Saturday, September 7, 2013

Soooo Excited

Today I was feeling a little low.  I spent all day cleaning out my new in-laws house and busted a gut to get it all done and so am paying for it today.  I'm tired, ratty and can't settle to anything.  You know how it goes don't you? Over tired and fed up

Then I got a wonderful email from Elaine, one of my model stitchers.  She has finished 'In My Garden'.

Wow....I couldn't believe how it has come out.

I drew my picture, used some watercolours, matched the watercolours to threads (not the easiest of jobs let me tell you) and then I try to make a computer programme look like my picture.

And I loved how it looked: it was exactly what was in my mind's eye....but then to see it stitched! Wow!!!!

It is better than sex, better than chocolate and better than Johnny Depp!

Now; before I show you the finished version, it is sooooo important to me that I am having fun doing this little venture.  I got my science degree as an adult, taught in some very difficult situations (prisons, addicted teens, academically advanced but spoilt  teens and young adults which were worse than the prisoners)  had a pressurised career...worked my ass off my whole life..and got cancer as a thank you.  So yes: I will be opening this as a business: yes I will be ensuring quality control is mega high, and customer service hopefully as high (taking a chance on that one with the chemo brain rofl) but it has to be fun.  So the charts ultimately are what I would like to stitch.  They are my babies.

This may make them less commercially viable but I don't care: I want to have fun and I want to be able to put what I see in my mind, come to life on fabric.

Drumroll please......
Ah no, wait a moment.  It is my wedding aniversary tommorrow, and we have a new edition to the family BUT there is a really special post going out on the 9th.  I cannot say anymore than that BUT when that has been dealt with and read, then I will update you on our new edition and wedding post xxxx

Now, drumroll please......

Bit more........

Bit longer.........

Welcome to ' In my Garden'

Designed by G. French, Stitched by Elaine Murphy

A bit late for this spring, but just in time for the next spring.  Elaine hasn't decided how to finish it but as soon as she does, I will put a piccie up.

I am waiting for one more finish and then the website will be up and rolling...Stitcher's Anon Cross Stitch Craft Designs.  Wish me luck!


  1. All I can say girl is that you have balls. The charts are fantastic ( I was going to swear then but realised this is for public view and not private email). You know I hate surprises so now I'm going nuts wondering what the new addition is etc etc you are very naughty lol looking forward to seeing your website and spending time in May with a fabulous lady that should inspire everyone. You can bribe me by chocolates if you need anymore compliments lol happy anniversary to you both xxxxx

  2. Love it!!!

    When can I buy it??

    Happy anniversary. Hope you have a wonderful day with whatever you have planned!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both, and hurry up and get this website live!

  4. It is lovely. Good luck with the new venture

  5. Now thats just silly, how can it be better than Chocolate and Johnny Depp... ;-) Glad it cheered you up.
    Bluebells was a dream to stitch and looks much better in real life let me tell you.

    I wish you all the very best with your new venture, have to say you are very good at designing.

  6. Whoo hoo happy dancing for you here, lovely design. Congrats on the anniversary it is our dd and sil 24th tomorrow the 9th.

  7. Now Gaynor..... Nothing is better than Johnny Depp!!!!
    Wonderful pattern :)

  8. I wish you good luck.:)
    I like how you matter...who cares what kind of words you use...In one moment I was smiling,reading your post,in the other I was a bit sad...
    But "I'm so excited ,and I just can't hide it...":)))
    A song for you:

    And I am listening the song,while I'm writing...My computer is blocking all the time....but who cares...

    It is a wonderful pattern.:) Congrats to you and the lady,who stitched it.:)
    But better than sex...Perhaps...But sex is the best...:)))

    Hugs and kisses dear Gaynor.:)

  9. It is so pretty..good luck dear x

  10. Great stitching Elaine! you stitched up Gaynors design beautifully.

  11. Beautiful! Wishing you great success!

  12. Beautiful & good luck, you so deserve it x

  13. It's beautiful, well done and good luck (:


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