Thursday, August 1, 2013

And the oscar goes to.......

My husband and I!  Yay, we win!!!!

Oh what a grotty week which thankfully has become a lot more positive.

I didn't want my son to worry so this week has involved a lot of acting and hiding things.   Well, we didn't see the point in stressing him out until we knew what we were up against re. my health.  Shortened version update is that my surgeon came into to see me in the hospital today even though he was on a fortnights annual leave: he answered all my questions, examined me, told me not to panic just yet, sent me for a mammogram and I go back next week for an ultrasound and the results.  Because he was on holiday so was all his team but the upshot is, he feels there is a good chance it is nothing to do with cancer.  He can't give me the all clear just yet but he is optimistic and he has okayed a masectomy if I decide that is what I really want.  So lots to think about but lets get the results back first.

So: health sorted...let's get with some good stuff!

On Wednesday I had a lovely parcel come through the post!  What a surprise!  I had been RAKd by Carolyn.

I really needed something good to happen by this stage and well, Carolyn's timing was perfect!

Carolyn sent me a Tinkerbell folder, a Tinkerbell notebook, Tinkerbell tissue paper, CCN 'Surfside Cottage' with the sea and daisies.  Carolyn also kindly sent me the fabric and threads needed for the chart.  How lucky was I?

It really made me smile.  Thank you sweetie, it was very kind pf you to send it to me xxx

We had to go up North shopping so decided to make a day of it (a treat for our son....more acting), and so we went for lunch (My goodness isn't food cheap in the UK? £17.50 for three meals and three drinks...we pay that for one meal in ROI!).  And then we went for a look around Eniskillen Castle.

Growing up in the UK we only heard about the troubles where Northern Ireland is concerned and that is a shame. The people are amazingly resiliant and friendly.  The countryside is beautiful and well worth a visit.
The Castle was excellent: lots and lots to do and see inside it.  It did go into the military history of Northern Ireland but it also included a lot of the 'human' side of wars and battles.  It represented Irish history from the very beginning of time up to the second world war.

There were lots of little scenes like this; if you look closely you can see a little boy playing as his parents work.  It is very 'Night at the Museum'.  I would love to stay over night and see if these little characters come to life just like they do in the film!

The Castle museum had a lovely mixture of small displays and like above, life size.  This is a traditional Irish Kitchen. What you can't see is the man has an old fashioned chamber pot between his legs; some one is obviously having a bit of a joke....I hope!

A traditional chicken house!  How cool is this?  Not sure the stuffed chicken (a real bird!) likes it as much as I do!

This is the castle from the outside: of course my guys found the biggest gun they could!

There were lots of displays outside which was excellent: I want a life size plastic horse for Christmas please.  I can ride with no danger of falling off and breaking my neck!

There were lots of personal affects which brought in the human aspect.  Last letters were recorded, written by people in the trenches.  The medals above come complete with a telegram from the Queen. This lucky guy reached the grand old age of 102!  There were lots and lots of medals and uniforms all donated by the families of real soldiers.  Takes all the glory out of war when you think these named men were brothers, fathers and sons!

I couldn't take photos in a lot of the rooms but managed to sneak the odd one here and there, flash free of course.

Can you believe this?  Soldiers were given embroidered postcards to send back to family from the trenches!

If you look at the one below it could be any postcard lovingly stitched with palm trees and sunshine to illustrate the beauty of a wonderful holiday destination.  Look closely though and you can see some stitches which add the effect of the shadow of men lying down with rifles aimed at the trees..the rifle is going up just on the right hand side of the sun.  I completely missed this....terrible really isn't it how propaganda is used to hide the truth!

Greetings from the Trenches...wish you were here!

There were film clips of the Horse Guards which were based here: not only soldiers on horseback, they also did stunts and demonstrations of amazing riding skills to music for displays...stunning.  I could have sat and watched it all day!

And of course, me being me, I had to find the one aspect of the castle most people wouldn't even consider looking for!

This amazing window provides the light for this.....

The garderobe!!!!

AKA the hole which runs down from the top of the castle to the ground floor which was used as the toilet!

There was so much more to see but the photos didn't come out because of the lighting they used and there was lots and lots to do as you went through the displays.  I recommend Eniskillen for a visit and especially the Castle Museum.  So far this has to be our top day out so far!!!! It provided a welcome distraction and unusual for me, I could have stayed there all day just looking at everything because there was so much to see and do.

Right that is it. Bed time calls.  I will hopefully see you on the fifth of August when I will be celebrating crafts and blogging as part of my bus tour and I'll be offering lots of giveaways and a competition!

Have a great weekend xxxxx



  1. I hope it does turn out to be nothing. Loved all the photos,


  2. Gaynor,
    Yay! I made your day.

    I love how you and your husband approached this upset and made a day for your son. Such good parents. It something I know my husband and I would have done for our son.

    What a great castle. Those scenes with the people are done really well. They seem so lifelike. Those postcards are neat so much time and thinking went into them. I never knew such a thing existed.

    Thank you for sharing your day with us! I love these trips and the information behind these castles.

    Hoping and praying for some good news!

  3. What a lovely trip out, you can plan another one for next week now

  4. Lovely gifts . Fingers crossed that the good news continues. Love the pics of your visit. x

  5. Thinking of you & hoping for some good news health wise to go your way :) Lovely pictures of your trip!! Sweet RAK too, it was really kind. Have a lovely day xox

  6. Aww super pretty gifts *•*
    Beautiful picture of your trip..
    Sending you big hugs x

  7. So glad that your Dr. visit went well and you heard good things.
    Thanks for taking me on the outing. I love the postcards.
    Sweet Dreams.
    Lovely gifts from Carolyn.

  8. lovely RAK!! It will brighten your days when you stitch it! Fun tour! BIG HUGS to hold you through next week's appointment!

  9. Good to hear that there is some good news from the doctor's visit. Your outing looks like it was a lot of fun! Thanks for taking us with you! Sweet gift from Carolyn. Hugs!

  10. Wow!! What a great castle, hubby and I love places like this. We have seen lots of the embroidered postcards that were sent home, I guess the troops also found comfort and peace in their stitching in times of stress like we do.

    Lots of love and (big squishy cuddles) to you. Xxxxxx

  11. What a sweet rak! Thanks for sharing your trip with us ~ and I hope all your news turns out well!


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