Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A David Bowie Moment and our new edition!

 Many thanks for the 'happy anniversaries'....it is the first time in 14 years we have remembered it...yes, honestly: and boy what a let down.  Hubby ended up being out all day ferrying my daughter and her projectile vomiting dog to the vets and back: dd lives 30 mins away: add an hour to the vets and you get the gist.  I didn't even see him.  So I am not going to bother remembering any more. 

My hubby gets me a cup of tea every single morning: he keeps me topped up when I am busy or crafting and he is my best friend.  I don't need a single day to remind us that we love each other.  I didn't need the three bags of haribo he bought me either but I ate them anyway. Well, T'would be rude not to right?

'Under Pressure.' One of my favourite songs, sung of course with David Bowie and Queen and perfect for how I have been feeling.  And then today I thought 'snozcumbers!'.  Why do I do this to myself??  Why do I have to be so goal orientated all the time?
Woah...step back and remember what you are here for...to have fun.

For once I listened.

So why the pressure?  Trying to sort out websites and organise stuff and get charts into pdf formats and ok'ing what I want to go to the printers, should I ever have enough requests to need a printer..and silly little things which really, really don't matter and shouldn't matter.

So: because I am not earning at the moment I am going with a free website which lets me add more than five things in the shop. It isn't my favourite website: in fact it is a real b**ch to try to change and adapt but the alternative is way too expensive, just for a small shop type business.   Bad move alternative website!  If your prices were more reasonable I would have gone with you!  Your loss!  I don't want to pay out  more than I have to at this point for something which is fun....once I start making huge losses, then there is no fun at all right?   If I like where it is going, then I will buy my domain name and be a .com. 

So......without much ado....welcome to the new website!
Obviously it's in its infancy but I do have model stitchers now who are going to help me alter it pretty quickly!

And the Stitchers Anon fb page can be found right.........Here!

If things move along then I will look at buying the domain name and making it 'more real' but for now it is all about the fun!

Fun, fun, fun.

I have a logo and a format which I am pretty pleased with.

What do you think?


 I have two more maids being stitched as we speak: Radiant in Red and Graceful in Green....and I am having a ball...well with that side I am anyway!

Today I decided to do something completely different!

This is an upcycled wine holder made from a shirt sleeve.

And I decided I wanted a quality item so it is lined and padded.  The first one went like a dream....but I forgot about the fact the cuff opens and so couldn't fit the wine in! 

Darn it!  Good job shirts come with two sleeves!

So, next thing: how to line it and pad it and make it look good quality and 'seamless'.....mmmm Well, the god of upcycling was on my side cus I had a flash of inspiration and it looks amazing: I used the back of the shirt to line it and add a tie: voila!  A gift for the man who thinks he has everything.

I wanted it slightly padded because there is nothing wronger than warm white wine right?

It also adds a little extra form to it.  I am really pleased with it and there will be more!  You could even add your football teams tie to it for a really personalised gift!

Now, I know I said there would be a special post on the 9th: well I got the date wrong.  There will be a special post and it has been 'programmed' to appear when it is meant to....whenever that is meant to be!

So I can show you our new addition now.

Meet my youngest DS's new best friend.

A jack-Russel cross beagle called Titan!

He was too tiny for his original bed so we opted for a cardboard box. 

He is eight weeks old.  The lady I got him from sent us you-tube clips and photos all the way through his eight weeks with her and his mum: we have literally seen him grow: we have seen his eyes opening and we know he came from a home with lots of love. He is a perfect puppy: confident, full of ' I'm cute..you gotta love me!' which makes a change as our rescue dogs had none of that and had to be taught how to play...this one just knows how to which shows how at even such a young age, how they are cared for can make a whole difference to the type of dog they can become!

He is our fourth and final dog.  He hasn't been introduced to the other dogs yet because he only had his first jabs this week but they will get used to smelling him on us and vice versa and we will take it nice and slow.  The only one I am worried about is Paris as she is 'unique': She is the dog we found half starved on the bogs and she has serious baggage but hey, don't we all?

I will love you and leave you now: I have some stitchy finishes and an exchange gift to show you but will do so next post.
Thank you all for your support and encouragment.  You don't know what it means to me xxx


  1. I am soooo happy and proud for you about your designs. Well done!

    Sorry about the anniversary but every day is about love with that perfect someone. I know you know this.

    The puppy is WAY cute! Hope he gets settled with the other dogs well.

  2. Aww the puppy is super cute..kisses xxx
    I love all your designs so much..well done dear
    Sending you big hugs x

  3. Oh I nearly asked oh if you were getting a new puppy, I must know you too well lol he is gorgeous.

  4. Wow, G, you wore me out, you are just one beautiful busy bee, aren't ya?

    Your designs are gorgeous, I am headed to the shop as soon as I finish my comment. I love your logo, it's so perfect, and I especially love the pink dress ;)

    Your wine holder is sooo cool, what a great idea for a "wine sleeve"

    I am in love with your newest addition, he is just too cute! What a sweet love he is...many happy years for you all.

    You inspire me, dear friend, with your grace and spirit...love ya!


  5. He does look cute, shame he's a dog, lol. You're getting as bad as me, pinching the clothes to cut up!

  6. Good luck with the website!
    The new puppy is adorable

  7. I had a sneak peak at your website & it looks really good, so I wish you again all the best with this new adventure :) Titan the pup looks cute & adorable... although I think he will be keeping you on your toes!!! :D Have fun xox

  8. So wonderful that everyday is special with your husband and it isn't just a celebration on your anniversary.
    Congratulations on the website and your wonderful designs.
    What a sweet puppy!

  9. Gaynor,
    Congratulations on getting your website! I love it and your using your design and that makes it personal. Nice touch. I'm so happy for you!

    I'm still working on the patriotic pattern. I've been working on a few items for gifts. If you need it soon let me know.

    What a great idea for a wine bottle and gift for a man. I can't wait to see other items you will sell.

    Titan is adorable how could you not love him.

    Way to go Gaynor!

  10. Sorry about your anniversary, but you are so right about it not being about a single day! Congratulations on your new website! Love the logo! Clever wine holder. :) And Titan is the picture of cuteness!

  11. Gaynor,
    I updated my blog with your design I'm stitching on!

  12. Good luck with the new website. Awww what a cute little chap.

  13. Fab post! You are a busy lady!! Good luck with your site ~ the designs are wonderful! Love, love, love your new pup!

  14. Oh my goodness he is just so sweet!


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