Monday, January 14, 2013

A Pocket Full Of Hearts and a Tummy full of Bread

Hi everyone, how are  you doing?  Good I hope, still filled with the enthusiasm of the New Year?  It is sunny  here today and I find that helps us retain that joy of new starts and fresh beginnings.

Well; it has been a busy week.

As most of you know I am hoping to do a 120 km trek for the Irish Cancer Society.  I am thilled to be able to let you know that I have raised 605 euros towards my 3200 euro target.  Thank you for all your support in my endeavour: whether in the forms of sponsorship or with your kind words.  Both are just as important to me.

Unfortunately, after my hospital appointment last week, I lost my mojo.  I am pleased to report it has returned.  Yesterday I made these sweet little Scissor Keeps.  It is after all nearly Valentines day so what better than to make them in heart shape.  Hearts by the way are buggers to sew and shape: please don't be expecting precision edging lol: however they do have a lot of charm.  And speaking of charms, all but one have one of the little brass breast cancer ribbon charms which say 'Hope'.  These were given to me by Nancy over at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe...what a star she is.  These little hearts will be available on my Fund Raising page which you can see at the top of my blog: I am giving Nancy the chance to chose her favourite as a thank you but the rest are looking for good homes.

I am not selling them, they are in exchange for sponsorship donations.  I would feel under pressure if they were for sale but to swap for sponsorship works better in my  head..strange place my head, but I have to live with it so that is how it is!

What do you think?

Each heart will fit two pairs of embroidery scissors.  Thie one has a loop of ribbon so it can hang from your frame or lie flat.  Topped with a little heart button and featuring a Hope brass ribbon donated by the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe:   Minimum Sponsorship donation 10.00 euros and free postage Scissors not included.

Lace and charm again donated by Nancy.  Thank you sweetpea!

This pretty pastel retro heart doesn't have a loop of ribbon: it lies flat on your desk or table.

Pretty in pink with strawberries and gingham ribbon....I am ready for summer, are you?

I love this heart..the colours are a bit darker here than they actually are.

I am finding it hard to let things go to new homes.  I practically vetted Mrs Pickering's new home, with her chicks.  Elaine kindly sent me a photo to let me see they have settled in well.  Thank you Elaine.  (For those of you who don't know; Mrs. Pickering is a pin-cushion chicken with two chicks: not a real hen lol).

I have made a start on Santas Village

It is being stitched on Pink Jazlynn.

Over here in Ireland very few schools offer school dinners so my son has to take either a packed lunch or buy chips.  The chips are just not an option, so packed lunch it is.  Whilst I am closing my frugal blog down (no time), I still want to share some frugal ideas with you.  Since making everything myself I have lost weight (cooking uses calories don't you know!) and feel much better inside.

Packed lunches are so blooming boring.  I am bored with them and I don't even have to make them: my 17 year old makes his own.  So, I found some left over smoked salmon in the freezer, from Christmas.  Half a tub of philly cheese in the fridge and some spring onions (scallions) which had def. seen better with three lbs of bread dough (you get super fit kneading bread as long as you don't eat it all after it is cooked), I came up with:

I let the bread dough rise and then knocked it back and rolled it into a rectangle.  Covered it with cream cheese, smoked salmon peices, spring onions and come orange cheddar that no one in my house will eat.  It was left over from the Cheese Board.

Roll it up long wise to make a long tube: slice them, sprinkle with pepper, allow to rise again and you end  up with

I also made a batch with chopped tinned tomato, basil and cheese for a pizza version.  They freeze brilliantly and all son has to do is take them out of the freezer each morning and they are ready for lunch.
With the left over bread dough we made......

Chorizo Pizza.  No one seemed to notice the colour of the cheese and unlike shop bought pizzas which never seem to fill my sons up: the boys struggled to finish these!  Low fat, and I sneaked some veggies in there (chopped peppers and onion).  Happy boys: happy mum!

Have a great week everyone.  If you have snow, please be careful when travelling and keep warm xxx
See you soon xxx


  1. Aww sweet hearts..I love them..
    Enjoy xx

  2. Cute hearts & great new stitching! Love you bread/salmon/Phili thing, it looks yummy!!!

  3. Good Morning,

    Your hearts are beautiful. I think your doing a great thing for such an important issue. I made a donation for those who are fighting cancer and for those who have fought it.

    What yummy dishes you've created. Wish I was there to try each of them.

    Have a wonderful week.


  4. I got hungry just by looking at the food :)
    Love your hearts. Im sure they are all going to good homes.

  5. Your are getting good on your sewing machine, those Hearts are gorgeous.
    I love your pizza and bread rolls, will be trying those out on my family.
    Ohh and I had to cover Mrs Pickerings ears, of course she is a real hen.. ;-) and is loving her new home with her babies. xx

  6. A pity about the Frugal Blog but I do understand no time and wish you all the very best.

  7. Fabulous idea for a packed lunch, bet your sons friends will want a swap fir their boring ones. Xxx

  8. I love the heart pockets too, I wish I had more money right now to help out but unfortunately I have to be frugal right now. I will keep watch though to see how you are doing :)

    I hate packing Lunches too, I have 2 of them and my kids have no ideas to offer. Love your idea :)

  9. I'll have to try something similar with Daniel, he starts eating for breakfast and finishes when he goes to bed!
    You've used some pretty fabrics on the scissor holders, and I am so glad the hen family found a good home

  10. The scissor keepers are lovely. I know exactly how you feel about giving away pieces. I often have seperation anxiety.
    Lovely cooking.

  11. You sure been busy, those heartshape pockets are all lovely.
    Those dishes looks yummy!!

  12. Very sweet hearts ~ and your food looks yummy!


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