Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Needlework Masters Book SAL and a new start

Just by the skin of  my teeth; I am actually on time with this one. I was gifted two petit examplar charts a while back (thank you!) and so I did the one I had again and will do the next too for the following pages.  It is cross stitch with embroidery stitches (roses, satin stitch and a few others : stars etc).  And to make sure I def. had the two crafts to a page rule, I found some ribbon yarn which had the same earthy tones as the chart and did some crochet shapes.  The square is pointed outwards but you can't tell because the book is sooo bulky now, you can't keep the pages flat for the camera.

It was only after I did the heart (my first every crochet heart) that I realised it matched the shape of the flower pot perfectly.  Yay!

I have been so busy sorting out websites and charts and have been so pleased with Boo-tiful in Black that I thought I would try it in overdyed threads...just ones I have in my stash so I can see how easy it is to swap the charts over without just relying on overdyes.  I want my projects to be affordable so they will be in DMC which everyone has (or seems too).

And my youngest son started school for the first time: his first full day was yesterday....and it was terrible.

My son likes order and routine and a certain level of competance.
Instead he got;

Teachers yelling because of timetable changes (not my son's fault they couldn't organise a pee up in a brewery).
Science teachers ranting about the government instead of talking about science.
He was told to put his bag down by a teacher, he asked to keep it, teacher said no: someone took his bag by mistake and handed his coat in at an office he couldn't even find.
He went to lunch and said his new classmates ate like animals: throwing and spitting food out.  My son has had table manners as a way of life, but it seems not all families are as understanding of what is polite social behaviour.
Then, they tried to make him do Irish language classes even though he is excempt and he nearly missed the bus home when the teachers tried to explain what would happen re: the excemption five minutes after hometime instead of during the day like they should have.
He got his own back; there was an inspector in the Irish class and he asked her if she knew what the hell they were doing; she replied no: she didn't speak Irish.  Bless him.  Point to son methinks.

But...he stuck it out and he stood up for himself assertively but politely with the teachers, so we have said that although it was a really sucky day, it could only get better and well done for coping with it admirably.

Better than when he was four anyway and he tried to bite a teacher (trust me, she would have deserved that bite but luckly I foresaw what was going through his mind and swiftly intervened...well, you don't know where she has been, do you, and I am quite particular about what my children eat!).

So we have turned it around into a 'YAY, YOU ROCK' day and on Monday, mummy will discretely go and bollick teachers who really should know what the heck they are doing!

Right, it is autumn and we have to go shopping up North where the choices are great and the prices are low, ready for winter.
Lots going on in the garden so I will update the frugal blog later today when I get back from the two hour drive there, two hours back xxx

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Aww sweet book page :)
    And great new start..
    Hugs x

  2. Lovely page this month.
    Sorry to hear about the bad start to your son's school year. I hope that it gets better every day!

  3. Love your pages. Very pretty .

    Sorry your son had such a bad start. Hopefully it will get better . sounds like he coped really well in a bad situation. Kudos to both of you x.

  4. Great new page in your book.

    Your poor little guy. Sounds like no one knows what they're doing. Good thing Mum can go check it out!

  5. Love the book page! So sorry for your son ~ hopefully it will all settle down!

  6. Lovely stitching and congrats on a very smart son!

  7. That heart is fantastic. Hope it will be a better week at school

  8. Great page, I thought about signing up for the Needlemasters SAL but only cross stitch so I ducked out!!

  9. Beautiful pattern and beautiful stitching.:)


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