Monday, June 3, 2013

Free Chart: Fight Like a Girl

Wow what a busy few days.

I have designed five charts for my 'Pink Key' series: charts to raise awareness and indeed to raise funds for Cancer Research.  For now, the money raised will go to the Irish Cancer Society Sponsorship fund for my Trek Camino Challenge; after that, to the Irish Cancer Society.

I really enjoyed making these little charts.  I have no cross stitch books with motifs in because I de-cluttered when I was diagnosed and I only have a very basic cross stitch design program which even though it is basic, has me completely confuzzled.  So I am drawing using a pink felt tip, some graph paper and a few naughty words. I then draw my design on the graph paper offered by the program and print it out quickly before I lose it...and then have to go through scanning and saving..not the most efficient or professional looking efforts but hey: they are from the heart and raise money for a good cause. The naughty words add a certain something special and are equally from the heart at the time teehee.

I have designed four simple Motto charts.  Hope, Love, Live and Laugh: they are all the same size and all have my pink key incorporated. Remember my last post; the Key is very important to me.  The key to cures is hope; the key to life is to live: laugh and of course love.

I have a volunteer who is being very kind and is going to stitch some (or all) of them so you can see them stitched up. Thank you xxxxxxxx

And here is no. five from the series.  I have no idea if the pink ribbon is copywrite but I am pretty sure my efforts with drawing one on graph paper are nothing like the official ones ;-)

Feel free to have a look and if you decide to stitch it up, I would love to see piccies and add them to the blog! Don't forget my giveaway on the previous post!!  Have a good week everyone xxx


  1. Another great design in your series. I love the key idea!

    Thank you for this pattern.


  2. Superb, you are clever.
    Much love xxx

  3. this is lovely, think its going on my stitching list :) thanks for your lovely comment on my blog too hun, I've been sneaking posts in now for the last few months lol! xxx

  4. Sounds like you're having fun with these, there will be no stopping you now

  5. Your clever, love the new chart.


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