Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Dance

Deena has adopted Indie (Independence) and Barley and I made a little mat for them to sit on.

I was delayed by the death of my sewing machine (which had only just been 'fixed') but a local business man kindly bought me another from Ikea to help me continue with my sponsorship items.

I have discovered I am not one of life's natural quilters: a couple of my points are off but I will know better for next time.  Deena, the quilted table top runner/owl flying carpet is an RAK from me.  I hope it is patriotic enough!

And..guess what???
No, go on.
Just a little bit, go on.

Oh all right.  Look at what I have learned to do!!!

Thank you Poppy owl for holding it down for me! (yes Poppy is looking for her forever home as well hint hint)

Yes it is crochet!!!
 I am making a baby blanket for a friend because I can't afford quilting batting for the quilt I was orginally going to give her.

Necessity being the mother of invention (bit words which mean when you are broke, you find alternatives haha), I got a friend to show me how to do the Granny Square...and it is so easy.  Yet I couldn't follow the internet instructions at all.  A little bit of chemo brain remains and sadly, because I am now a whole year out of my cancer treatment (YIPEE), it is likely it will remain that way.  Never mind.  At least I am here to be confused right?

On Wednesday I am going to bite the bullet and get these horrible chemo curls cut off.  I look like my Grandmother: aged 80.  I am quite nervous.  My last hair cut was in November 2011, when I let my youngest son shave it all off.  I had had a shower and had to call my husband in.  The weight of the water had caused my hair to fall out in clumps.  I looked like a wet Cousin It (or Captain Caveman: take your pick).  It was so funny.  If I wasn't naked, I would have taken a photo!

Bald I could live with but chemo curls?  Not at all.  I don't have the confidence to go to the hairdressers so a friend has put me in touch with a lovely lady who goes to her house and she has agreed to come and cut my hair.  I will have to have a glass of wine before hand though.  Silly isn't it. I am more nervous about getting my hair cut then I was about having chemo.  Ah well, we are strange wee things.

I want to start stitching my March page for my Needlework book and I haven't even picked up Santa's village.  I will do though.

Things are starting to come up in the polytunnel thank God, and we have a hen sitting on 8 eggs, so hopefully 21 days from now we will have some new arrivals!  When things start to improve weather wise and nature starts to become twittipated, it gives you hope for better times to come.  Well, lets face it: they can't get much worse!

Have a lovely week everyone and see you again soon xx Thank you for all your comments.  I love reading them xxxx


  1. I am so excited to be adopting these cute owls and their 'flying carpet' is PERFECT! I can't wait! Thank you!

    I encourage others to adopt an owl, or two, or more!

  2. Crochet is looking so pretty x

  3. The owl and his rug look perfect together. Well done on learning another new skill, I always found crochet easier to pick up watching someone in the flesh

  4. Wow! Very pretty. The crocheting looks great.
    I am looking forward to seeing your fabulous new haircut!


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