Thursday, June 20, 2013

Friday Freebie

Hidyhoo pepes.

Well, I hope you have had a good week. Mine was a bit mixed.

I went to pick my hubby up from the airport and I forgot to take my phone.  Of course because I had no phone with me, the mini broke down in the middle of nowhere in the pouring rain.  And it really is the middle of nowhere.  We don't have phones by the side of the road to call for help and there are no traffic police (garda) that I have ever seen.

I swore at the car.  I prayed.  I begged.  I yelled at the universe!  And then I hitch hiked.  I know: dangerous and dodgy but thankfully I lived in a fairly safe area and I am very capable with self defence.

The fourth car stopped (there were only three cars in the half hour before that and they didn't feel the need to help a drowned rat maiden in distress!)

The fourth car was a hire car. Oh crap, I thought.  It isn't even his own car.  I went up to it and the young driver offered to help look at the car for me.

I knew what the problem was but I didn't know how to fix it.  Hubby did but hubby was sitting in Knock airport wondering where I was!

I asked the lad if he could take me somewhere closer to the airport and I would walk the rest of the way.  I then asked him if he was a murderer.  Well you never know, he could have been an honest murderer!

Actually what I really said was:  " Are you a murderer because if you are I am having a crap day and I will not be an easy target!"

He looked quite startled at that and he replied:  " How do I know you aren't a murderer?"

I replied that he would have to take his chances and hopped in!

Bless his heart, he looked quite nervous but he actually took me all the way to the airport where hubby phoned our son-in-law to come and rescue us.

You have to picture me though: No makeup. Jeans. Soaking wet. Wild hair.  I must have been quite a sight!  But that isn't the worst of it. Oh no!

After I walked up half a mountain to the airport (I let the young man drop me off at the roundabout so he wouldn't have to worry about turning around or parking charges), I finally reached hubby and son.  I told them the car was in the left hand lane of the bypass about 11 miles away.

Hubby then asked what I had on my coat.

A few days before I had to have a tetanus vaccination because I cut myself on the chicken house and obviously because of my health issues I know the nurses at the surgery really, REALLY well.  So I asked them after they stabbed gently gave me the jab if I could have a lolly pop.  Well you would wouldn't you!

Sadly they had run out of lollies but they gave me a huge, bright sticker which said;  "Well done, you took your medicine today!"

Huge, bright and right on the front of my coat for all to see!

The poor lad must have thought I had escaped from somewhere...oh it was so funny!  Trust me to be looking completely deranged when having to hitch hike!  Ah well, that is another thing ticked off the bucket list.

 I went to the hospital yesterday for an ultrascan and the lump they were worried about was gone, but they found another one instead...I am trying to remain focused on the fact that glands in the neck often swell up and it may be nothing.

The weather here is amazing! Sunshine all around which is just wonderful.  I have planted beans and cabbages and all sorts of green stuff.  Today I also went for a two mile work which turned into a five mile walk just because the day was so nice and it took my mind of the scan. My wee tootsies are a bit sore now though!

I have also been playing with my cross stitch designs and have found a fatal flaw!  I get ideas far faster than I can stitch them!

I won't be daunted!

So here is one I knocked up tonight, inspired by a very unusual source!

I got bitten on my walk today by Irish Bog Midges: tiny, tiny specks of insectoid viciousness which seem to feel I am breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one go!  They really are  nasty and I get allergic reactions to each and every bite.  I sneeze and snot and well, look far from attractive sadly. Even less attractive then when I hitch hike in fact!  Add to that the gazillion buttercups, hawthorne flowers (should have come out in May but are very late this year) and the elderberry: well, it is a hayfever sufferers nightmare!

Thank goodness for anti-histamine!

So this is for all you hayfever sufferers to express the joy we feel during those sunny days when the flowers bloom and the evil blood sucking midgies go for the jugular!

You should be able to click on them and save or cut and paste but if not and you would like them, just email me on xx

Have a lovely non-snotty weekend!


  1. Oh my heavens...what an adventure! LOL

  2. Thank you for making me laugh today! I now know what to say if I ever find myself needing to hitch. And the sticker ~ too funny! One has to wonder what he told his friends and family about you!!
    What a great freebie ~ I don't necessarily sneeze, but feel the congestion and sinus pressure.

  3. That is quite a story! Felt like I was there! Glad I wasn't...hahaha

  4. Oh my goodness, what an adventure you had! I always find it amazing how we cannot live without cell phones now and situations like the one you had, it makes you think...what would someone do in that situation w/o a phone. I guess hitch-hiking would have been the answer back then too. Glad that it all worked out! I love the design. It seems that we are always sneezing or snifflin' here in Northern California for there is something always blooming.

    Take care and have a great weekend!

  5. ohhhh sorry I shouldn't laugh but I sooo giggled when you said about the sticker ....
    hope you are feeling less sore on the tooties now ... and have got the wee car fixed too ... love mouse xxxxx

  6. Oh, Gaynor, the little pickles you get yourself into! Glad it all ended safely and you've given one young man a very strange story to tell his family.

  7. OMG what an adventure! Your little helper was so kind & glad you're safe! Although the sticker story was hilarious, I could really picture you!! :D xox

  8. Oh Gaynor!! I am so glad that things were ok with your hitchhiking experience. You made me laugh out loud with the sticker on your coat.
    So glad that you are enjoying some nice weather.
    Lovely sweet pattern.
    Have a great weekend! Sending you good thoughts about the scan.

  9. You certainly spread a little sunshine with that story. Well done on the designing a lovely pattern for someone who suffers hayfever.Hope the health issue is nothing to worry about.
    Many hugs.

  10. Glad you didnt murder that poor lad ;-) very funny xx

    Love your chart, I am going to stitch that for my daughter, she started sneezing when we moved over here and hasnt stopped since I think...

  11. oops! sorry that post just made my day! I;m do pleased your saviour was a nice guy.

  12. Love your story, I don't know who I feel more sorry for, you or the young man!
    At least it gives him to something to tell his friends about too.

    I sometimes suffer from hayfever so your chart made me smile. (I did notice the double "make" though).


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