Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Winners Are.......

I know I am late..I am so sorry.  I thought I had put August the 29th, not the 25th!  I thought it as a daft date to do it because it is a day after the day I go to town so sorry but nothing will be posted until next Wednesday.  This is because I live in the middle of nowhere to trips to town are a one a week event.

Wow;  I just couldn't pick from the reasons why you craft and blog.  So I did a number draw.  They are all very valid reasons and I could empathise with all of them: escapism, creative outlets, making friends. All very good reasons.

So, without ado.

I seperated the four main giveaways and put the names of the people under each one, then I got my youngest son to chose a number for each.  Life is too short to fight with random number generators rofl!!!

So: the winner of the patchwork and fabric sets is:
No. 7 which on my list is Cath (Stitching Chicken)

Winner of the Cross stitch materials are!!.....No. 6 which is Jo who can't think of a clever nickname.

Winner of the Crochet Set...The old button....

Winner of the Knitting Set........Bernadette.  Because the whole aim of this was to try something new and don't know how now you can learn rofl !!!

Winner of the voucher is.....(drumroll)....Sue!!!!!

So: please email me with your addy details on xx

And congratulations!


  1. You have made this so fun for your friends. Congrats to them!

  2. Congrats to all, and what a generous person you are.

  3. Congrats to all....
    Big hugs x

  4. Dear Gaynor,

    You are such a good person...
    Thank you very much.:) So now I really have to learn to knit! First my husband and now you...:)))
    I am very happy.Looking forward to autumn days,calm evening and learning to knit(and hardanger):)
    You know my address,I think.But here is my e-mail:


  5. Huge congrats to the lucky ladies.

  6. Congrats to all of your winners!

  7. ooo! That's my name up there! Good thing I was catching up on blog reading today :-)


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