Friday, May 9, 2014


I love Fridays. They mean the weekend is nearly here!  No school runs, no packed lunches to be made.  Just time to relax and stitch! And who can resist a little panda?  Not me, that's for sure!

I don't really have any crafts worth showing which is a disgrace!

Bad me!
Sort myself out or go to the naughty corner (with some stitching, a hot cup of tea and maybe a biscuit or two!).

My rug rugs have been sent to Kaye, Maggee and Tarja.  Just two left to make (unless I have forgotten someone which is very easily possible: if it is you, please shout out!).

Dr has diagnosed my pains as being fibromyalgia, and then in the next breath told me he didn't believe in it.  I simply told him to make his mind up and when he had a diagnosis he believed in, to let me in on it!
He also told me he didn't believe in M.E when I told him I had it quite badly in the early naughties (2002).  I told him I didn't either but no amount of arguing persuaded one of the Uk's top neurologists to change their diagnosis of me, and it didn't get me out of my wheelchair any quicker!

Ah bless him.

I don't have M. E now: I got my fitness back through something called pacing which thanks to research in the USA meant I got out of the wheelchair.

I looked up Fibro (again from a non-Irish site) and it says surgeries can trigger the pain hot spots which explains why it only happens on my left side. And it describes the pain perfectly so I'm happy with that.  I have no intention of doing anything about it. I just wanted to know what it was and now I will go back to ignoring it and getting on with my life.

I won't go into the mistakes this guy and his practice have made but this shows exactly what my usual appointments are like!

So what are my plans this weekend?

Well, firstly I'm going to ignore the cold I'm coming down with in the hopes my disdainful attitude will persuade it that it is wasting it's time trying to make me ill!  No viral attention-seeking will work on me this weekend!

Secondly I have a new design I want to stitch: a sweet Victorian Maid which wasn't on my agenda but she popped out and so I will have to stitch her if I want any peace this weekend. 

Oh my poor head! Maids and colds! All fighting for attention!  Will I ever get a quiet life?

I have my craft group meeting this evening which will be wonderful.
And hopefully I will get a little time on my sewing machine....oh my how I love to sew!

And who knows, maybe a little crochet as well!  And of course some wonderful cross stitch!

 Firstly this morning though! Spinach to cut and blanch: cabbages to plant; 2 lbs of carrots worth of carrot cake to make and then....lunch to cook and hopefully, the rest of the day will be mine!

So what does a gal have to do to be sent to her naughty corner???

One last note: I will be doing the Irish 'virtual retreat' SAL chart in English too. There is still time to sign up and take part.  Just look at my previous post.  Three days starting the same chart and taking part in some fun activities which we can all share on my blog!  I will give more information on Monday night xx

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for popping by! If you leave a comment, thank you xx  Hopefully I will have a load of crafty makes to show  you on Monday.


  1. I love Frida nights when I can sit and sew and look forward to a stitchy weekend.

  2. Fibro is no fun, DH was diagnosed with it after years of pain to accompany his arthritis and asthma.... today we see the neurologist at the hospital to see what else they can throw at him after his new problems since before Christmas.... like you he says he'll do what he can when he can and **blow a raspberry* at the medical profession!!

    Sending a {big virtual hug}and get well gone cold, you are not welcome lol.

    much love xxx

  3. Fridays are the best!! The entire weekend to look forward to :) Enjoy the cooking/baking & sewing/stitching!!! xxx

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon and have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Can I sit in the naughty corner with you? I could use a chat, stitching, tea, and many cookies!

    There are so many things docs still don't understand about the body. They sometimes tend to write off real symptoms as 'nothing' when they haven't figured it out. We have to live with it... Makes me want to be a diagnostician!

    Feel better, dear friend.

  6. I want to come and sit in the naughty corner too! It's got to be more fun being naughty together! I am so pleased you are doing the English version too and that it's all starting after 22nd May...count me in :) Have a great weekend xx

  7. Big hugs to you my dear friend x

  8. blimmy I hope that gold does one .... ((hugs)) re the diagnosis but you now have a name for it and can deal with it much better than what you and I thought to PHEW ...on wards and upwards and don't forget to pace and looking at your morning I think you have heheheh
    would love to join in the sal but not sure if I will have time to stitch much that weekend ... will that be a problem ??? love mouse xxxxx

  9. Hope the cold stays away and you have a lovely weekend. I've done a few rows on the top I'm knitting for summer ( just don't ask me to say which summer) and now I'm going to stitch :)

  10. Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


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