Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fun Finishes

Well, I did it! Three wall hangings all finished; I can only show you two though as one was quickly snapped up by my friend as her 'new home' pressie...she took it faster than I could find the camera!  She loved it!

It was similar to this one only with a slightly different colourway.

It doesn't look straight but it is.  The top left corner is slightly out which brings me to ask you guys a question.  Why, even though the material is cut out perfectly and double, double checked: and my seams are def. a quarter inch and reasonably straight: why then do I never get perfectly, perfect straight edges???  Is it a home made quilting thing or is it me?

This is the panel: perfect for a moving in pressie for a friend and for my MIL who is moving back to Ireland very soon much to the pleasure of my youngest son who wants his grandma and pa close by!

And little Pirate Hanger is finished!

This time the hanger is wonky: not the wallhanging.  I did this and thoroughly enjoyed making it...and then wondered why I made it.  I have no little boys in my family!

Today I received a lovely RAK from Cucki: it has taken a while to get here because Customs opened it to check it....I hope they were inspired by the beautiful beading and knitting!

Thank you xxxx It is all beautiful.

Now; what is next.  I have two WIPS to finish: I have only done one Santas Village: I have three Petit Examplar cross stitches to do and The Simple Things by Blackbird Designs which I won in a giveaway.  I also need to sort out some cross stitch fabric and order it in.  It is so hard when you live where there are NO needlework shops; I struggle to know what to buy as it all has to be online.  I can never remember what sort of fabric is what.  Decisions, decisions.  What do you like to stitch on I wonder?

Oh, and before I forget, I am taking part in my first ever, ever, Blog Tour organise through the Creative Crafting Blog Tour.

My wee blog's special day is the 5th of August! Mmmm what shall I post on that day?  It must be something meaningful: something special, and probably involve some giveaways!!!!  I have never been on a Blog Tour before!  I hope my poor muddled mind manages to keep up with where we are all sent!

Have a good week everyone and chat soon!


  1. Fab hangings. Lovely goodies from Cucki. X

  2. Oh, I am so glad you are joining in with the blog tour too, it'll be lovely to see a familiar face.

    As to the wall hangings, you're human and your wall hangings are handmade. The inconsistencies are part of the charm. Believe it or not, fabric is living too. Well not really, but it moves and reacts to what we do, so there will be some variation to it, that's what makes it so special, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

  3. Lovely work & great goodies from Cucki!

  4. Sweet projects and me so happy that you liked my African blessings :)
    Love you x

  5. Wonderful finishes.
    What a lovely package from cucki. She does so many wonderful crafts.
    The blog tour sounds fun :)

  6. Gorgeous gift from Cucki, nosey customs folks!
    Fabulous hangings, no wonder your friend snapped one up.
    Happy blog touring...


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