Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Decisions Made and Perfect in Primrose

Thank you Cathy: you don't realise it but you helped me make up my mind today!

I have been thinking about what we can do to honor Cathey's memory.  She was brave, bright, bubbly and wonderful even though I know it must have been a difficult time for all concerned: and of course still is.

I did consider designing a chart for her but that felt tacky, especially as I want to move into designing.
So, I was thinking as you do and for a while I got about as far as Winnie the Pooh does when he goes for a walk.

Then I had an email from Cathy (stitching chicken).

And click!

I have been pondering my website and sorting out my other designs and working out costings etc and also at the same time working out what Cathey would have wanted us to do.

I know what she would want us to do.  She would want us to kick cancers arse from here to kingdom Come.  And how can we do that?  By helping to fund research and make sure that Junior's wife and daughters never have to go through what his mum did.

So, rather than pay money for a website, I am putting the money aside for the Irish Cancer Society.
My charts will be advertised here, on my blog which is a bit of a pain because I have to scan the cover pages to put on so they don't look so good, but I know you will understand. I am also not sure if I can have a domain name linked to the blog but never mind.  It is money for a good cause.

And from every chart sold, ten percent goes to one side and at the end of the year will be divided between the Irish Cancer Society and Casting for Recovery; both breast cancer linked. 75:25.  The website details can be found on my charts for sale page so you can see who is benefitting and why. Ten percent doesn't sound a lot but I am trying to keep the costs of the charts down and have to cover my costs as well; as I grow hopefully so will the contribution.

The Pink Key chart costs will all go to the Irish Cancer Charity.

Now I know some of you are wondering how does it benefit your boobies if I send it to the ICC: well the Irish Cancer society works with Ireland's top breast cancer specialists; Professor Kerin, Dr. Keene and Dr. Sullivan for example, who both work with Washington and the Uk in researching new treatments and looking into the causes of breast cancer. They all work together.

So, everyone benefits in the long run.

We in the blogging world will be doing more I suspect but this is my little contribution for now.  I will also be selling hand made gifts and a percentage of that will go to cancer research as well.  There: done and dusted. 

Elaine has stitched Perfect in Primrose for me:and bless her, she had the patience of a saint because when it arrived, I didn't like the dark yellow I had chosen so out it came and in went a lighter colour. Sorry Elaine xxxx

 It is so hard to get a decent photo...sorry.  There just isn't any sunshine here and when there is I seem to miss it!  I am altering the border on the chart that I will be selling: just switching the colours but Elaine, I know you probably want to throttle me right now: I am sorry and you are the best stitcher in the whole world (think it will work?).

I also finished some stockings..mini and midi. I want to see if I can cross stitch initials into the hessian and then if I can, they will be sold to raise money as well.  I will have a seperate page for that.

I love the little black stocking: the fabric has a mousey village on it and little meece all getting ready for christmas and just enough gold sparkly to make you feel all warm and goosepimply inside!

Well, I have no idea if this plan will work re; raising money but who knows.  It has to be worth a try right?  Better it go to fight cancer than pay for some web company!

Sorry I haven't been commenting on your blogs by the way: now I have all this sorted I should have a bit more time xxx

Have a great week everyone.


  1. Aww the lady is so sweet..I love her..and the stockings are so pretty too..
    Big hugs x

  2. Yay !
    Cancer research anywhere has got to be a good thing.
    I popped by Catheys breast cancer blog and someone else has posted , so I left a comment asking if she will be continuing next year as if so , I will publicise it and nag everyone to make something for the breast cancer research auction that she was involved in. It's a start .
    I might just offer to co-ordinate things at this end for posting etc. .
    Thanks xxx

  3. sounds like a good plan to me as well ... love the wee stockings and good luck with the fund raising too :)
    love mouse xxxxx

  4. Hope it all goes well, and as they say, every little helps!

  5. Cute little stockings.

    What is it the A team used to say.... I love it when a plan comes into action?..., that's showing my age lol


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