Friday, December 21, 2012

Much to Share

Are we getting excited yet?
I am.
But not for Christmas though obviously I am excited about that.
I have made a decision.

Some of you will know that last year I started my own business; 6 months in I got diagnosed with an insignificant condition which I am not going to ruin this post with: needless to say, my business went down the pan.

So, while I still have lots of hospital appointments, at least one a month for the next few months, it is pointless looking for a job.  However, I have worked since I was 14 and I really cannot sit on my backside doing nothing.

I've spent the last few months experimenting and practicing: drawing and painting, sewing and creating and I have decided to start to make things to sell.  I just want to cover my materials and add a little which will go to my favourite charity; Cancer Care West.

I would really appreciate feedback from you guys when I show items; what you think of value, will they sell etc.  I won't start until after Christmas and what I will really be aiming for is next Christmas's craft fairs. I'm not looking for making a living; more finding a purpose until the next stage of this strange life of mine.

Yesterday was spent sewing....oh boy did I have fun.

I had some little embroidery hoops lying around.  There are a strange colour and I didn't really know what to do with I found some vintage Christmas fabric and voila!  Little Christmas baubles.
There is so much more I could have done with these but I wanted the fabric to do all the talking.
I have so many more ideas to use embroidery hoops with and can I find any???  I am sure I have loads somewhere.

Well, what do you think?

It is cloudy again here so the light is rubbish but the top fabric is cream and gold...beautiful and matches the ribbon through the centre perfectly.  I am really pleased with these.  I backed them in felt and they are just so cute

Then I played a bit with the 12 minute bag pattern and made.....

Hang on...lets see if I can get a photo showing the colours better

Perfect! (3 gazzilion photos later).

They are approx 8.25 x 4.75 inches.  There are two little pockets in the front and two more inside as well as the main pouch.  Perfect for threads or cosmetics or for a little girl.  I really had great fun making was so easy to make them individual.

So cute as well!

I played around with sizes and this will be one size I make again as it is perfect for handbags!

Today is day 8 of my 12 days of Christmas exchange with Maggee.  I have lost my list and daren't put piccis up of what I sent her incase I boob and put the wrong one up, so I will put them up all in one go after Christmas.  This is what I received from Maggee today.

Mmmmmm, intruguing.

Oh WOW!!!!!

It is soooo beautiful and I admit it: I cried.  It is just so thoughtful.

Thank you Maggee....I do believe I have a new favourite lol ;-)

Okay need feeding (again: what is it with children? Always hungry?)

I will leave you on a slightly sad note.


My 12 year old son is home educated and when your kids are home educated they tend to believe in Santa for a little longer than school kids, unless some yucky kid has ruined it for you.
I had a feeling my youngest son didn't believe anymore but was keeping up the pretence because he genuinly thinks I do believe in St. Nick.

Whilst I was at stitching club, my hubby let them watch Christmas Crackers, and one of them was about an actress who decided to write about the day she realised Santa wasn't real (bag!).

DS yesterday told me about the program with that knowing look in his eye.

I cringed and cringed (apparently my face was a picture): at the end I had to ask.
'So, do you believe in Santa'?
He replied: ' Don't be silly mum: He is a patron saint from centuries ago!'.

Silly me.  I am ok but he is the last of my children so there can be no more threats of behaving or I will tell Father Christmas, no more phoning the secret Santa phone line that only mum's have the number for, and no more early nights to make sure he is asleep before Santa comes.

Oh well: I still believe!!!!!


  1. Wow everything is so beautiful..I love the little bag so much..
    Hugs for you x

  2. Love the little bags. I think those would go over well.

    I didn't know you homeschooled! Us too! A three my daughter was scared at the thought of a stranger coming down the chimney so we explained Santa waaaaay early. Bummer.

  3. Love the little bags, such pretty fabric and a real bonus when they're quick and easy to make

  4. I still believe too and lucky for me so do my kids :) Cute story!

    I love all of your crafts and think they would sell well.

    Another lovely finish from Maggee.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  5. Hello,
    I am a new follower and I added you to my reading list.

    Those baubles that you made up are very pretty. I love the fabric and the added ribbon. Nice Job.

    Those are cute bag patterns and will work great to keep projects and odd and ends in.

    Have you ever thought about putting these items on Etsy to sell?

    Maggee did a stupendous stitching job on the 15 sided biscornu. It is stunning!

    Awww what a story about Santa. Children are always hungry and you never know what is going on in those heads!

    Hugs and Merry Christmas!

  6. I think your projects will do well in a craft fair! And I agree with Carolyn, you should look into Etsy!

    Only my youngest still believes, and I fear this will be our last bittersweet!

    Have a Merry Christmas!!

  7. Cute baubles and bags :) I'd definetly buy them :)

  8. Lovely crafty, good luck with the selling.
    I had to laugh at your son. My 10 year still doesn't admit if he believes or not. And I avoid any books or films which suggest that he doesn't exist LOL.

  9. It's gone full circle for me, i have little Isabelle now who will be a believer til she's 21 if i have anything to do with it. Just wait till you own grandchildren come along, it will happen again for
    Such fabs things you have been making. The 15 sided biscornu from Maggee is wonderful.


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