Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fight Like a Girl: with needles

In my last post I gave you a free chart: this chart forms part of my Pink Key Designs which were a bit of fun to raise funds for Cancer Research.

Cath Willey (her blog can be found here, The Stitchinchicken) has kindly offered to stitch 'Fight like a girl' for me.  Here is her finished item. Cath emailed me to tell me she finished it as a book mark but it could also be a cute little hanger as well.

What do you think?

 I think she has done an absolutely stunning job of it and whilst I would have liked to have stitched it myself, I have other charts in my head waiting to be created and other 'real life issues' tearing my spare time away from me.

 Today was my youngest son's 13th birthday.  I am not allowed to put pictures up on my blog but he had a lovely day.  He cycles with me when I train so he came out with me in the gorgeous sunshine and then he chose barbecue for his birthday meal so that was just perfect.  A lot of work for me though!

My eldest son who is 18 is off to the UK next week: he has six weeks work experience in the UK and he wants to look for a job there, so that means lots of packing and worrying about him.  On a plus side, I get a week to myself as hubby is taking him over there with my youngest boy for a break with granny and grandad.

 I'm now training in earnest and today walked 5 km in boiling hot sunshine which was wonderful until I looked in the mirror and saw how red my face was; boiled lobster pink!  It seems it was just the heat as I am not sun burnt thankfully.  Oh this sunshine though: isn't it wonderful?

So, Cathy, a huge, huge thank you for stitching this for me.  You are so kind and I am very greatful.
You have done a superb job and it looks amazing. Thank you.

You can find the chart in the previous post and the giveaway is in the one after that...I know.
Confusing: I have added a label for the giveaway xx

Have a lovely week


  1. Cathy did a wonderful job stitching and putting it together.

    I think a bookmark idea is super idea along with it as a hanger.

    Happy Birthday to your son! How exciting for your oldest son sounds like he will have fun.

    Enjoy your quiet time!

    You have a great start with your walking! Way to Go!

  2. Lovely finish and of course I love pink!

    Happy bday to your dear son. Looking forward to seeing more of your charts pop up on people's blogs as they work on them.

  3. Stitched and finished beautifully.

    Enjoy your week on your own, hope your son enjoys his work experience, and is able to find some work. Where does the time go!

  4. Aww such a sweet finish..it's so sweet ❤
    I hope your son enjoy his work time..
    Have fun with your quiet time dear
    Big hugs x

  5. Great chart and finish, good luck with the training, this weather is wonderful isnt it. Wonder if it will last.
    Wish your son well.

  6. Your friend did a really lovely job with your chart! Pink & pretty!
    Enjoy your week.. quiet & relaxation! x

  7. It looks wonderful! Cath did a great job!
    Happy Birthday to your son!
    It sounds like your training is going great! Use sunscreen :) and get a hat!

  8. Cath stitched and finished you design so beautifully.
    Well done on the walk and yes i agree, the sunshine is wonderful, better late than never!
    Happy birthday wishes to your teenager and good luck to the young man in his search for a new job.

  9. Wonderful finish!!
    Happy Birthday to your son and best wishes to your other son!

  10. Happy birthday to your son. Cathy did a lovely job with your design,


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