Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spring Exchange Received

I am so relieved.  Parsleys exchange has arrived.  I was beginning to wonder where it was!

The theme was spring so this is what I made.  It is LHNs Spring chart.  I changed all the colours because spring is about brightness and hope...hard to imagine in the foggy, icy coldness which we are experiencing at the moment.

I sent a little Irish owl for luck and a few other bits and pieces.  I really enjoyed this exchange; just need to get ready for the summer one now!

I have a little finish.  I have adapted Angles watching over me by Big Toe Designs, a pressie from Jenny, for Ellie, the little girl undergoing 12-18 months of chemo.  I will finish it properly tomorrow and show you a piccie after she has received it.  Excuse the photo; energy saving light bulbs save energy and are quite stingy in giving light lol.  Ah well, all for the good of saving the world!

Today was a big day.  My son went to a high school taster day.  He has been home schooled his whole life and when I was diagnosed last year, he seemed to think I was going to die which would leave him without a teacher.  He then panicked and has asked to go to school in September.   I am heartbroken when I think that he might be right, and there is a risk that I may not be around to see him reach adult-hood but at the same time I very proud of him for having the foresight to think of his future and I know he will make some great friends just as his brother has, and should I get ill again, then at least I know he will have a support group outside the family.  I always took it for granted that I would be around until my kids grew up.  Now I appreciate every minute with them.

He coped just fine in the school environment.  I cried like a baby.  For goodness sake, he is 12 years old!  But he is my last and therefore is my baby.

Training is going well.  I did a steps aerobics class (which is as far from Wii fit steps as you can nearly killed me) and yesterday I went walking/running.  I ran a mile and walked a mile so not bad for my first time.  Today I sat and stitched: it hurt too much to move!  I will continue though: it is well worth it if it means some time in the future another women with children might discover a lump in her breast.  She will go to the Dr's and they will say...oh its just breast cancer.  We can get rid of that and guarantee it will never, ever come back!

Can you imagine that?  How amazing and wonderful that would be?  I know we have way to go but all the time they are coming up with new things.  Canada has worked out a blood test which can predict if cancer is likely to reoccur; this means treatment can be more aggressive for those who need it, and if you don't then you get the milder treatment.  Either way....happy people living longer.  Too late for me but I have a daughter to consider!

All but one of my little owls have gone to new homes, and the feedback from the people who received them is positive.  Phew.  Please have a look on the page on this blog and see if there is anything you like.  I will be happy with any sensible donations as long as postage is covered.  It all goes towards my 3200 euro target.  And I know times are hard so I probably wont mention the fundraising on this main blog again: for those of you, like me, whose income has become very limited, don't worry.  Kind words, encouragement, kicks up the butt when I get fazed out with training will all be just as helpful in helping me achieve the fitness levels needed for this walk.  Thank you for all the support I have had so far.  You are all amazing. to tick of dmc threads...I seem to be missing some so I need to see if they are missing or just not in order.  Have a great week everyone xxxx


  1. Sweet finish for the exchange..and the owl is so cute too..
    Cute little finish
    Love for you x

  2. I REALLY love everything you sent my way in our exchange. THANK YOU! I feel honored to be chosen to give my green owl a home :)

    Very humbling to think of your schooling situation. Since I homeschool too, it makes me think. We only have this year and next and then college. Wow.

    I think many of us don't mind hearing about your fundraising goals. Maybe right now some can't chip in due to holiday bills or pay periods. Maybe eventually some will be able to help but can't right now. At least put it on the sidebar okay?

    Keep on keeping on and don't forget to 'dance in the rain' and look for the sun through the clouds.

  3. What a great exchange! I love the piece for little Ellie, too. I hope all goes well with your son--big hugs. I think it's great that he's thinking of his future.

  4. Great exchange!! I just love that cute little owl :)

  5. I've just seen pics of your fabulous parcel on Parsleys blog, wonderful. A great gift for Ellie, pretty. Well done to your 'baby' you have obviously raised a wonderful young man.


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