Thursday, October 24, 2013

Perfect in Primrose NOT

Miss Perfect in Primrose should have been called 'PAIN IN THE ASS' PRIMROSE!

I didn't like how she looked at all and so she has been withdrawn for now.
I had a long chat with her and boy was she demanding.

'I need more frills and bigger and puffier sleeves'
That was her first demand!

'I don't like this fabric, it is too dark and it makes me feel cold'.
That was next and I have to say I agree with her.

'The yellows are wrong: I don't like them!'

Ok, right, fine.

What is a novice designer to do when she works with such aristocratic madams?

Well she sorts out the packages which have to be posted, re-organises her craft room adding more units to store things (goodness knows how I kept everything before eldest son left home and I stole fostered his room).  Then she catalogued all her threads, sorted them, organised them, worked out what she needs and realised she seem to have lost loads of her WDW threads.  Then she finishes designing a very cute (If I might say so) Christmas ornie, and then a flash of inspiration drives her to design a chart which is for Nancy over at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe, to go with her gingerbread packs (OMG it is soooo cute) and then she sits down with a deep sigh and pulls out all the yellows.

Perfect in Primrose is much nicer now, and is about to be sent to my wonderful stitcher Elaine.  And I also revamped Bonny in Blue who will also be sent and allowed to come to life.

Honestly, I am so pleased to have these Maids in Colour done with: they just got more and more demanding with each one!  And Bonny in Blue is an animal lover! Can you imagine?

But it isn't the end of the Pretty Maids in a Row.  They were going to appear monthly but another designer has something similar out and I don't want to upset them by doing similar (even though I have plans from several months ago rofl).  I do however have more ideas for my Victorian Ladies.  Well, not for Miss Primrose cus she is just too much of a diva! I couldn't take any more of her demands!

Some of you will see I have made changes to my website.  I now have the SAL on a seperate page and I have added the border in total.  I won't be numbering the sections because they are only nine and they will go from top to bottom, left to right so are quite simple to follow, and they will have overlap maps on the charts.

So, now, I have to get ready to get my hair cut and then I have a SAL to stitch.

And boy am I looking forwards to just sitting and stitching!


  1. You are so funny! Love to read about your designing process when you write in such an entertaining way. Looking forward to seeing how your diva ends up!

  2. Can't wait to see the revamped Madame!!!

  3. Looking forward to see your renewed designs.

  4. You CAN do it! Just need a bit of focus... rather than avoidance... Just sayin...we all do that! Hugs!

  5. They sound hard work, lol. Enjoy your stitching x

  6. There's always one that doesn't tow the line!
    Sounds like you are really busy, enjoy the stitching time.


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