Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Dance!

Hello wonderful people.  How are you today?

I have another finish..not to sure how I feel about it but will divulge more in a moment.

Some of you may have noticed I have been commenting on your blogs after a long time of no-interaction at all.  There is a good reason for this.  When I changed my blog appearance after xmas, strange things happened.  Firstly, I have to tick a box to allow people to comment on my blog even though I have it set up to accept comments.
Secondly all the blogs I was following for some reason were not coming up on my blog I didn't even realise you were posting!  I have corrected this now and I have lots of lovely blogs to visit and comment on again.  I seem to have missed an awful lot!

I've finished my main  piece for the May page in the Needlework Masters book.  I know, I am late but good things are worth waiting for right?

The challenge for this book includes keeping up to date ( I will catch up, I will! I will!) and trying something new with needles.

My son bought me a crewel embroidery kit for my birthday but to be honest I am confuzzled.  It uses crewel embroider stitches (apparently) but uses to me it is more like tapestry?????  What do you think?

This is what it should have looked like.

I didn't like the colour of the bud though and wasn't happy with the long and short stitch used on the made them look messy.  So I altered it to satin stitch and altered the colours of the bud.

The wool wasn't very good quality in my opinion: it went fuzzy very easily but all in all I am pleased with it. I wanted to do something new..and I have.  I have the stumpwork kit to work out next!

Well, that is it for today!  Not a bad week though: one cross stitch finished (for an exchange so I can't show it though I really, really love it and want to show it off ), three wall hangings and the little rose above.  Not bad at all.

oooooooo what to do next?  I love picking up the next thing don't you!

Have a good week everyone and catch up soon xxxx


  1. Wow it is looking so beautiful..well done
    Big hugs x

  2. That's really good for something new!! The design is very pretty, congrats on an other finish!

  3. Lovely, excellent work.
    I seem to have several WIPs but no finishes.
    I find Blogger frustrating, there are some blogs which just don't appear on reading list, even when I click on the blog name it doesn't list recent posts. Only if I go direct to the blog can I see latest posts. Grrrrr.
    Carol xx

  4. Good changes. It looks really lovely now. I like French knots a lot. I like the texture they give and I think they're fun to do.
    I thought crewel is embroidery with wool and isn't tapestry not more like those big wall hangings?

  5. Great crewel piece! I like your changes a lot. I believe you can do crewel with any type of thread. It's more about the technique, not the fiber.

  6. WOW!!!! you did a super job, such pretty colours and so beautiful.... well done that girl!!

  7. Wow! That is so pretty!! Love your changes!

  8. I think your version looks great. Congrats on the finish.


  9. Gorgeous finish! You are so adventurous in your projects, I just tend to stick with the counted thread.

  10. It gets easier with practice. Crewel work was originally done with wool, but the stitches are quite universal in all forms of embroidery. There is something about the style of pattern that is fairly synonymous with crewel(how's that for a Sunday morning!)whether it's stitched in wool or other threads.

    Can't wait to see your stumpwork, something I've always wanted to try


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