prize will get it just in case I'm put in the dilemma of having both ask for the same one.

Also, if you are new to reading this blog can you please comment so I can find my way to your blog.  I missed the last posts and can't remember who posted and not and when I go back I just get in a muddle. Sorry xxx   Congratulations to the winners and I will see you tomorrow!

Enter a lower limit:  1
Enter an upper limit:  502


Random Number: 253

And Second
Enter a lower limit:    1
Enter an upper limit:    502


Random Number:  268


  1. I'm sure Mr Frog would have found a wonderful loving home, but I'm sure he's hoppy to be staying with you!

  2. Congrats to 253 & 268!!
    I've looked into becoming a DMC stockist too but when receiving the price list, decided to give up as I felt I would not be able to match the 39p from Cross Stitch Heaven :)
    Great choice, your little frog is just so sweet!! It was so kind to let you choose a little something, you fully deserve it xox

  3. Great attitude, Gaynor. You take care of yourself now.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Your frog is adorable! Absolutely adorable!

    Re the little anonymouse poster above me (until you delete his post, that is) nothing says "you're in the wrong forum" like posting an anti-American woman rant on a blog dedicated to embroidery and crafts.

    I mean, know your audience, buddy.

  6. The frog is so cute :) I am glad you get to keep him :) Hope you feel better really soon!


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