Monday, May 12, 2014

Washout Weekend but Hopeful new beginnings!

Hi everyone.  I'm so sorry I haven't popped over to your blogs.  I usually visit the blogs of everyone who has commented and then I go through my reading list.  Not this weekend.  Boy.  What a weekend.

I ignored the cold. The cold however did not ignore me.  It loved me.  It adored me.  It persuaded me that we needed some intimate time together..just me, it, a loo roll, a hot water bottle and a weekend of early nights.  I can't say anymore than that.  Discretion is the key here if you get my meaning.

Did I sew?
Did I get to spend my weekend singly loudly to 1980's music (Bronski Beat and Erasure at the moment) whilst my sewing machine sang and hummed along with me?

No I did not!

My sewing machine died.  Well, not so much died as was dying. It groaned in pain and agony with each and every stitch as I sniffed and snuffled over it.  I put my big girl pants on and took it apart (the bits I could) and cleaned it and oiled it and prayed over it.


Multiple sewing machine organ failure.

I was sooooo sad.  I felt I had been completely let down by one of my bestest friends in the world.  I was so sad I practically wrote an epitaph on facebook and couldn't even bear to go into my sewing room where squares of fabric lay all over, ready to be brought to life by my loving sewing machine.

Ah, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  A friend of mine who owns a fabric shop near Galway saw my fb post and even though she was on holiday in Italy, she gave me the name and number of a sewing machine miracle worker and I emailed him.  Bear in mind, to take my machine anywhere to be fixed would entail a two hour drive.  Two hours! Anyway, this lovely man emailed me back. He would sort out a courier to pick my baby up and he would fix it.  But before he did, he asked if I had checked the pedal speed button.

Pedal speed button?

A button, on the pedal?

What button?

So I checked....and yes there was a button.  And it was on slow. So I put it on fast. Guess what?? My machine is alive!!!!  Yay!!!!!

What a lovely man!! He fixed it and he didn't even see it!!!

The weekend wasn't a complete washout. I have a new design!  I have nearly finished her..she is my favourite so far.  Excuse the photo but it is early evening here.  I've been at the hospital all day so just grabbed a quick piccie to show you a preview.

She is actually in very pretty apricot shades..and the fabric is a sandy colour so you can see how bad the photo is!

And before my cold and I hid ourselves away to 'be together', hubby took me to Lough Key for a walk in the evening sunshine.

If you should go to the woods today.......

You're in for a big surprise....look carefully!

This beautiful statue is made out of wood and is hidden away in the woods.

Isn't she beautiful?

And the bluebells were out in force!

Gorgeous.  A real sign of hope for better weather! Summer is on the way!

Ah but I found this and had to take a photo!

A non-blue bluebell. Proof that even in nature, we should never be afraid of being different or of breaking away from the norm or the expectations of others!

There were also loads of a white flower I'm not familiar with and they were just too beautiful to ignore.

And of course, this being Ireland, there has to be a rainbow right?  When we got home there was one behind my home.

Now, I have spent all day at the hospital and I'm back there on Thursday. Please don't worry.  I will share more when I know more but I'm sure it isnt anything to worry about.  So craft wise, no goals or targets.  I would like to finish my new lady but I'm just going to go with the flow and hopefully catch up on my blog reading!

I will sort out the names and give a few more details about the Virtual Stitching retreat on Friday, so there's still time to take part.
Re the fundraising; I want to make a few more prizes and then when I have a nice healthy stash of potential prizes, I'll give the details and start date xxx Exciting times yes??

Have a great week everyone! (((hugs)))


  1. Awe... get well hugs to you :) I hope you feel better soon...
    WOW!! Love your photos of the woods.. really beautiful flowers and gosh the wooden statue is wonderful. Such a lovely place to visit looks perfect.
    A rainbow!!! I have only ever seen 1.. that is a perfect arc.. pretty.
    Get well soon..sending smiles your way :)

  2. So happy to hear that you got your sewing machine fixed. Lovely pics of your walk.


  3. Yay!! The sewing machine is not dead! And you don't even have to ship it out!! Yay! Give that man a cyber-hug! The statue is absolutely gorgeous! Such great carving by someone... Love all your nature pics. Hugs!

  4. That looked like wild garlic, you would know by the smell. We drove past some the other day, great for cooking with

  5. Wow truly a magical walk
    Big hugs x

  6. Miss Apricot is very pretty.
    Your woodland walk looks very peaceful and to come across such a lovely wooden statue, I wonder what the sculptor had in mind when that was created - it looks like it might have been a therapeutic piece.
    YAY ....for the sewing machine man, he obviously knows his stuff!
    {{big hug}} sending lots of healing thoughts your way for good news at the hospital. xxxx

  7. So glad that you got your machine sorted out without too much hassle. Love the new lady .
    That lovely white flower is wild garlic, great for cooking with, so next time you go , get harvesting ,lol.
    Good luck for Thursday , hope all is well . xxx

  8. Oh those pictures make me want to be there, love that there is a statue hidden away in the woods.

  9. Oh Gaynor! I hope that your cold is better. So glad that the sewing machine got fixed.
    What a lovely walk. Such gorgeous pics.
    Your new apricot girl is sweet!

  10. Glad your sewing machine is fixed & love the apricot lady! Take care, hugs xxx

  11. What a lovely walk in the woods. Hope you're feeling better today!

  12. Oh, that statue in the woods is such a beautiful surprise--I love it! And the bluebells--just gorgeous.

    How nice that your sewing machine fix was so easy--do hope you feel better soon.

    The little girl design is adorable :)

  13. Praying that all will be well with your health. What a beautiful walk & gorgeous statue & flowers! Lovely photos!

  14. What a gorgeous statue.

    Glad the sewing machine isn't dead.

  15. So glad the machine is NOT dying. ;)
    What a beautiful walk.
    I am praying for your health.

  16. Hope you get over your cold quickly, horrid things.. I am so chuffed your sewing machine is happy again, now that would have been a bad day.
    Love the new maid, looking forward to seeing her in all her glory. xx


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