Sunday, December 2, 2012

Finishes Galore

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a great weekend.  I was ill on Friday and Saturday but today felt much better so I got up at 6 am and by 10.30 I had made a mixed media picture, two loaves of bread, pastry for the pie for lunch, and hoovered and tidied.  Some making up for lost time methinks, especially since the short days have put me into hibernation mode.

I have two people who are happy to do an Autumn and a Winter exchange with me (to be confirmed..I have emailed you both Angela and Lynda) so just Summer to find an exchange for.  If you might be interested just pop over to the previous post and it will tell you a little more about it.

  I now have some finishes to share with you.  Finally!

First up a crinkly scarf, a pressie for my mum.  I have made two scarves but one is a gift for someone who may read my blog so no piccies...still, one scarf photo is enough.  How do you make one scarf photo interesting, let alone two?

Next up, a crochet face cloth with a designer soap which I will box up.

I used what was left of the fabric from my son's army wall hanging to make a tote bag using the 10 minute table runner/12 minute bag technique.  I am thrilled with how it came out.

See, there are two little pockets in the front.

Open up the popper which holds it closed (I won't admit to you how many times I sewed the popper on upside down and had to take it off and start again lol) voila

And inside it are two more pockets

I love it and want to adapt it to make other things, the ideas for which are buzzing around my head.  I would love to work out how to attach handles too, so if any of you have done it and would like to share I woudl appreciate it!

And today I finished binding my second miniture quilt.  Boy those squares were fiddly, only 1.5 inches big but perfect for practicing seams and making sure everything lined up.   I wish I'd chosen a different middle colour: it is meant to be pressies but the green just blends in with the other greens and I didn't work out how to cut out the parcels and space them properly until the top block.  That's what it is all about though: you live and learn!

The quilt is based on a 9 patch Amish quilt...and I decided on a Christmassy theme of course!

I was scrolling through my gazzillion emails yesterday from the various sites which offer you free resources and then send you mail after mail.  I found a picture on Cloth Paper Scissors .com and thought it looked quite funky.
It is a mixed media collage....and this is the reason I wanted to get up at 6 am...I had ideas in my head I wanted to try.

I could only find a large canvas so had to alter it a was great fun to do!

I made the snow a little more detailed with swirls of white and blue and then went over it with some of the kid's glitter glue.

If you click you might just see the sparkle.

The wording on the top says " Inside every tree is a little Christmas."

Because the trees are painted using paper with Christmas words printed on they really do have a little bit of Christmas inside them.

I love working with different materials and who doesn't like messing with sparkly glue!

Righty ho...enough of my ramblings for now.  It's only 7 40 pm but it feels like 11 pm so shower, Pride and Prejudice and bedibys for me.  Take care keep warm if you are in snowy areas xxxxx


  1. You are so gifted. Love all your pressies. I think a homemade gift is to be treasured.

  2. I agree with are so gifted! Wish I were crafty and knew how to sew!

  3. What a busy bee you've been. I love days like that. Love what you've done with that bag, brilliant.
    I'll do summer with you if you want

  4. I am so impressed with all that you've made! Like Nicola said, you are very talented.


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