Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Holmsey and Fergus: Erin go Brach St. Patricks Day New Release

(pronounced Air-en go Bra)

Enjoy another Holmsey and Fergus adventure!

Homlsey was wandering around the Forest in a determined fashion, putting up bright green, white and orange Tricolour flags.  He hung them up in trees and ran strings of flags along the bushes and shrubs.

Fergus watched intently as Holmsey stretched up along a tree trunk reaching out to pin some ivy stem with a flag attached to the branch before moving along to the next tree.

He watched and watched, a puzzled expression growing on his face.
Finally unable to just sit quietly any longer, he asked Holmsey what he was doing.

“I'm getting the forest ready for St. Patricks Day, Fergus.”  replied Holmsey.

“Oh very good.” replied Fergus and he sat and observed Holmsey a little longer, his brow furrowing in concentration and puzzlement.

“And what is St Patricks Day, Holmsey?'

Holmsey sat Fergus down and started to tell him about his home: Ireland.  

“Ireland is a land which has been visited by people from all over the world.” he said.

“Do you mean from as far as the Meadow Holmsey?”

“No Fergus, even further than the Meadow.”

He patiently explained to Fergus that the world was a much bigger place than he could even begin to imagine.

“Bigger than the Forest?” asked Fergus.
“Yes” replied Holmsey.

'”Bigger than the meadow?” asked Fergus.
“Yes”, replied Holmsey. “Much bigger”.

“Bigger than the river?”

Holmsey sighed.
“Yes Fergus.  Bigger than the forest, bigger than the meadow and even bigger than the river.”

Holmsey waited to see if Fergus was going to ask another question and when none was forthcoming, he continued with his story.

He explained to Fergus that they lived on a huge island famous for its green grass and wild beauty and which was visited by people from all over the world.

“And Fergus, the people on this wonderful land once had a visit from a holy man who chased away all the snakes!”

“SNAKES?” shouted Fergus as he looked around  anxiously. “Where are the snakes?”

“No Fergus, there are no snakes! There never were any snakes!”

“But you said the man chased the snakes away! What if they come back!”

Holmsey hid his eyes behind his lovely long ears.  He was going to have to think carefully about what he said next.

“Fergus, there were no snakes really: what the story goes on to tell us is that there are no snakes, there never were any snakes! Rather what this Holy man did was chase away those who were not very good people.   Snakes is just a word for anything evil.”

“So there's no snakes then Holmsey?”

“No Fergus, there are no snakes.”

“Right then,” Fergus said, though he still looked a little worried and every now and then when he knew Holmsey wasn't looking, he quietly picked up his feet to make sure there were no snakes hiding underneath them
 Fergus continued with his story.

‘Now this man was called St. Patrick.  He visited Ireland and taught the humans about God.  Then much later on a Special Flag was made so the whole world could see how wonderful Ireland was.  The Green Colour represents one type of human, the Orange another and the White in the middle reminds all the human people that they can live together peacefully.  Which is exactly what St. Patrick taught them when he visited.”

“Just like you and me then Holmsey.” giggled Fergus.  “We get along just grand”.

“That’s right Fergus.  And once a year we put out the flags and we celebrate the wisdom of St. Patrick.  The humans have parties, and some drink strong fruit juice and there are carnivals and floats, and hats and costumes and the whole world joins in.”

“Will we be having a party Holmsey?” asked Fergus excitedly.

“No Fergus.  We will spend the day with friends, celebrating our luck at living in such a wonderful place, free from snakes.  It is a serious day Fergus and we need to remember St. Patrick with respect and sincerity and be grateful for all we have because he taught the humans about God”.

‘So no strong fruit juice then, or carnivals or parties?”

“That isn’t our way Fergus, not in the forest.”

“ Can I wear a hat though Holmsey?”

Holmsey rolled his eyes and looked up at Fergus. He sighed again as he noted the hopeful expression on his face.

“Yes Fergus, you can wear a hat!”

And so he did.

Stitched on Belfast Linen Light Mocha
Stitch Count 72 x 95
Threads Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe with Charted DMC conversion
PDF chart 4.00 euros
Hardcopy 7.00 euros  (postage inclusive)
email stitcheranon@outlook.com


  1. Oh how wonderful is that Gaynor, you should write books. I loved the story and it was told so beautifully. Love the pattern but I am still hooked on the Scrooge ones.
    Gold stars all round.

  2. Wonderful, you should include the stories with the charts.

  3. That's your new venture-short stories

  4. I rather like the way those two have it right!

  5. Oh, I'm probably going to have to get this one! My son LOVES all things Irish!

  6. Wonderful story with a wonderful pattern.:)

    Have a nice weekend.:)

  7. What a gorgeous story! It would make a fab children's book :)

  8. Lovely story, I can see Holmsey having lots of fun adventures.


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