Friday, May 16, 2014

Fantabulous Friday

Isn't it though?  The sun is shining, the tea is on the hob and slowcooker, hubby is weeding a veg bed and I feel at one with life.

Such a nice feeling!  I can hear the bees hum and the baby chicks under the roof are chirping away.  The windows are filled with white stains but we will ignore them. What price for new baby birds and a rising sparrow population in my garden? Besides, this is Ireland. Sooner or later the rain will clean them!

I'm happy and content. 

I had my hospital appointment and the lovely Dr made all the right noises.  I have to have an exploratory op in a few weeks but hey, that means a few days of taking it easy and healing through stitching. 

My sewing machine has been singing very loudly with me, though she tells me she is getting a bit bored with Erasure and Bronski Beat.  I am happy to change the music for her as she is very tolerant of my dreadful singing!

Productivity has been up and my happiness levels have risen accordingly.

Drum roll please!!!

No, a bigger and longer one that that if  you don't mind!

Thank you.

I have made my first Huswif.

Ah but no: first things first.  My first rug mugs have been received.  I am a little upset because I forgot to take a picture of one and it was appliqued...and I can't remember which person I sent to it..but never mind. Here are the two I did get pictures of.

I know! Look at me with fancy stitches and pockets if you don't mind!

I'm a big girl now!

And yes, I managed to work out how to make a Huswif.  A huswif isn't difficult but it helps if you have seen one so you can work out what it is you are making!

I could have done with making the ribbon a little longer but the pockets are nice and deep and I think you could get away with this as a utility is too pretty to fold up and scrunch up!

This has been made with some of the fabric donated by Maggee, one of the sweetest ladies on the planet, and some of my own.

I felt it needed a little something special to go with it...and here we have it!

A scissor/rotary cutter keep.  These will be added to the prize pile later. 

I've nearly finished the new Victorian maid but right now I must go out and garden. Peas to transplant, cabbages to woo and beetroot to sing to!

I will keep the 'virtual retreat' post going for a few more days and then will announce what you will be doing to take part! Yay!  Nothing like silliness to bring an element of fun into our lives xx

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Aww cute..
    Have a great weekend x

  2. Wishing you blessings on this procedure. Thanks for the encouraging posts and inspiring crafts! I follow you on facebook with my fb ID, Eleanor Smith.

  3. Lovely stitching Gaynor! So glad to read that you are happy & content. It's a good way to be : ) Will pray that all goes well with the exploratory.

  4. You sound so so happy, it's fantastic! Is it catching? :D
    Well I learn something new today: I now know what a Huswif is :) Yours look fabulous!!
    Have fun in the garden & sending you big hugs & good luck for the little op. xx

  5. What a lovely, happy post. :)
    I am praying for you.♥
    You have made beautiful pieces, made more special with fabric from Maggee.

  6. Such wonderful sewing projects. They are all fantastic!

  7. Lovely sewing projects.


  8. It's amazing how much better we feel when we're at our most productive. Love the blue in that set. Have a lovely weekend

  9. Ahh. Your spirit is contagious! Hope you had a great time with your peas and cabbage. Yard work ( like stitching) sooths the soul.

  10. My rug mug was like the one pictured here, so that eliminates one from your list... and I love it! Going to work on making one this weekend. I REALLY look forward to playing with MY sewing machine! Hugs!

  11. You are always trying something new Gaynor! So fabulous!


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