Friday, January 31, 2014

New Beginnings


How are you all.  Gosh this weather is something else isn't?  I sure have had enough of rain and wind!

Well, I guess I had better explain the title of the post.

For a while I have not felt right about selling things though my blog.  My blog is where I meet up with my friends, chat, share events and news...not try to flog them my latest chart (though of course all purchases are greatfully received).

So whilst I have been bed bound, I finally bit the bullet and I now have my own Stitchers Anon website.

Three things have forced my hand on this.

The first is how some sellers on etsy are blatently selling other people's designs as their own (you may notice I now file all my work with a copyright agency).  This is not on.  My charts are my legacy to my children and they tell a tale of how I am moving out of the energy of a nasty disease into the energy of a new me! They come from the heart and my imagination and no bugger is going to nick them!

The second is the prices.  Ten percent of my sales go to cancer charities: etsy take quite a chunk as do paypal so that cuts into the ten percent left over....I understand paypal fees but Etsy are taking the mick.

The third is the fact my blog is my blog and it was looking mighty messy.

I will still how off my new designs and finishes because that is what we all do, but all business will now be carried out over the the website.

Luckily I had a website I was paying for from our previous company so all I did was buy a new domaine name and re-design the whole thing.  Not my most favourite job but please pop over and have a look and tell me what you think.

I've a page there for your work. If you have stitched any of my designs, please email me a photo with your name and a statement giving me permission to publish it and I will get it up asap!

On the stitchy front, well not much stitching on my part but Elaine has been super speedy and I'll have two new designs out by the end of the week/beginning of this week

Have a good week everyone and please keep safe according to the weather conditions in your country!


  1. Your new website looks wonderful! I think it was a great idea :)

  2. I love the new website! Looks great and easy to navigate.

  3. Lovely new website but erm...where is the Easter chart?!

  4. Catching up on your last few, you have had a lot going on! Here's to things looking up, you feeling better, and the success of your site!

  5. Just happened upon your blog by way of mention of your competition by The Tea Kettle Corner (which I do plan to enter, by the way). I love your new web site and the way you introduce your patterns with the story behind them. Kudos for taking control from those who would claim your work as their own. Bravo to you for turning a scary diagnosis into something positive and a way to give to others!

  6. Your website looks great! Must be quite rewarding to see all your designs together like that.

  7. Your website looks fabulous, well done. Good luck, hope you sell loads!

  8. Well done on the website! I would buy directly anyhow (Etsy fees etc). Plus I am a dumpty at pressing buttons sometimes. What do you mean people stealing designs? Would it not happen with your own? What is stopping them going to website and stealing? Although this is all rather worrying. Do not like thieves!

  9. Hmmmm... sorry you have to incur the additional cost of running a website and such. Copyright infringement is a big worry to merchants everywhere! I don't understand the mentality behind stealing someone else's works, but then again... small things amuse small minds! Hugs!


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