Tuesday, January 22, 2013

RAKS, Squares and More Raks

I have been really really lucky: so am feeling very smiley right now.
Firstly my latest hen and chicks have gone to their new home as has one of the Owls.  Toots McHoots is flying over to Dublin along with his birth certificate (carefully designed by me and oh so cute) and a little story about his family history and him.   I had great fun writing it...my inner child def. rocks!

I have had some lovely post this week.

Firstly, this came from Jenny.  It was on my wish list and came completely out of the blue.

Thank you Jenny.  I am going to make this for a little girl I will be mentioning at the end of the post.

I also received this from Jodi, through the RAK blog.

Four Signs of the Seasons charts by Bent Creek: a beautiful fat quater of material, some valentines sweets, a little notebook and a reel of hearts ribbon.  Just totally gorgeous.  Thank you Jodi.

And (yes there is more) from Lynda, I received:
I have never seen a Halloween edition of Just Cross Stitch so this will be wonderful to read tonight.  I can't wait!

I have knitted two blocks for my afghan...so just 198 left to go!

Yes, they need blocking lol.

My Santa's village had a booboo yesterday. Paris, my little rescue dog cross meerkat sneaked into the living room and jumped straight onto it: muddy paws and all.

I had a look at it and checked the threads I used.  I was 60% certain they were DMC threads though I did have the WDW Christmas Red in my fabric bag.  Bugger.  Is it colour fast?  Isn't it?  Did I use it or did I go for the DMC red which was also in my bag???  ARRRRGH

In the end I risked it and quickly washed it: it is fine.  Phew.  I am hoping to finish the first one this week.

Now: a final note. 

Now I feel a bit cheeky but I wonder if I can some of you to do a RAK?   Not for me but for a little girl called Ellie.  Ellie has NFI which causes tumours.  At the moment she is halfway through 18 months of chemotherapy to shrink a tumour in her brain.  Ellie is asking people to send her get well cards.  Thats all.  Just a card.

This is Ellie's address:

 Ellie Dixon
97 Priory Lodge
Co. Kildare

 And this is Ellie's blog.  There haven't been an recent posts as Ellie has been having a bad time with the chemo, sickness and her bloods.  I only had 3 months of chemo: I cant even begin to imagine how you get through 18 months.  I am going to make the little Angel kit into a small gift for her to help her as she is having a particularly hard time at the moment.

Right; all dough  (all done).  Take care everyone and if you have snow, please be careful and keep warm. xx


  1. wowwwwwww everything is so beautiful..
    lucky girl..
    love for you x

  2. Whew, I'm glad your Santa's Village ended up ok. Great start on your knitting. Lovely raks

  3. The knitted blocks look super, well done.
    OH dear, naughty doggy, been there with my cat, alls well that ends well!

  4. What lovely post you've had this week. My cat came in from the snow the other day and walked right over my ledger page as I was painting, it's now an integral part of the piece. Just as well I love him

  5. You are a very lucky girl, and so happy Toots McHoots has a new home.
    I will start on something for Ellie, such a sad story but such a happy little girl.

  6. You've been spoilt! Glad your cross stitch survived muddy paws :)
    Have a lovely day, Mii x

  7. Lovely post full of good things.
    I will try and get something out to Ellie!

  8. What a wonderful bunch of stitchy stuff to arrive in the mail :) I'll try to post off a card this week.


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