Sunday, January 27, 2013

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Giveaway

I know cancer sucks; it is fearful and it is scary but I cannot lie and say it has all been bad.  I have seen amazing courage from fellow sufferers. I have seen chemotherapy rules of etiquette: we never let anyone undergo their first chemo sesson alone.  I have held many a hand: offered many a tissue and laughed many a laugh during other people's first chemotherapy session: just as I too have had support.

I have cried: tears of fear: in fact at times, tears of downright terror.  I have cried with laughter...after my second chemo treatment I lay in bed watching Mrs Brown's Boys which I didnt even like..until I saw the episode where she waxed her bikini line...I cried with laughter so much I fell out of bed and my family rushed upstairs convinced I was under an evil chemotherapy symtoms clutch!

I have cried with joy and sheer amazement at the kindness of others.  Everytime one of my little home-mades is exchanged for sponsorship, I cry.  People doing what they can in times of great hardship to help me achieve my goals.  Amazing people.

And no one has made me cry more than Nancy over at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.  The moment she found out about my cause she has helped me.  She is one amazing lady with her own share of troubles which are not mine to reveal: but she has so much kindness within her heart it humbles me...and I am not easily humbled!
She has sent me trims and buttons galore to add to my home mades to people get fantastic finishes at no extra cost.  And now she is helping me once again.

I can't even explain....Nancy has done so much, I don't think I have the words.
She is offering a giveaway and is helping me raise funds for the walk....please, pop over to her site to see what she is doing for me.
And I am going to cry just a little more because I am still in a bit of shock at what she is doing for me.  Thank you xxxx
Find Nancy here


  1. How wonderful! Nancy is a very generous person!

  2. Just read Nancy's post, amazingly kind of her!!!

  3. I love this! Put it on my sidebar.

  4. I love this too...friends are GOD gifts.
    Lots of love for you deary x

  5. How lovely of Nancy to sponsor a giveaway! I'll go check it out. My Mom had breast cancer and the residual effects from all the chemo and radiation has made my mom so susceptible to all sorts of illnesses. I hope you are okay and keeping positive!


  6. What a lovely thing to do, just read Nancy's post too. The tissues have just been put away

  7. How exciting, this Internet technology has its positive side as well as its pain in the *** times! Yay for Nancy xxxx

  8. Gaynor,
    Both you and Nancy are inspirational!

    Today I got my scissor keep in the mail and I "Thank You"!

    I love it! This is a perfect place to lay my scissors when I am working on a project. I can lay them on top and then lay them inside when I am not stitching on my project!

    Your stitching is awesome!



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