Monday, January 27, 2014

You couldn't make it up!

I have to be honest pepes, at this time I feel a bit lost.

I see what is happening in the world and I wonder what we, the human race think we are doing!  I am a firm believer in Evolution (being a science teacher) but I have to say, I think we stopped evolving a long time ago.  I used to lecture at the University of the West of England in Bristol: I would be teaching ecology to muslim, catholic and other religious members for whom evolution could cause some  issues.  My answer?  If God wanted us to know how he made it all, he would have told us.  Just because there is Evolution doesn't mean there wasn't a plan behind it!

And they were happy with that. 

Anyways, I have decided to stop watching the news or reading the is all horrific and I wonder what would happen if society did a switch around. Only reported really nice things.  Would it set an example and make people copy? You get copycat crimes..why not copycat 'helping old ladies cross the road?'

I wish we were more like Holmsey.

I don't know.  Maybe this pain lark is starting to get me down, but not by itself you understand.

Let me go through my day.

 I was starting to feel a bit more with it and I decided not to have my pain killers because I still hurt and I lose all motivation.  I was feeling a bit better, and pain stops you overdoing it so I was going to just be careful and get lots done. Huh...famous last thoughts.

I was doing great guns and then hubby took youngest to the Drs. 

Youngest was hoping to get more time off school: youngest overplayed his card and was not only given a clean bill of health BUT was told he had to pee in a bottle as well. Oh the shame!  He won't pull another fast one like that in a hurry.  And I don't even know why he is trying to get out of school considering he has the only parents in County Roscommon who would happily take him out and go back to home schooling!

It gets worse.  While hubby was at Drs, I heard an almighty bang.  I was upstairs lying on the bed  because dinner was cooked, bread was baked and I was shattered...and sore...not on painkillers you understand.

It took me nearly five minutes to get downstairs and our solid fuel burner had exploded!  Well the cast iron top had blown off and the flames were everywhere.

All because my wassock of a hubby had failed to leave a kitchen window open.

'It lets the heat out' he whines..

Yes, but it lets the air in which means the fumes in the stove go up the chimney instead of building up and blowing the top off the range!

It is blowing a gale outside so no air is coming in through the air vents. We have to leave a window on the latch.

Six ruddy years I have been telling him this!

So picture this; range with heavy cast iron top off: four dogs, all sitting on the sofa pulling faces because it stinks of smoke and methane but not one reacting to what is going on.  Boy I wish I was a dog.

I had to hobble to the range..put the lid back on...trying not to panic because there are flames rushing up the chimney and I can't walk without my walking stick and if it blows, it will blow way quicker than I can get to a door!

I open a window and the back door.

I go to phone hubby on the home phone because my mobile doesnt have any credit...
and he has his phone switched off!

Well, he would have wouldn't he.

So by now, I can still hear the flames...Paris the nutjob dog and the puppy have had the sense to go outside.  Portely our OAP and Roly our very lazy lab figure it has to get far worse than this before they give up their warm spots just to go stand out in a gale and pouring rain!

I look at the distance to my nearest neighbour....normally a two minute walk..gonna take me half an hour at the rate I hobble!

So I phone another neighbour....and she is about a mile away walking her dog.


So, I go outside to see if fire is coming out of the chimney.
So it must just be in the range and just upwards but not the actually chimney on fire.

I have to sit in the stinky kitchen with the doors open because if I go anywhere else in the house I won't be able to get away should it turn into a real fire.  I sure as heck am not up to jumping out of windows! 

Eventually the range calms down....

Hubby got home

I still haven't calmed down.  Towering inferno.

Because as I hobbled and lifted very heavy cast iron range tops (think top of an aga...that is what it is) I have undone all the good I did and am back to square one and back on the painkillers.

Then, to really top my day, I hear from a friend, a fellow designer.  Someone has ripped off all her charts and is selling them on Etsy as their own design.  In fact this person has ripped off several persons charts and has just altered a colour etc and is selling them as her own.

Good grief.

Anyway: this is how copyright works.  The minute you make something you own the copyright.  That's it, nice and simple.

Of course, if you go and take legal action against someone you have to be able to prove that you created the peice of work and when you created it.

There are several ways you can do this.  The easiest is by banking your design with a specialist company who give you a certificate for it and in case of legal action, provide an affitdavit (I always want to say affid David) stating that it is your design and you filed it with them on such a date.

The other easy way is printing it off and sending it to yourself via recorded delivery and NOT opening it so the envelope is intact with the date etc.  That won't work with me. I will forget what was in it and will open it.

So that is what I spent my afternoon doing. Filing each and everyone of my charts.

This isn't me being mean.  Goodness knows I give away loads of my charts.  I am crap at selling them really...if I know someone is having a hard time or can't afford one or needs a smile..I just give them one.  BUT these charts are my legacy to my children.  Proof I was here and I am damned if someone is going to take them or part of one of them and pass it off as their own!

So they are filed and I have put a warning up on my etsy page.  My lovely, friendly etsy page which is now like the inside of a Rottweilers mouth.
Such a shame we have to be like this!

On a brighter note, I have packed the threads and card for the first of the Birthday Thread exchanges.  And after I nicely packaged it I realised I hadn't taken a photo.


Going to bed now. 

Let's hope tomorrow is going to be a better day!


  1. some days you just can't win can you? Here's hoping tomorrow is better for you...

  2. There are days like that, you wonder why you bother... I'm sure tomorrow will be better xx

  3. I stopped watching the news a long time ago. Way to depressing now.

  4. Oh my word...that sounds like it was a bit scary! I hope you will feel a bit better tomorrow after your exertions.

    I had to laugh at you being like 'the inside of a rottweiler's mouth' - I just can't imagine it of you. I am amazed that someone could be quite so blatant about the design theft - honestly!

    Hopefully she will get her comeuppance!

  5. Wow! And I thought I had a rough day! LOL We had a chimney fire was terrifying! And when I was drawing graphics and selling them online, I had people steal my stuff all the time. It's just wrong and it's just so rude!

  6. I remember a 'big' designer had a problem with someone stealing her designs. She usually shared a sneak preview. That stopped. And if she did do one, it was so small NO ONE could successfully blow it up and make it good. There are just lots of bad people out there. Emailing you next... Hugs!

  7. Oh, you didn't tell me about the domestic dramas, lol. Paints a lovely picture :)

  8. Goodness me, that sounds like quite a day. Thank goodness the fire didn't spread.
    The nerve of some people when it comes to copyright defies belief

  9. I hope you have woken up with a smile on your face and nice and relaxed today and a little less in pain. What a day you had yesterday.... today is a new day, hope it brings lots of good things to you.

  10. Poor you! Wrestling fires and all.

    Copyright issues is a big deal. There are so many things to consider! And I hate those that on purpose break it. I was once contacted by a lady asking me to give her a copy of a chart I was stitching. I felt really bad (she can't afford to buy them I gather) but I had to say no. I did suggest websites where she can find charts free without breaking the law, which I don't think went well as she wanted the one I was stitching in particular.

    Then there were two infringements I came across on ebay: one lady was selling cd compilation with charts and when I messaged her asking whether she had legal right she said yes there is nothing illegal in scanning charts and reselling them on cds and if I did not agree I was welcome not to buy. That upset me (though I think ebay cracked down on them on their own accord as one does not see such cds any more). The second was a lady selling a photocopy of a chart and I messaged her saying she was breaking the law. This surprised her and she thanked me for letting her know and closed the auction (she just didn't know). I am not surprised with certain shops selling photocopies from what I hear!

    I did not know about filing ... although I heard about recorded delivery. You can always write the name of the chart on the envelope. I wander say if you post on your blog the stitched photo (that is date stamped) could it be used in court? Or even emailing to yourself? Something I was curious about. Although recorded delivery is definitely more official. Your friend should definitely contact Etsy and get the thief banned!

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  12. Good grief, don't you dare say you are being mean, lol! they, the stinking thieves, are the mean ones! Yes, you have done plenty of lovely free charts, none of which you had to do, and thank you, I love those heart shaped ones. Do hope things improved. As you can tell I am way behind on comments, need to catch up!


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