Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Monday!

Yes, it is indeed.  And lets be honest, you don't get to say that often do you?  Mondays are generally quite yucky days, but today was a very good Monday.

Firstly, I had some amazing post.  A huge parcel arrived from Julie.  She had emailed me to say it was coming but I couldn't even begin to imagine what would be in it!

It was so well packed I used my teeth to open it while lying in bed.  Big mistake...padded envelopes are filled with a fibrous material which I learned, flies everywhere including into one's mouth when one uses teeth as a envelope opener!

I was undaunted: grabbed the envelope with my grasping fingers and pulled!

And look what came out!

I was completely overwhelmed.  I am thrilled with the RSN disk: I have an older computer which is perfect for it.  I can't wait to have a play.

Secondly, because of a strange grey, fluff like material which now covered the whole bed I felt drawn to clean the whole house and so that means I get tomorrow off!  Yay!

I was so pleased with all the material and felt I felt I had to do something to say thank you.  So after a busy morning cleaning all the house and hoovering, I sat my bum down and played with other 'evil' program which hates me, and I came out with:

There is a booboo on this picture and I have made a few changes to the actual chart but this is the gist: and of course this picture doesn't show the colours quite right!

I have made a start on my Hare Leaped into the Fire chart...I am loving it so far and have learned a few new things.

1. Check the threads rather than rely on the computer program
2.  Remember what kind of fabric you stitching on: I always seems to forget what is what because I take them out of the bags and then can't remember which one goes where!

Right: that's me done.  I have a busy week.  DS is going to secondary school tomorrow for a taster day.
I am still in shock because my eldest son (18) has gone to the UK and I miss him soooooo much: not sure how I can handle losing the other one as well!  And on Wednesday I have the hospital for another scan on another lump this time in my neck.  I am not worrying about it.  I don't have time, not when there is so much creativity to be a part of!

I notice I have some new followers. Hi, welcome to my little bit of cyberspace.  Please leave a comment saying you are new so I can come and stalk follow your blogs as well. Extra reading material and inspiration is always welcome!

Have a happy, perfect week and when we next meet hopefully I will have some new owl friends to show you xx 


  1. Fab parcel and a lovely chart.I do like your hares.
    Enjoy the rest of your week. I am still battling the house cleaning ,lol .X

  2. Aww such pretty gifts and very sweet hare..I love him xx
    Have a lovely week x

  3. Wooow! You are so loved, G! :)
    I love your hare, and he looks perfect to me.

  4. Very cool! It's always enjoyable to receive a package in the mail. And when it prompts you to clean, even better, lol!

    Your pattern is very cute!

  5. Now that is some happy package! Enjoy!!

  6. looks like you will be having fun with the parcel of goodies :) paws crossed scan goes well ...and cute chart too :) love mouse xxxx

  7. What great goodies! I had to chuckle as I was picturing you opening the parcel with your teeth and getting the fluff ~ I can relate!
    Love your hare designs ~ looking forward to seeing them stitched!

  8. What a lovely parcel, I can imagine you trying to gather it all together again

  9. Great parcel from Julie!! This is so kind, although I giggled picturing you opening the envelop!! :D xo

  10. What a gorgeous package from Julie. Fabulous things.

  11. OK, I confess! I've been a stalker for a little while. What a lovely bundle of goodies and I can imagine the fluff getting everywhere. I'd blame the cat!

    Oh, and I think you should really give the writing course a try. You have a great writing style.

    Regards, Anne


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