Monday, January 20, 2014

Missing Christmas Giveaway and a free chart on fb.

Well: I am gutted. I have indeed been Scrooged.

Every year I do a Christmas giveaway..every single year. I never miss, not even when I was in the middle of chemotherapy and dealing with surgeries.

I go to a lot of effort to make sure it is super special for the recipient and this year was no different.

I took photos of everything ready to put on my blog when it was recieved but the weirdest thing has happened and I don't know if I should show the photos in case it upsets the recipient.

She received the envelope...complete with card....but it was completely empty of contents except for a USA childs medical forms.

I suspect someone in the USA post office has been naughty and has been opening envelopes possibly to steal what is inside.  They must have thought the medical forms came with my envelope and in a fit of conscience put them in. The recipient of my non-parcel has been in touch with the owner of the forms because I am guessing they are kindda important...but everything else has been taken.

I am gutted.

I waited for things to come from the UK to me here in Ireland because I  knew the recipient would love them.  I'm waiting to hear from her as she chases it up in her post office but this is what was taken.

Two pieces of evenweave fabric in waterlily and lilac
One box of mixed beads
All the LHN Santas Village Charts
One pack of mixed lilac/lavendar fat quaters because this is her favourite colour
Three charts about tea and drinking tea.
One little hand made ornament
oh and a few other bits and peices I can't even bring myself to think about.  When we know more about what may have happened I might put the photos on.  I can't even look at them right now.

It isn't the money though of course we are all on is the fact that I trolled through sites in the Uk and USA to make sure this lovely lady received a most perfect giveaway.  A lot of thought went into it and I'm heartbroken.  One thing is for sure now though, I will never send anything that isn't registered or recorded in some way.

Anyway, enough of that.  Just bringing me down now.....thank you all for the support re: the charts and the little stories.  I do hope you like them.

On my facebook page I am offering a free chart which will be put onto the facebook page tomorrow.

Just nip on and comment on which one you think I should put up (you can see them all on my etsy page or on the top bar of this blog).  I haven't forgotten the draw for a free chart a couple of posts ago: I just don't have the heart to draw anything that has to be posted right now.  Please forgive me and I will do the drawing a little later on in the week.


  1. That makes me mad and kinda sick. Maybe several of us can donate a little something to her on your behalf??

  2. That is horrible!! I feel so bad for you and the recipient. I wonder if somehow the package along with others got caught up on a conveyor belt somehow and they did their best to put things back where they thought they should go...
    Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

  3. I'm so sorry this happened! I'd be happy to send her a little something to make up for what was "lost". I just need an address for her! :0)

  4. This is crazy! Postage fees are so expensive and to think someone thought it was ok to help themselves in to someone else property... what a service! I learnt the exact same way between UK and France.. if it's not signed for, it "disappear". Really sorry for the both of you xxx

  5. So sorry to hear about the giveaway problem. I would be heartbroken :(

  6. I feel for you. I've had it happen to me as well... and some of the gifts I sent were so specially thought out for the recipient, just like in your case. Guess it's just one of the hazards we have to deal with.

  7. I can understand your feelings on post office matter. I had a funny situation ... I mean I laugh now. Though it wasn't funny at the time. When my sister was getting into cross stitch I'd sometimes send her stuff. And where she lives there is 50/50 chance of an item getting to her. Okay well when we started stitching our first HAEDs (different ones) I bought all the fabric, charts and floss and was sending ... anyhow I decided to send several other threads (not the whole skeins) just winded onto cardboard separately as she had only a few crosses to stitch in those. Well they went missing twice! First time along with some fabric and something else (don't remember what now) and second time there is me posting two items a big package and a small envelope (with a card and the windings). I told the woman that I need proof of postage as someone keeps loosing packages and took pictures of envelopes on my phone (stamp collecting thing). Well silly me didn't check ... she only gave me proof of postage for the big thing, not the small envelope. Guess what went missing again? And even when you do have proof of postage getting the money back is a pain (all the receipts from original purchase of items is needed).

    I recently heard we had a post man in my town who kept people's stuff for himself. Found this link (did not realise the story actually happened awhile back)... makes one wonder:

    Oh, and a cross stitch kit I won on eBay before Christmas never arrived! I am still bitter about that (I got a refund ... but it was a bargain and I was looking forward to it).

  8. It is certainly unfair and so disapointing both for the winner and yourself. Hope the person that did this gets their just rewards! I had this happen to me too sending to the US. Not saying it is just there as it happens here too, the cost of sending recorded now is getting silly too. Hope you can put this behind you Gaynor , wish we could name and shame but not to be unfortunately. Take care and hope something gets sorted .

  9. Very sad event for both you and the recipient.

    Recorded and registered post is so expensive, I know someone who recently wanted to send a small something to the USA and it was going to be over £9 in postage alone sending recorded. Even sending recorded in the UK, we do that for exchanges its almost £4 to send a little stitched ornament alone with a little card, lots of ladies just cant afford to spend that extra cash and miss out on such fun.

    It's very sad when a little parcel used to be a nice surprise for people and lots of RAK's took place that now people are so wary of sending anything anywhere.

    {{{big hugs}}} xxx

  10. How awful!!
    And not just that the contents are missing, but also that apparently someone is opening other peoples mail and takes things out!!

    But it is a good thing to go after it. My mother once was in a simular situation. She made something really special for someone, posted it and then it went missing. But her complaint was taken serious and let to a postman who was stealing special post. They found a lot of missing post at his house including my mothers package.

    I really hope they will find your missing package too!

  11. Tonight I read blogs from latest to oldest, so I am reading today's about something amiss in a package, and HAD to go back and see what is up! I am surprised! so surprised! Have NEVER heard of that happening,at least not in my small world of friends and family... ever! I hope that you and she are able to figure it all out! so sorry this has thrown you! Hugs!

  12. That is really really sad. How horrible!


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