Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2013 SAL Updated with New Blog

Hi everyone.
How are you all?
I have been very busy stalking the internet looking for a perfect chart for us to do as astitch along in January in my Yahoo groups. This piece we will keep for ourselves rather than exchange it.

I have emailed designers and only one has bothered to get back to me and that is good because it is the chart I like the most (well, have to have some perks lol).

You can see the project here
I know we are all busy with LHNs and CCNS but this is a lovely size chart, with perfect subject matter and it would be nice to support a less commercial designer: one of our own so to speak.
There is now a blog specifically for this SAL and other's which will be held roughly bi monthly: just click here  2012 SAL Blog
If you are interested in taking part please join this blog and/or just add your name and like our fb page: you dont have to be in Ireland to take part.  You can post your updates though our fb page or the blog, or both!
  The chart is very affordable and is available through pdf so you can take part where ever in the world you are!  You can also join in with the yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/x-stitch-monthly/ and of course through this blog: just leave a comment if you would like to take part!

Right...must do some housework, apparently there is a big event coming up soon and I need to stop stalking/looking for good charts to use lol xxxxx


  1. I would love to be included. This design is perfect!

  2. That's so pretty, I'm almost tempted to join in.

  3. I will come back to this after more tea. YAWN

    I have always wondered how these boxes are finished....

    1. Meaning framing a piece in a stitching box...see I need tea or perhaps coffee. Sorry.

  4. A great design, I am very tempted! I'll look into it more after Christmas :)


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