Friday, January 17, 2014

Homsey Meets Fergus; New Release and New Story

Holmsey Meets Fergus
G. French (copyright and all that stuff lol)

Holmsey Meets Fergus

It was a warm sunny day and Holmsey was feeling very content and at peace as he wandered through the meadow enjoying the sunshine.

All the other hares were busy at home with their young families which meant that for once he seemed to have the whole meadow to himself. Being a very old and mature hare, Holmsey enjoyed the peace and quiet!

He lopped along, pausing to nibble a fresh green shoot of grass here or a bright dandelion leaf there.  The sun was shining and the birds were singing.  All was right with the world.  Especially as he knew exactly where to find the freshest, choicest herbs and plants which were just waiting to be sampled by a hare of very distinguished taste!

As he hopped from one tasty treat to another, Holmsey was suddenly aware of a feeling that he was being watched.

Instantly he flattened his body down into the ground and listened carefully as he put every sense on high alert as he tried to work out what could be watching him.  His muscles tensed, ready to react to any danger.

As he laid there hidden by the tall grass which gently swayed in the breeze, he realised that the birds were still singing their summer song.  The bees were buzzing through the flowers with ease and he sniffed as a butterfly tried to land on his nose.  There were no alarm calls, no need to be afraid but still Holmsey felt he was not alone.
Just as he was beginning to relax, he heard a snuffle.

And then he heard another one.

Then the snuffle became a sob!

Well, he didn’t know of any fox or dog that would greet a hare with tears or whilst crying so Holmsey cautiously and very slowly stood on his back legs to see if he could find the source of the weeping which was by now getting louder. 
Whoever was crying must be very distressed!

Homlsey’s long and sensitive ears twitched back and forth as he worked out the direction that the cries were coming from.

Ah, there it was, down by the bramble bushes!

He quietly  hopped towards the sound, sure there was nothing there which could harm a hare, but just in case his instincts remained alert, ready to leap and flee should the need arise.

Every now and then he paused: only his ears gently flickered as he made certain of his direction.  Yet though he could hear he was getting close, he still couldn’t see anything.
‘Ouch!’ came a cry as Holmsey took a step forwards.

Alarmed Holmsey leaped upwards and twisted ready to flee from the vicious hidden beast and as he quickly glanced to check what kind of foe he must run from, Holmsey stood in astonishment.
There, hidden very carefully in the brambles, Holmsey saw two large eyes looking at him.  Two large eyes and two even larger ears were sticking out from darkness of the surrounding foliage.

Homlsey’s nose twitched, taking in the scents around him and a look of understanding came over his face. Confidently now, he took a step closer.

The eyes and ears belonged to a little fawn which was curled up tightly in the thicket.
“Ouch!” repeated the fawn.  “You stood on me!”

“I’m dreadfully sorry.” declared Holmsey, “But I didn’t realise you were there! Are you ok young deer? Did I hurt you?”

“No.  I’m not hurt.” replied the fawn sadly and his little head dropped back onto his long, curled legs which Holmsey had inadvertently trod on. 

The baby deer sighed deeply and his eyes closed.

Right, well that was ok then.  Holmsey turned; ready to go back to his summertime walk.
As he was about to hop away he heard the little deer give a gentle sob.

Well, this will never do.  The little fawn may not have been hurt but he was certainly not very happy either!

“Whatever is the matter young fawn? Where is your mother?” he asked tenderly as he moved back towards the little deer.

“I don’t really know.  I haven’t seen her for two sleeps! And she should have come back Sir.  I’m dreadfully hungry and” sobbed the fawn, his words punctured with gasps and gulps. “I want my mother!”

Two nights?  He hadn’t seen his mother for two whole nights? Well here was a dilemma!  Holmsey knew that no mother who was fit and well would leave her baby for two nights!

But what to do?

 He was only a little hare and the fawn was already much bigger than he!  He was far too old to start a family, and he had never even considered starting a family which wasn’t hare or at least hare-like.

As he pondered what to do for the best, the little fawn stood up on his long, gangly legs.  

He took a few wobbly, uncertain steps towards Holmsey.  There was such a trusting look on his face that Holmsey’s heart melted.  He stood on his long, strong back legs and gently held the fawn’s face in his soft front paws.

“Come along then young fawn.  Best we get you something to eat and somewhere safe to stay”. 

And with those words, Holmsey slowly walked with the little deer through the meadow. 

As they wondered home, Holmsey pointed out which fresh, green shoots were best to eat and which should be avoided.  The baby deer nibbled hungrily and  he became happier as his tummy grew fuller.

 Occasionally he would taste something which Holmsey Hare had advised against, just to test if it should be left alone but the often bitter and yucky taste would cause the wee fawn to spit it out quickly and pull a face.

Holmsey politely pretended not to notice.  He pondered their new situation but the beautiful sunny day refused to allow him to worry too much.
They could work out a plan of action tomorrow regarding the little fawn’s mother: for now though, it was enough that they were both safe and more importantly, together.

Stitched by Elaine Murphy on 28 count Trento, Natural using Victoran Motto Sampler Shoppe Threads (chart has DMC conversion).
Stitch count 69 x 89 stitches
Pdf 4.00 euros.  Hard copy chart plus postage 7.00 euros.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so adorable! You definitely have a way with words. I'm going to have to get this one too!

  2. This is another wonderful creation!

  3. What a fabulous talent you have for story telling and designing. =)

  4. What a wonderful story and such a delight to stitch too. xx

  5. This is adorable! Both the story and the chart! Hugs!

  6. Holmsey is such a friendly little chap, good job he found the little deer....perish the thought of it being left much longer.

  7. I am way behind and obviously missed this one on facebook too. This is such a gorgeous design. It brought tears to my eyes, it's so cute!

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