Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ship Ahoy!!!

Hello everyone, and hello new followers. Please let me know you are new and I can come and stalk  read your blogs as well.

I have been busy, busy, busy!

Today I went to Legs, Bums, and Tums and I can confirm I def. have legs, a bum and a tum and they are all complaining to me quite loudly! Seriously, walking five miles is a piece of cake compared to exercising those strange muscles found in the sides of our legs etc, which we rarely use in real life!

So, to help my mind ignore the painful muscles I decide to blog a post.

And I even have things to put into it!  So all good yes?

Firstly, here is my May Page for the Needlework Book.

This was my first crewel embroidery and little flower silhuette which was knitted.

The flower didn't come out how I thought it would but I decided I liked it and that it matched the embroidery so it in went!

Yesterday I put my big girl pants on and did a job I have been putting off and putting off.  I stitched an owl.  Not just any owl but an owl that looks like a pirate.  I struggled with getting it to look like Johnny Depp as requested but then I think anyone would.  I am just pleased it looks like a pirate owl.

He is kindda sweet..not my best sewing and everything that could go wrong did go wrong  but I am back in the swing of things now...more owls coming this way soon!

I am off to quilting tonight to see if I can finish my big-ee ready for quilting.  Oh and I nearly forgot.  A huge, huge thank you to Elaine who sent me some amazing things to add to my fundraising efforts along with a contribution.  Thank you sweetie!

There was material, cord she made herself, and the most beautiful hand made flowers with buttons..aren't they amazing?  And buttons, lots of buttons and ribbon and a donation. Thank you so much Elaine: you are so generous and it is all appreciated xxxx

On Friday there will be another freebie chart: I have decided to do this every Friday until I run out of no time soon!

Keep well everyone and see you on Friday!


  1. aww sweet may page..
    everything is so sweet..
    sending you big hugs x

  2. I really like the flower you did on your May page so pretty. Ouch I can feel your aches too,but so pleased you decided to blog to ease them!!
    Nice parcel from Elaine .Looking forward to Friday.

  3. Lovely May page, the crochet flower is very pretty.
    Great things from Elaine (:
    Love the pirate!

  4. Wonderful flower page, the crewel is so very pretty.
    Hope mr owl plays nice and doesn't make his new owner walk the plank!
    Great stuff from Elaine

  5. Pretty needle book
    And that owl is way too adorable

  6. Love the pirate , he's so cute. X

  7. I LOVE it and I think it's a great pirate!

  8. I love your pirate owl! He's adorable! :0)

  9. What a pretty page in your book, you'll have a lovely collection by the end of the year.
    When I first saw your owl, it reminded me of Captain Pugwash. You'll have to make a group of sailors to go with him now

  10. lovely page you have done and well done on the exercising ... love the wee owl and looking forward to seeing some more ... lovely gifties you got too :) love mouse xxxxx

  11. I hope that the soreness has passed from your workout.
    I love, love, the May page!

  12. I hope that the soreness has passed from your workout.
    I love, love, the May page!


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