Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thank you and a Fergus and Holmsey New Release

Thank you for your kind words yesterday...gosh it was a blue day wasn't it. Today has been much nicer, thank you.

I believe my Evolution comments may have ruffled some feathers: the comments were not meant to upset, rather they were there to impress on you how badly I felt (and feel) the human race is dealing with being at the top of the food chain: in how we treat the world, the other species that occupy this world and especially how we treat each other.

I wasn't out to change your beliefs, or push mine on you....but I am still not going to watch the news!

It was a sunny day today on the whole and that makes a whole difference.  Hubby took me out to Roscommon town and I had a shuffle around the shops and walked a fair bit actually but it left me feeling so much better for it.

I felt quite ill and so my head jumped to the conclusion 'bone metastasis'!
Hubby said  'pain killer reaction'.
He took me out for some lunch and I felt much better.
Pain killer reaction it was!

Apparently the stuff going on in my head is quite normal post C....so I guess I just have to get one with it and hopefully I will be come desensitised to it all sooner rather than later.

Now, on a brighter note.
Elaine my super-stitcher has sent back the latest Holmsey and Fergus chart which will be up for release at the end of the week.

She has done an amazing job though as usual the light wasn't perfect for taking the photo, it has still come out quite well.

I wanted a more delicate look than with the previous charts.  A freshness and delicacy fitting of the time being celebrated and I'm thrilled with the almost watercolour-pastel effect.  Lovely.  I hope you agree.  I am going to finish this one as a pin-keep I think.

This is stitched in DMC on Cashel linen Flax.  Stitch count = 102 x 61

And it is sooo perty.

It will be sold on my etsy shop (or through my blog) with a story which may explain why Holmsey looks a little too plump and why Fergus seems surprised...and who on earth is the new arrival in the basket?

I have decided that because Fergus and Holmsey are very child like and come with stories, they would quite like to help children out in their own small way.  

Ten percent from each chart sold featuring them will go to a child-based cancer charity.  I am looking for suggestions for worthy causes and what I will do is chose one from Ireland, one from the USA and one from the UK and I will keep a record of where buyers are from and donate their ten percent to the charity which helps children living with a cancer diagnosis in their own country.  So if you are from America, the ten percent will go to an American charity.  Does that sound fair?

I hope so.

Right, that is me done for today.  I have a pretty maid in my head who wishes to come out and play in the sun...and who am I to refuse her?

Have a great week  and thank you all for your kind comments xxxxxx


  1. Oh this is beautiful! Do you mind if I put a link to it on my blog? I am stitching from stash this year but I think I will have to indulge a little....
    I just caught up with your troubles yesterday. What a rotten day. I can't believe someone would steal your lovely designs. So great that you would think to donate some of the proceeds to charity too. Some people are heartless.

  2. I continue to be so impressed with your donations to charities. I hope you feel better tonight.

  3. I am glad you are feeling a bit perkier today. Love the new chart it does look very Easter like with the colours.

  4. Evolution...it seems the human race has hit a standstill plateau where it's the conscience and moral fiber need to catch up with the rest of our development. I too have limited myself to the exposure of the world news. Spiritually and Scientifically. I wouldn't worry about people's opinions on this...we see the world individually and venting is allowed. HUGS
    Feel better love. I like the Easter Blessings and all the buttons too. XD

  5. The new chart is adorable :) Take care.

  6. I'm totally with you regarding the Evolution of human race.... but I think that the core of the problem at a worldwide level is the loss of some values,like respect, manners and humility, I think these have gone AWOL on the past years (but I'll not digress on that as it will lead to a huge comment).

    Your Easter chart is lovely and the colours are perfect :) Congrats :)

  7. What a cute design! Love the pair of them - plump or not!

  8. I think we can all guess why he's plump, unless he really is a she and has been fooling us all!!! It's gorgeous.

  9. Glad your feeling better, they are a couple of cuties arent they, gorgeous chart.


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