Thursday, December 20, 2012

Are we ready?

Are we ready for the big day?

I am... shopping has been ordered and will be picked up tomorrow.  Pressies are wrapped and I am well into the swing of opening my 12 days of Christmas exchange with Maggee.  The latest ones I have opened are:

There is one missing.  It is a pretty little ornament which shows the beach where Maggee lives.  It has a lobster on it and cutting a long story very short: my hubby and I love the film 'Love Actually' and in it is a nativity lobster.  This film is very special to us and having a Christmas tree ornie with a lobster on it is just so perfect.  DH has taken it to see about making a more permanent display for it so we can have it out all year round.  Sounds mad I know but we have been through some very, very tough times and are still as strong, if not stronger together than ever.  He is my soul mate.  So this ornament was just so appropriate.  I will show it when it is finished.

In return I sent to Maggee:

 Coffee stained fabric with purple buttons and a sleighbell

Hand sewn prim hearts and a little quilted xmas tree.

There are more but I can't remember what lol and don't want to put a photo up until I am sure as I can't give away what I have sent if i put the photos up in the wrong order!!
I was really inspired by this challenge and tried lots of new things.  It took about 6 hearts to finally work out how to sew them so they looked like hearts.  But I was pleased with how they looked in the end.

My Santa's Village charts haven't arrives which is very disappointing as it wasn't my fault they were late: there was a retail booboo.  I won't say who because they did at least apologise.  So instead I have been stitching on my spring exchange for Parsley and having great ideas for making crafty stuff: I will show you piccies later..I have to get these wonderful ideas out of my head and into the fabric

I have also started a new blog to help promote our blogging sisters who are so inspirational.
You can find it here.  Basically I was looking for charts to use for a stitch along with my yahoo groups: I emailed several designers but only one replied.  It is ok: its a busy time of the year.  She has happily agreed to let us use her chart for a stitch along which is currently taking place on the yahoo groups: amongst some of my fb friends: and the blogging world.  It is a very affordable chart and is delivered by PDF so we get it instantly!
This will be our first SAL!
'Let's Stitch' isdesigned by Patty Carbaugh on Hanging by a Thread.

We will feature a new designer every couple of months.  What do you think?  Would you like to join in? There are no rules other than we start in January and just stitch the one's you like.
Lets support this wonderful blogging community of ours!


  1. Very creative ornies! I made a quick one for my own tree and the sewing STUNK so I will rip and repeat because you inspire me to try new crafty things ;-)

    I love the pattern you've picked for the SAL. I may get it eventually but not join since my hands are full already.

  2. I love the creative ornaments you have made so far for the exchange.

    I just got my Santa's Village chart and a piece of extra large fabric for them as I am setting them up a bit different and I'm praying it will look good ;)

    Do I need to ask for an invite to join the SAL blog? Popping over for a visit now.

  3. Very sweet ornaments..
    I love them all so xxx

  4. Such a wonderful assortment of ornaments, your tree must look stunning with those on it.
    We're just about ready, some last minute bits to get at the weekend. I fully understand you and Dh being even closer, we feel the same here this year too. Xxx

  5. Love all of the exchange goodies! And Patty's new ornament is awesome!

  6. Love the ornies from the ornie exchange! You both did a fantastic job! Love Actually is my favorite holiday movie so I understand all about the lobster. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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