Monday, August 5, 2013

Welcome to my Space: Blog Hop Giveaway and Competition

Hi to any new readers: you are very welcome and of course big hugs for my regular readers friends.

This is my space: my bit of the world where I do what us crafty women do best.  We network and form friendships and inspire and offer comfort as and when needed and of course we happy dance with each other when we finish a crafty project!

We enable and support and sometimes we just chat.

And even though we have never seen each other, friendships form which stand the test of time: free from judgements and expectations.

I love the crafting blogging community. It is like no other.

I started blogging around five years ago but over the last two years, boy have I needed my blog.  I danced with cancer and through the support of all my blogging friends I came out the other side and enthused with a new sense of 'life must be lived at all costs!' I expanded my crafting into otherwise unexplored areas.

Areas of great mystery were encountered such as Patchwork and Quilting.  Scary quilting, terrifying quilting,  which involved learning about rotary cutters: keeping one's fingers attached to one's hand, and having to master psychotic sewing machines.

Crochet...something I never thought I would do because the hook reminds me of what they use to break your waters when your having a baby!  Sorry but that is how my mind works!

I started knitting again, I still cross stitch and I actually started to design my own charts!  How cool is that?

And all because of the support and friendship of my blogging buddies.

I take part in stitch alongs (a dictionary of terms can be providing if needed), exchanges, Needlework Masters books, RAKs and whatever else the imagination of the blogging community can come up with and I love it.

Here is a picture of my latest finish: this is a chart I designed myself.  It is Victorian in style for a purpose: it is the language of flowers..part of a series of charts which illustrate flowers and the words and terms they symbolised in Victorian times when lovers were restricted by Victorian etiquette. Messages would be sent via bouquets and the symbolism of the flowers.

This is Borage, which would have meant 'have courage'.

This forms my July Page for my Needlework Masters Book, part of a Stitchalong which stretches and demands you try lots of new needlework crafts.

June and July, all designed by little ol me which makes them even more special!

Crafting is so important to me.  It distracts me when I have hospital appointments: it relaxes me and provides an escape from the fears which come from health issues.  It allows me to express my creative self.  And with everything I make, I am leaving proof of my existence. "I was here: I left this behind, a treasure for you to remember me by.  Ignore the wonky seams and uneven stitches: they are like me, imperfect but filled with so much love!"

And I want everyone to experience that amazing moment when the hours of stitching (and un-picking) are over and you put that final stitch in...and you have a finish!  A gift or an item which has been made totally by you, which contains part of you within it.  Either in the colours you chose or the symbols you added or the style of finish you decided upon.  You made that!  Wow!  You are so talented!

So, I am offering some giveaways to celebrate the world of crafting and blogging and to encourage you all to give it a go or try something new.  Or if you are already an established crafter, to join in with me and share in the crafting good fortune.

Because it is a celebration of blogging then I am afraid you can only enter if you have a blog, otherwise it defeats the purpose. Sorry: I do offer other giveaways through the year which will not be so specific.

The first giveaway is for the patchworkers and quilters amongst you.

One little fabric basket sewn by myself.  A little hen pin cushion and four brand new fat quarters of funky summery fabric with brand new matching threads.  You can use them in patchwork or in finishes of other crafts...or just play and see what you can do with them.

For the cross stitchers amongst you, I am offering:

 Two Country Cottages charts: Poinsettia Place (part of the Santa's Village series) and Holly and Ivy Sampler..both brand new.
Also, The House and Alphabet Sampler by the Historical Sampler Company Kit: comes with aida but could be adapted for evenweave.
Also, brand new 28 count Jazlyn in Antique White 19 x 27 inches. And all of my Pink Key Motto charts and a special chart I am stitching up as we speak!

To  celebrate the craft that is crochet I am also offering a Crochet gift, hand made by myself (not quite finished so no piccie yet) and this, a crochet cushion kit for beginners though if you are experienced, well one can never have to many patterns can one?

It comes with instructions, crochet hook and wool in these colours.

I wish I had bought me one now!!!!

And for the knitters or those of you who wish to learn to knit, I have hand made knitted item from me (again too be finished) and.....

I will include needles.  That pattern offers full instructions.  I'm afraid the pattern is a little wrinkly: I bought it after going to the hospital in Galway and it was tipping it down..unknown to us, just around the corner at the beach was an over-sea twister.  Yay, we get them in Ireland too.  So those of you used to such strange weather can understand how heavy the rain was.  We nearly drowned but it was also full of fun and laughter..especially when a car drove through a flooded road covering my hubby and son in a sheet of water.  Well, I found if funny even if they didn't!

So that is my four main crafts covered.

What do you have to do to be in the draws?

Ensure you follow my blog.
Leave a comment with the giveaways you are interested in: knitting, crochet or cross stitch or combination etc.
Mention it on your blog...

And...there is final gift.  I will be offering a gift voucher for 123 Stitch.  This is a competition more than a draw!  To be entered in for the voucher, you have to fill in the sentence using your own words.

'I love to craft and blog because ..............................................'

I will chose the winners of the draws and the competition on August the 25th !

Good luck and thank you for visiting!


  1. 'I love to craft and blog because .... it keeps me sane!'

    I'd forgotten it was a familiar stop today, a lovely post and a wonderful collection of giveaways. Have fun with the rest of your visitors

  2. Hiya Gaynor

    Such a wonderful blog post - thank you.
    This bit
    "And with everything I make, I am leaving proof of my existence. "I was here: I left this behind, a treasure for you to remember me by. Ignore the wonky seams and uneven stitches: they are like me, imperfect but filled with so much love!" " - has actually moved me to tears.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story - and that is one heck of a giveaway!

    Joy xx

  3. Thank you for sharing this and I´m happy you have won the fight against the canser. Very generous give away :0). Hugs

  4. Aww such a sweet post :)
    You are a wonderful lady and a very dear friend.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story.
    Please count me in for the giveaway for cross stitching and quilting.
    Thank you.
    I love to craft and blog because.... It gave me joy :)
    Huge love and kisses x

  5. Hi I posted about your giveaway on the side bar of my blog ..
    Thank you
    Love cucki x

  6. "I love to craft because it is wonderful to have a beautiful finished sampler, small or ornament. I share the craft with my friends. It connects me with the past and those needlewomen that came before me, I learn about history and what their lives were like."
    Thanks for this chance Gaynor. I am always inspired by your artistry and versatility. Please enter me in the xstitch giveaway.

  7. Lovely post, Gaynor, and such a huge giveaway! I'm off to explore the rest of your blog now...

    Oh and I love to craft and blog because... I am constantly challenged to try new things and learn new skills. And blogging allows me to write - something I haven't done much since I was at university.

  8. A lovely post and extremely generous giveaway! All the best to the contestants :) I'm just happy to have discovered your blog & pleased to share a little bit of your life xx

  9. What a wonderful blog and fab prizes. Can't enter the giveaway cos my blog stop is tomorrow :-( but I love to create-because it takes me out of the real world and into a nicer one :-D Will sign up to your blog thank you xox

  10. What a great group of prizes. I would love to win the cross stitch prize. I am a follower and will let other know on my blog.
    I love to craft and blog because it is relaxing to me and blogger brings you a great group of friends.

  11. What a great group of prizes. I would love to win the cross stitch prize. I am a follower and will let other know on my blog.
    I love to craft and blog because it is relaxing to me and blogger brings you a great group of friends.

  12. I forgot to leave my email and blog site on my last comment.

  13. My blog is

  14. Don't enter me...I already a winner just by being a follower of your blog. ;-)

    Just wanted to send a note of encouragment. Your blog and crafting inspire us all.

  15. A lovely post Gaynor, you have such a special way with words.
    I'm sorry but I really did laugh out loud when I read about your boys getting soaked to the skin...apologies to them lol.
    I've had things from you in the past, I'll let others have a chance. Do you remember the 'friends are like angels on earth' you stitched for me, perfect for this blog post you wrote.

  16. Isn't craft fab? So good to see how it is helping you through tough times as well.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    I love to craft because I have spent too many years not creating and being unhappy, so now I'm unleashing it!..I have only just started blogging, but if it helps others to start creating too, I'll be happy.

    Can I go in the hat for the crochet prize please?

    Thanks for sharing your story,

  17. I love to craft and blog because Stitching has got me through a lot of health problems over the past few years and has kept me sane too :)

    Wonderful post, wonderful giveaways from a wonderful person. I am so glad that I found your blog!

    I'd love to be entered for the Stitching giveaway and will post it on my blog shortly.

    Good luck to everyone :)

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. Not entering the giveaway as I've already got too much stuff! Just wanted to say that this was such a lovely post - very inspiring, and a really generous giveaway.

  20. What a brilliant blog - with all the crafts I love. I'd really like to be entered for the giveaway, especially the patchwork and quilting selection.

    I love to craft and blog because everything I make and share is a little piece of love from me to you.

    Gill x

  21. Hello, again. What great words! I can't believe you have designed those flowers! I have been a follower for some time, and if okay would like to win the cross stitching giveaway, and patchworking and quilting if I can enter for two.

    I have posted on my blog:

    'I love to craft and blog because it links me with craft addicts just like me, for cross stitch is an addiction that won't let me sleep if I don't get my fix; it calms me when I am stressed, and sharing provides me support in the moments of doubt.'

  22. Hello,

    Firstly,I am very happy,that I have found your blog...:)I saw about the giveaways on Lija's blog.:)
    I am your new follower here and on 2013 sal Blog.:) I am sorry I did not catch up with July...I stitched a The Snowflower Diaries pattern...I stitched Sub Rosa,too,but for Easter...
    I have your blog on my Blog List from this moment...
    Very nice giveaways.
    I would like to start with finishing your sentence...:)))
    'I love to craft and blog because it makes me happy,releases me from the stress,I make presents for my dear friends,for our home and my daughters ( I love to see in their eyes ,how cheerful they are,when they hold one of my creations),blogging is a hobby for me to make lovely friendships,which mean a lot to me...'
    I shared your giveaway on my blog,on mu sidebar,on the right.
    But I can write a separate blog post for it ,if you would like...:)
    I am interested in fabrics( the 1st giveaway),cross stitch the most(this is my main hobby) and crochet.Unfortunately I do not know to knit,but I would like to learn.


  23. Hello!
    I like your works! You are very smart! congrats!
    I want to play with you, please enter my name...
    I like No.1. and No.2. packet: materials and cross stitch....
    'I love to craft and blog because:::::
    A large handmade treasures for me.
    Create relaxation, embroider.
    Challenge to the scratch-materials-only once a fabulous creation is born.

    with love


  24. What a generous giveaway Gaynor, would love to be entered for either the cross stitch or quilting one.Now as for why I like to craft and blog, well it does help me unwind but mainly because it's a better option than housework!....xx

  25. Thank you for the chance at your fabulous candy.
    I like 1 and 3.

  26. What a lovely post and so well written. You take the words right out of my mouth. That's basically how I feel about my crafting too. It's my escape and I don't know what I'd do without it.

    Your patterns are lovely! What a neat idea. I never knew that.

    Great giveaways! Good luck everyone :o)

  27. What a great post! I love the reason why you stitch too. A good friend recently gave me her stash because she doesn't stitch anymore and there are so many memories of things we bought on our stash expeditions together!
    I would love to win the cross stitch prize.
    The reason I stitch calms my mind and gives me a state of "flow" while allowing me to create something beautiful and often unique as I often change the designs for me.
    The reason I blog is... to "meet" other like-minded stitchers and crafters and share their enthusiasm.
    I know you didn't ask that but I wanted to share it anyway!
    Link to this giveaway going on my blog now.

  28. Please enter me for the stitchy give away . Thanks .
    I love to stitch and blog because it has found me new friends , new ideas and new ways to fill my stash collection .X

  29. Great crafty post and thank you so much sharing your story. My mum is going through treatment so it really helps to read such a positive outlook.
    Can you put me in for the crochet giveaway please - I am inspired to re-learn after Berry Bakewell's blog stop today.
    'I love to craft and blog because I can release the creativity in me - I'm an engineer by degree, an accountant by profession, a staff development trainer by day job BUT I'm a designer, crafter and writer by night!'

  30. Hello.
    I like N1 and N5


  31. Привет! Интересный блог! Замечательная поддавки! Хочу поучаствовать в вышивке крестом и очень люблю вязать крючком! Картинка на боковой панели

  32. I love to craft and blog because it's a secret gate to a better world, full of colour, made by passion and love.

    For me the best giveaway is the first one ;) Kisses ;)


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