Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Love Quilts Uk: Help needed!

Message from Jill Smith: 'Gale has given me permission to post this request for your help as a fair few of you stitch for LQUK.

I am part of a group of cross stitchers and quilters, Love Quilts UK, who who make quilts for children with life-long or life-limiting illnesses. We are entered in to a competition where we could win a donation of up to £2000 (this would be a huge amount for us!) but we need votes. The charity with the most votes gets the highest prize so please please could you click on this link and vote for us, it costs you nothing just a few seconds of your time. Many thanks xx

LoveQuiltsUK is a small charity that makes personalised quilts for children with terminal or life-long illnesses. We are supported by an international team of volunteer cross-stitchers who send in cross-stitch blocks, and volunteer quilters who put these blocks together into beautiful quilts.The children who receive the quilts use them on hospital visits or at home for comfort. We have had a lot of feedback on how much easier it makes hospital stays when the children have something familiar with them on their bed.

Since 2008, we have put together almost 300 quilts. Each quilt costs around £35-£40 for materials, postage etc. If you would be kind enough to vote for us, we will put any money awarded straight into making quilts for children - everyone who is involved with LoveQuiltsUK is a volunteer, so we have few overheads. Thank you!'


  1. Just voted too. I follow them on facebook and marvel at the squares people stitch. And if I actually had money (rather than lived in debt) I would definitely contribute. I think that I will change 'if' to 'when'.

  2. Just coming back from voting :-)

  3. Thanks for putting this on your blog. It only takes a few seconds to vote and if we win will spread many smiles to some very special children xxx

  4. yes voted... wish them luck :)
    Smiles :)


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