Saturday, January 26, 2013

Perfectly Pink Angels

Ellie's Pillow perfectly pink and hopefully it will be with Ellie on Tuesday. Adapted from a Big Toe Designs chart I was RAKd by Jenny.  Thank you Jenny.

 I am having a few issues: my son is very, very ill (Crohn's Disease), my car has broken down and my tumble drier died yesterday.  Yesterday was not the best day, but apart from my son, the rest is just 'things' and so I will not dwell on them. 
I rehomed my last owl yesterday, so I guess I had better make some more, and I will make some more small-project tote bags.

This is my fabric for my quilt along (see side bar).  I bought a layer cake by mistake but it is fine; I will fussy cut the bits I like (hark at me with the quilting jargon) and with all the money I need raise I am sure I will think of things to do with the rest. I do love the colours though: I think this is Gypsy Girl....very appropriate for me as there is a small chance I have Irish Traveller blood....still trying to track down my great, great grandad. Apparently his surname is the same name as a certain clan...might explain why I get itchy feet so often.  I have moved over 40 times!

 I will be using Moda solid white jelly rolls for the bits inbetween (back down to my quilting level lol....bits). 
I just need to pluck up the courage to cut into it the squares.  I hate cutting fabric.  Today though I need to make some cards.  I need longer days (or the ability to get up earlier on cold mornings haha).

Have a lovely weekend everyone xxxxx


  1. Very sweet little pillow, I love it! Hope thing get better for you & your family, Hugs & Kisses, Mii

  2. Very sweet little pillow, I love it! Hope thing get better for you & your family, Hugs & Kisses, Mii

  3. Blogger is finally letting me comment, I tried and failed on your last post.
    This is the perfect finish for this little pillow, I am sure she will be delighted.
    Hope your son will be better soon

  4. What a sweet pillow! I'm sure the little girl will love it. I hope things get better soon.

  5. What bum luck! Hope your son feels better soon!

    Sweet pillow. Love the colors.

  6. Nicely done on the pillow! Hope the Crohn's dissipates soon... Hugs! P. S. We got snow yesterday! Ha! Of course now we have ice... no going out today...

  7. Love your finish for Ellie! Very sweet! Would love to see a picture of her face when she receives it!

  8. A super finish for Ellie's little cushion, you are going to make a little girl very excited when she opens that parcel.

    Sending lots of healing wishes to your son, a very horrid illness, I hope this relapse passes soon and he is feeling much brighter and pain free.

    Nice fabric, go on, get those scissors out and cut it .... I know, its ok for me to say that, its not me doing the cutting is it lol

    much love and {hugs} xxxx

  9. Gaynor,
    What a gorgeous pillow. Ellie is going to be so happy when she opens the package.

    I hope your son gets to feeling better soon. So sorry to hear about the dryer and car. I'm sending prayers your way.


  10. Such a sweet pillow...
    I'm sure the little girl will love it.
    I really hope things get better xxx


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