Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Feeling Blue and RAKS

Just when you think things are going beautifully, the C*ap hits the fan.  I spent Sunday in A and E after no sleep for nearly 48 hours and have to have a mammogram on Thursday.  I was having a beautiful week, actually said to my husband that I was completely content and happy and was starting to feel confident enough to start thinking about the future when Wham!!!  My evil boob exploded...in size, not literally exploded.

I am so pushing for a masectomy, even if there is nothing cancerous.  Totally sick of it. 

Anyway...enough of that.

There are three RAKs winging their way out of Ireland..minus gift wrapping and nice cards cus I put them somewhere safe and am too tired/stressed/terrified to find them. The more I look the more stressed I am getting but they are sent with love: just no packaging.

And I am excited about.......

My day is the fifth of August and I will be having a celebration of ALL (or most) of the crafts I enjoy doing.

To celebrate it I want to encourage others to give them a go so there will be giveaways and a competition for a LNS voucher.  There will also be the odd free chart perhaps (If I finish the stitching for it...any time now lol).

So I will look forwards to seeing you all then.

Have a good week!


  1. Aw, I am sorry you are blue. It is a roller coaster you are on.

  2. Sorry you are having a crap time of it , and hope things improve soon.
    Thinking of you .XXX

  3. Gaynor,
    Awwwww....I wished I lived near you to give you a hug....Sorry you are feeling blue..You do what you need to...Your friends are here for you...
    sending you calming vibes....

  4. Hope it all works out, you've got a lovely family behind you. Thinking of you and hoping for good news

  5. Thinking of you, you're such a strong lady: you can do it!!! Big hugs from wet Shropshire xox

  6. I hope that the blues leave soon and things are ok.

  7. oh dear..sending you big hugs xxxxx

  8. Hugs from me, too. Will be thinking of you tomorrow and hope they'll give you the all clear so you can be happy again. Please, do try to spend the night sleeping - I know it's sooo hard but we can't have you utterly exhausted either!

  9. Sending good thoughts, hugs, and prayers!!!

  10. So sorry to hear this and I'll be thinking of you. Sending you big hugs and good thoughts :)


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