Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Exchanges Received and Given

Hi everyone,

I hope you are good.  I've been bogged down with transfering charts from one programme to another but have had time to enjoy some of the delights of Autumn.  Apples have been picked as have the blackberries and the freezer is slowly but surely filling with crumbles and pies.

Cabbages and beans have been picked and blanched, potatoes dug and I haven't bought any veggies for a fair few weeks now: we are just eating what I have grown!

Potatoes from one small bed: a mixture of red and whites

 Beans, beans and yes more beans...and there are lots more to be picked!

My blog Autumn exchange has been received safely: all apart from something I forgot to put in with it, which will be sent at a later date. Sorry Lynda!..I thought it all went in the envelope a bit too neatly!

There were my crochet pumpkins, some autumn shade threads threads and the Autumn pack which I bought from Nancy at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe!  It was perfect, thanks Nancy!  I know Lynda will do amazing things with these.

I also sent a wall hanging using one of my designs...Bewitch With a Stitch

Afterall, the Spider has to be the perfect emblem of both stitchers and halloween!

I'm not sure I will release this chart: I think I might just keep it for myself but we will see.

And, I took part in a Halloween/Autumn exchange with my Irish Yahoo Group and I received my exchange this morning.  I had completely forgotten that as well as sending stuff, I get something  back!

I got a beautiful hanging frame with a pumpkin stitched out of other autumn motives, some beads, some threads which I have never used before:DMC cotton perle and a Halloween Panel...thank you so much Olivia!

Wow...lucky me. 

Right, I must love you and leave you as I'm experimenting with apple merangue thanks to the apples off my apple tree..I will let you know how it goes!

BTW I know a lot of you email the people who leave you comments; I am so sorry but I can't do that in return.  Time, lack of technological know how just mean it isn't possible.  By the time I finish helping my son with his homework it is 10 pm and I am just shattered....I promise I do read all your blogs faithfully and really appreciate the comments but I can't return messages.  So here is a big thank you and I will continue to thank you....just not via email. Sorry xxx   I hope you understand xx

Have a lovely week


  1. Still have to dig up our potatoes, may leave them in until we come back from vacation. You got some really good crops there.


  2. Impressive that you can grow all of your own vegetables. Lovely exchanges as well.

  3. Lovely exchanges! How fun!!

    I wish I had planted a garden this year. The weather was perfect for it but the last two years literally burned me out with the heat.

  4. What a beautifully stitched pumpkin! Have fun with the garden harvest

  5. The wonderful summertime has swelled the veggies, we have lots too this year, great spud crop.

    Love the Halloween panel you received from the exchange and a nice parcel you sent out to your partner.

    I don't reply to comments unless someone specifically asks a question or I feel I need to elaborate or give information.

    much love xx

  6. Wow! It looks like your garden has done great this year. Your exchanges are both lovely. It looks like you are now ready for fall!!

  7. Wow very pretty exchange :)
    Yayyy for your garden.
    Hugs x


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