Sunday, January 20, 2013

Roses are red,

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
Nothing says I love you
Like an owl.

I know, it doesn't rhyme.  Never mind.

From 8 am until 10.30 last night I was busy on my sewing machine making new things to exchange for sponsorship for my walk for the Irish Cancer Society.  I have worked out that with time and materials I am working at a huge loss but that is ok.  I make things because I enjoy making them (though I may not have admitted that at half past ten last night) and people just can't afford to give money for nothing, no matter how good the cause. So what better than exchanges?

I made some more little heart scissor keeps but our electrician bought them to put sweets in for his little daughters for Valentine's day.  How sweet is that? So I have now raised over a fifth of the target. I am thrilled!
I didn't even get a chance to take a photo though it has given me an idea for valentines day. Not today though: today is for anything but sewing!

When I was little Father Valentine would call at the house and leave a box of goodies.  We would find tangerines, some sweets, biscuits and lovely things which people have every day these days but in the 1970s, Nothern England, these were all a welcome treat!  It was a tradition which my own mother experienced when she was a child and she is from Norfolk so I wonder if it is a sweet country tradition or if others also experienced a visit from Father Valentines.

Wanna see what I made?
I am getting quite brave with my sewing machine!

Valentines Pinchushion Owls: One wing is closed ready to hold your love letter, and the other wing is open, ready to give you a hug or hold your pins.

As I made each owl it was as if they had their own personalities and tales to tell, so they will go to their new homes with a birth certificate and a little story about them.  

Another Momma hen and her little boy chicks.  Right from hatching, little boy chicks are naughty and rebellious.  They sneak away from momma and don't come back when they are called: they like to climb things way to high for them and ooooohhh, the fighting.  Poor momma hen has a hard time with her little boy chicks.  So it is not without reason that these little boys combs resemble their favourite rock and roll hero, Elvis.  Even though they are naughty , as you can see from the hearts in their plumage, they are still full of love.

They will only go to very good homes lol.

These little valentines cornets are just waiting to be filled with candy or chocolates.  Each one is padded and finished slightly differently.  The heart fabric is inside and out.  These are great fun to make...though again my enthusiasm decreased around 10 pm!

Not bad for a days work I guess!

I havent had much time for stitching but I have managed to do a little more on my Santa's Village.

We don't have any snow here at all: just sunshine so today will be spent out in the garden.  I wish it would snow.  My son has made an amazing sledge and is desperate to go out on it, and I would quite like an excuse to sit by the fire and stitch.  Never out to garden now.  Have a lovely week everyone xx


  1. Wow, such pretty sewing creations! Well done!!! I love the owls, they are so pretty. Have a lovely day, Mii x

  2. Love, love, love your owls! They are so adorable well done :)

  3. Such sweet goodies!! Sounds like you are doing well with your goals!

  4. You have been busy, lots of lovely things to admire this visit. I did see on the news that Ireland was in for some snow, but you know weathermen, can they be believed! We have lots of snow, it's cccccold. Xxx

  5. You and your sewing machine have certainly become good friends - lovely finishing!

  6. I have just come across your blog and want to say how impressed I am with your sewing. The owls are especially lovely.

  7. Oh what pretty sewing creations. I love them all. Can't pick just one favorite. Great progress on Santa's Village.


  8. Hello!! I finally found you from the RAK's blog! So glad to have joined your blog!! Love your adorable owls and chickens!! Too cute for words!! You are very talented!!


  9. We'll send you ours if you like, we had another lot overnight.
    I can't believe how confident you've become with your machine, these latest creations are delightful

  10. The owls are gorgeous and the chickens are just adorable!
    No snow here either, just a little frost

  11. I am so impressed! Your sewing skills are really good, and the owls, chickens, and Valentine cones are so nice. You go girl!! We had snow for about 1/2 hour yesterday before it turned to rain. With the fog and frost this morning I was hoping I could get a nice backdrop for finishes but of course haven't finished the finishes. Typical! I am still hopeful for some snow.

  12. you're owls and chicks are gorgeous!


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