Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Finish! And a wee plea for help xx

Well, so much has been happening.
I don't know where to start.

Firstly I have lost a quarter of my disability income because my son has turned 18.  He is still in school but apparently he doesn't need feeding or clothing anymore.  He is in an education system which keeps them in school till 19: but there you go.

 I haven't been doing my frugal bog: mainly  because I have to feed my family now on 50 euros  a fortnight.  And to make matters worse it has been so cold, I havent been able to plant anything.  So no salad yet, no potatoes up yet and well, I am getting good at hiding spinach in things!

Thankfully I am quite inventive with managing the situation.  I have been looking after a neighbours cats and whilst she would normally give me a bottle of wine or some chocolate, I asked this time for some veggies.
What do you do with four bags of carrots and two boxes of mushrooms? Parsnips and butternut squash?

 You blanch them for the freezer.  And how do you do that?

You delegate!
See all the eggs?  The large white ones at the back are goose eggs. They are the equivelent of three hen eggs. The others are hen eggs.  We have made endless cakes and frozen them: mini yorkshire puddings and frozen them too: (1 cup all purpose flour: beat 1 cup eggs in and then whisk 1 cup milk).

Sod Aunty Bessies!

And the mushrooms?

Mushroom and home cured bacon pasta sauce and Leek, smoked salmon (left over and frozen from goodness knows when) and mushroom pasta sauce.  Now both frozen!

And I found 25 euros when I was sorting out the paperwork from the centre and my past life. It was sitting in an envelope so it was probably a payment I meant to bring home and forgot about it...that makes it magic money.

My magic money went on my new best friend.  Percy the Pasta is soooooo cooooool!!!!!

 Spaghetti hanging up to dry on my clothes horse haha.

Perfect pasta! Tagliatelli and spaghetti. And it is gorgeous...and it uses lots and lots of eggs: and you guessed it! It freezes lol.

 Now, my wee plea for help.  I have run out of material for my quilt edging.  I know it is a Moda colour; I  know it is a light brown/goldey colour.  I know it isnt moda Tan or Harvest Gold: both of which I bought convinced it was right.  I really cannot afford to keep buying material and have it the wrong colour.  Do any of our quilters recognise the colour?  The photo's arent great but any ideas would be most useful.  If I can't get it then I will have to go with a dark blue or red.

Now: I have a finish.  I have finished the Travelling pattern and turned it into my February Page for my Needlework Masters page.  Sorry about the state of the photo but we have limited sunshine here at the mo....again!

The picture really doesn't do it justice. I'm really pleased with it though.  I used Victoria Sampler Shoppe threads for the grey.  I really like Nancy's threads: very easy to use!  The other threads were a mixture of WDW and Crescent Colours.  It is stitched on Lambswool xx
And I have almost finish for Parsley:

A little table topper which will hopefully be finished this evening xx Fingers crossed!

My son managed to catch a photo of our neighbours

I love living here!

I am being stricter with myself re; internet time and working so hopefully I will get more time to be creative!
xxx Have a great week everyone xxx


  1. oh sorry that you are losing some of your payments on disability. I know what that's like I'm on disability too. Your finishes her lovely. And thank you for showing how to blanch. I have a pasta machine also and I really enjoy using it. Have a wonderful day and beautiful finish

  2. What a tough system ~ to have your child have to be in school until 19, but lose coverage at 18. Sending hugs and prayers your way. I admire your frugality and ingenuity when providing for your family. Your pasta looks yummy!
    I do hope someone can help with your quilt fabric!

  3. I so wish I could help with your question, but alas, I'm no use.

    I admire your methods of being frugal, but sorry about how this situation is stressing your budget.

    Looks like some great homemade yummies. I made homemade pasta and my DD turned her nose up. Guess I need to try again.

    Wonderful crafting, as always.

  4. What a frustrating situation, but you are dealing with it in a wonderful way. Your boys are going to be well trained for future life.
    Love your cross stitch, and I'm sorry, don't know the colour.

  5. I'm do saddened to read your money has been cut and your son is still in school, how strange.

    The food looks delicious and well done on the pasta making.

    Travelling Pattern is beautiful, such a pretty design. So sorry i have no idea about the fabric, i do hope someone else can help you with it.

    Sending lots of love and {{{hugs}}}

  6. I love the pic of the neighbors! Thank you for the great update. It looks like you have everything under control and are really managing the new challenges. Beautiful stitching.

  7. I thought it was important for our kids to be educated so they could have a decent job & earn decent money.... So why is the system so unfair? You made do with all your food, well done! You can't beat freezing everything. I do that too :D I'm sorry I can't help with the quilt but congrats on the little stitching, it looks perfect!


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