Saturday, December 22, 2012

I am so Lucky!!!!

Luck is kind of subjective don't you think?

My husband looked at the title of my post (before I turned the laptop around) and asked if I really believed this after all we have been through in just the last year.    And yes, I do believe I am lucky.
Thank you all so much for the positive comments re; me selling things.  I will be putting a lot of thought into it but I think I might give it a go.  Thank you xx

Today's ornament from Maggee is a doozie: it is just sooooooo cute.  I adore the snowball and wire trim and hanger.  It is really effective.

And I had a surprise gift from Maggee thanks to a booboo with the wishlists:

I love this little chart..perfect, just perfect.

And finally: eventually, after giving up hope, this arrived!

Yes, Santa's village is finally here.  Not the first one with the fabric but the second one I ordered when there seemed to be no sign of the first.  I will have fabric in my stash no doubt so I can start it.

The other chart is Button up Birdies.  I think 2013 will be a year of the birds for me.  Freedom, travel, flight, all things I would aspire for myself in 2013.

I want my Needlework Masters 2013 book to be filled with birds and so I am going to start with the Cardinal for January.  They are obviously not Irish/UK birds but that doesn't matter. Wings know no borders lol.

Right, all done.  I am going to stitch some of Parsley's Spring exchange whilst watching Olympia 2012.  Ooooo I wish I could be there for real.  Amazing horses and very talented riders.

Catch you laters xxx


  1. How lovely! What a cute ornie.

    Okay, I have to say that the crow chart was something I had considered for you so I am glad to know it is off your list. Lol

  2. very sweet.,cute ornie..
    and sweet charts..
    love for you x

  3. What a cute ornament from Maggee. I love the trim.

    Kringle's crow looks like a fun pattern to stitch.

    Button up Birdies and Santa's village will be more fun ones to stitch.

    Wishing you continued luck through 2013 and beyond!


  4. So glad your chart arrived, even if its the second one, hopefully the first will be home shortly.
    I think your idea of using birds for your book is great, I am really looking forward to getting started too.
    Your orny is gorgwous. Lucky you...
    Have a lovely Christmas. x

  5. What lovely gifts from your friends. You are lucky!

  6. Lovely ornament and goodies! I admire your sentiment concerning being lucky! Wishing you al the best in the new year. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Super one from Maggee for today, your tree will be laden with beautiful things.

    Cant wait to see how you get on with Santas Village, thats going to be fun to watch everyones ideas with that.

    Merry Christmas, have a wonderful time with your loved ones. {{big hugs}}


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